Irish Luck and Love...

Bella is just a normal directioner. (Directioner- Noun- A person or being obsessed with One Direction) Well, almost normal...


1. Cup of Sugar?

One sunny day in a small town called Mullingar, Ireland a girl was sitting on her old rope swing dreaming of the five boys she had a crush on. One of the boys happened to live just 3 houses down from her, yet, she had never even seen him. Only his big brother, Greg, who had just got married. This young girl really loved these five boys and had for quite a while, even before she had moved to Mullingar. Today she was very excited because all five of her crushes would be arriving at Mullingar to be in the house just 3 houses down from her. She was hoping that maybe, just maybe, she would get to see a glimpse of, at least, just one of these gorgeous boys.

The young girl’s road was very quiet because there were only 5 houses on it and it was a dead end street, so when the girl heard a car coming from the other end of the street she was very excited. The girl quickly turned her head to see a sleek black limousine coming down the road, being followed by police escorts with barriers to block off the road, so that all the screaming girls couldn't get in to see the five boys, who were just getting out of the limo. But, the sad part for the girl, was that she didn't get to see the boys because their Pigeon, called Kevin, was standing in front of them so that they couldn't be seen.

At 11:30 the next day as the girl walked along the road she thought of a brilliant plan. What she would do was to run home and put on her One Direction onesie because the boys were the famous boy band, One Direction. Then she would go to her neighbour's house and ask for a cup of raw brown sugar that was sugar-free. Of course, they wouldn't have any, so she would go to the people next to them and again asked for raw brown sugar that was sugar-free. They wouldn't have any either of course. So at last, she was on Niall Horan's doorstep. She thought to herself as she waited for the door to be answered, stay calm, ask for one cup of sugar, do not faint. At last she heard footsteps. Male footsteps. Five pairs. The door opened. And there, staring at her, grinning, was Louis Tomlinson of One Direction.

"Uh, hi," She said, "um, we live down the road and my mother would like to borrow a cup of sugar from Mrs Horan, if she has any. Could you ask her for me, please? Louis?" She finished slowly, trying not to stumble and say something stupid.

"Of course sweetie, what did you say your name was again?" Louis said in that irresistible British accent.

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