*Paused* The last Grace (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

After almost getting eaten by my P.E teacher, I didn't think things could get much worse. Well, that was until I found out her best friend was half-donkey! Sorry, half-horse. My name is Selena Phos and this is how my whole world got turned upside down, shaken, stirred, used as maracas and thrown out of the window of the top floor of the Empire State Building. In other words: Trashed.


1. I'm on the menu for Mr.Muscle

I know what your thinking, my life is seriously messed up. Well, I'd agree with you. It is. I have ADHD and Dyslexia. I'm 16, 6ft and I have never met my real parents. I got dumped on a doorway in Manhattan. Not that my foster parents didn't like me, it's just we never really got on. We argued a lot and it got to the point where they sent me to the boarding school of hell.


Dibbs Academy For Challenged Students was a living nightmare. I hate that place. Well... I hated it. Its not as though a lot of it exists after what happened. Before I confuse you I'll start from the very beginning. It went something like this.


Briiinggg! Everyone hustled out of the classroom, complaining about how 'History sucks' and that 'We could just die right now of boredom'. I roll my eyes as I see to guys break into a fight in the hall. Probably over a girl. That happens all the time here. I give them a wide birth and walk around them. Jarra waves at me from the other end of the hall. I wave back and slalom through the other students to get to her.

"Hey, Selena," She says.

"Hey, Jarra," I reply. I walk in front and open the door for her. She wheels through and into the P.E changing rooms.

Yeah, apparently because she is disabled, she is 'Challenged'. Huge insult, right there. She is probably the smartest kid in the school, not really that hard, but nevertheless she is here. I'm glad she is. It's good to have at least one person who like hanging out with you for free.

We enter the changing rooms and rush to get changed. We are the last ones to pile into the Gym hall. We do the walk of shame over to our place in the line, everyone's eyes glaring right through us. "Well," Said Mr. Farren, my P.E teacher, his eyes homing in on me. Giving me detentions seemed like his only fun. He taped the back of my hands with a ruler. "I'm pretty sure that's illegal now!" Jarra had said to me when I told her. "Everyone grab a ball from the box," He boomed. Everyone does. As soon as I go for one he says, "Apart from you, Selena. We need to have a little chat about your lateness." He told me, with an evil gleam in his eye. I shuddered. These talks usually ended up with my getting detentions. I unwillingly follow him to the door where the Gym connects to the hall. I glance behind me and the whole class is sniggering away. I look at Jarra and see she has fear in her emerald green eyes. I'll be fine, I mouth to her.

I step through the double doors before Mr. Farren. "So," I said with a nervous voice. "Am I going to get another detention, or what?" I heard shuffling behind me, but I continued to stare at the displays on the wall. "Oh, something much worse than that, Miss Phos," Said a ruff voice, like three Mr. Farrens talking at once. "You will die," My eyes widen and I spin around. In front of me is Mr. Farren, but not Mr. Farren. He had grown to around 8ft and was covered in muscle. In his right hand he holds a club half the size of me.

I yelp and leap out of the way as the club comes swinging down on me. Lockers crunch under the impact of the weapon. I trip and fall, ending up sprawled across the stone-cold floor. I am breathing heavily as I scrabble up and bolt down the hall. I hear more crunches and Mr. Farren rips more lockers off the walls, adding to the sound of his angry roars.

I sprint into the Cafeteria and ungracefully dive over the food counter as Mr. Farren smashes through the doors leading the the Gym, taking part of the wall with him. "Come out, come out, where ever you are..." He growls. After a quick peak at what used to be my P.E teacher I see his crooked teeth and single bloodshot eye.

"Cyclopes," I mutter, though I'm not sure how I know that. People always say I have the brain span of a Nat. The door to the left of the Cafeteria hall bursts open as Mrs. Jovinchi, my History teacher, enters the hall. She is also not very nice and regularly gives me detentions. This time she has a hungry look in her eyes and I don't think it's for tacos. She sees Mr. Farren and grins. Her face stays the same as her body morphs into what resembles a thunder cloud. Black, smokey wings sprout from her back and her eyes fill with lightning. Ventus, says a small voice at the back of my mind. I don't hear it as I study the large room for exits. The middle doors and the doors to my left are a no go, as both the monsters/teachers/hybrid things are blocking there. My only hope are the doors to my right. I position myself ready to run as the monsters get closer.

"Come here my pretty," Says Mrs. Jovinchi and I can't help thinking of 'The Wizard Of Oz'. They loom over the counter and I take the chance. I bolt and Mrs. Jovinchi's claws rake down my back. Hot, fiery pain spreads through my body as I race through the doors.

I begin to slow down just as I reach the front doors of the school. I pant as I jog through the front doors and come face to face with 12 archers in orange T-shirts pointing their weapons at the doors and me. My eyes widen as I see Jarra standing with them. Wait. Standing? I look at the lower half of my friend and get a surprise. Where her legs should be she has the body of a Palomino horse! She gallops up the steps and deposits me on her back. She races back down and yells at the archers,

"Archers, ready your bows!" They do so. It becomes spooky as everything is quiet. "Archers, steady..." Jarra says, freakishly calm. "Steady..." That's when the front of the school exploded. Mr. Farren and Mrs. Jovinchi burst out of the doors, ripping them, and most of the front of the building, away. "FIRE!" Yells Jarra. The archers let loose their arrows and let them fly at the monsters. Seven arrows sprout out of Mr. Farren's neck and he crumples into golden dust. I didn't see what happened to Mrs. Jovinchi, because at that moment teenagers pull me, not pain free, from Jarra's back and put me in a van that says 'Delphi's Strawberries'. Judging from the wailing, it didn't end to well for her. As soon as I am in the van, more teens, who I think are medics, put some sort of liquid on my back, then bandage it up. Almost instantly the pain fades and succumb to a healing darkness.

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