It's Where My Demons Hide (Harry Styles Fanfic)

"I have my demons. We all do. They'll come out sooner or later and now you've seen if you're gonna go, go!" Harry said in a bitter tone as he sat on the couch with his head in his hands. Did he really want to dismantle everything we have together? Just when I was about to open up to him, before I knew who he really was, he's giving up on us. I stood up and held in my tears. "No, I'm not going anywhere. I can help you fight your demons. WE can fight them with love, by saying there is a tomorrow. We can fight them by demanding people care. We can fight them with resilience. We are all broken and being vulnerable is scary and hard. We hide our demons. We hide things that don’t need to be hidden." I grabbed Harry's hand and held it tightly as his tears fell from his eyes. "Just let me help..." I pleaded as tears fell from my eyes as well. Harry looked down at me and I saw the goodness inside him.
If hate can love, then what is evil? He can love...


4. Trapped



When Harry dropped me off I went straight up stairs to take a shower. When I was fully undressed I turned the water on to let it warm up. I walked to the mirror and grabbed a hair tie and felt my head start to hurt from when I fell on the sheet of ice. I grabbed Tylenol and took one and then looked at myself as the mirror fogged up from the water that has already warmed up. I tied up my hair gently not to hurt the sore sensitive spot and hopped in.


I gently washed my body getting my cuts cleaned and got out and air dried. Usually what I always did,


I picked up my phone and saw my lock screen was changed to some girl that looked drunk and, honestly, like a slut. I narrowed my eyes and unlocked it. At that moment, I realized it wasn't my phone and it was Harry's phone. We had the same phone.


Did he do this on purpose? Because I could totally see him taking the wrong phone on purpose just so he could see me again.

Jack ass.

I didn't know why he couldn't understand why I wasn't interested in him!


I got dressed and put on my hoodie and walked to Harry's house. I couldn't believe how hard it was already snowed already in just a hour. The snow was ankle deep and then I realized I had wet hair still. I pulled up the hood and could feel myself already becoming sick.


The air was so cold that it actually hurt my face and my lips froze instantly.


I now knew where Harry lived and it wasn't very far from me. Maybe a 15 minute walk.

I walked up to the porch and knocked and he finally answered the door smiling when he saw it was me at his front door. "Renee!" he sounded excited, but he knew he was going to see me again. "How are you feeling?" he asked. I walked in bumping past him. "You're sly, aren't you?" I said turning around to face him. He already had a smirk, because he already knew what I was talking about, though he acted like he didn't.


"What do you mean?" he asked. I narrowed my eyes and shook my head. "Oh, don't play know you totally took my phone on purpose just so you'd see me again. It was actually a good move, but still! Don't think you're getting anywhere." I said pointing at him. I was completely serious and he thought it was funny.


He let out a chuckle. "This is your phone?..." he looked at it and smirked bigger. "I was wondering why Taylor Lautner was on the lockscreen." another chuckle and I grabbed my phone and looked at it. "You looked through it, didn't you?" I asked and looked up from my phone at him. He shook his head and smiled. "I just put my number in there." he replied. Right when he said that my phone beeped and I looked down at the new number on my screen. I rolled my eyes and looked back up. "Save my number." he said and I shook my head. "No." I said quickly. Harry grabbed my wrist and held my phone closer to me and showed it to me. "Save. It." he said through gritted teeth.


I yanked away from his grip. "I am not one of your whores, you can't touch me!" He pressed his soft pink lips together and looked at me with dark green eyes that almost burned right through me. He parted his lips and began to speak. "I don't like being told no." he said calmly. "I don't care! Don't touch me ever again." I replied harshly. I walked passed him to leave.


I opened the door to leave and then he shut it very quickly and stood in front of it. "Where you going?" he asked. He kind of scared me being so fast, but I shook it off. "Home." he shook his head and looked outside and then back at me. "Not with wet hair, you're not. And the snow is deep and the sidewalks are slick. You're not going anywhere." he said. My stomach turned. "I have to go home! I have school tomorrow." Harry looked back outside. "You won't have it tomorrow." he looked back at me. "Way too deep and slick. It's only going to get worse." he walked away and I wanted to cry, I felt like I was being held against my will in a way.


Harry grabbed my hand and brought me to the couch. I sat down next to him and felt his hand on my back. I pulled away "Don't touch me." Harry smiled and took his hand away. "Fine." he leaned over to grab the remote and turned on the tv. I rested my elbows on my knees and rubbed my temples. I wanted to go home. I tried thinking of something to get out of this. I can't stay here. If my mom and dad found out I stayed here, they'd beat my ass all to hell.


Harry chuckled at the tv and then looked over at me. "You can't get out of this. I'm not letting anything happen to you again, Renee. And if you try to run, I'll be pissed. Don't test me, I'm very protective." I sighed a shaky sigh and felt tears sting my eyes. I looked at my phone and saw it was already 10:09 at night. If I did have school tomorrow, I needed rest. I looked over at Harry after setting my phone down. "I'm tired, Harry." I said. "I'll take the couch." he looked over and smiled shaking his head, of course, he never agreed with me on anything.


"No, you'll take the bed and I'll sleep on my bedroom floor. I have an air mattress." he replied.




"The couch will suffice. I'm okay." I said trying to convince him, but it wasn't working too well. He was hard to convince, I could just tell already. "No. You're a lady and I'm not letting you sleep on my couch." he replied getting up. I looked down at the couch and frowned. "That's not it. You just want to keep an eye on me." I said. Harry sighed and then nodded. "It's both. Now, let's go."


To be honest, I was scared. I didn't want anything else to happen to me today.


Harry brought me in his room and I looked around. It was a dark blue, kinda dark lighting too. There was one window covered by dark curtains. I guess he didn't like the morning light? But it was pretty clean. The carpets had no stains or anything, the bed was made and his bathroom was clean.


Harry walked to the dresser and pulled out two shirts, and a pair of sweats. He tossed a white shirt at me and then the sweats. "Change into those." I caught them and nodded and walked into the bathroom. I shut the door and noticed the lock on it and locked it really fast, just to be safe.


I changed and the left my clothes in there folded on the counter. I cracked the door before I walked out. "Are you clothed?" I asked. Harry laughed "Yes." I opened the door wider and walked out. He had already gotten the bed ready for me and blew up the air mattress. He was sleeping right next to me. It kinda made me feel uncomfortable. I climbed into the bed and knew I wasn't getting any sleep tonight, no matter how tired I was.


2 hours:


I was staring up at the ceiling in the dark for 2 hours, until I looked down at Harry and he was sound asleep. I looked at the clock and it was 12:00 already. I quietly took off my covers and made my way around the air mattress, I didn't want to wake him as I tried to escape. I opened the door and made my way down the hall to the living room.


I grabbed my shoes and unlocked the door quietly. Every little sound I made, I'd stop and bite my lip and squeeze my eyes shut.


I finally opened it and tried not making it squeak so loud. I was getting out! Finally, without even waking him up!


I opened the screen door and I was close to freedom! I stuck my foot out and then felt a hand wrap around my mouth and I was yanked back in.


"I told you not to leave!" I heard the raspy English accent through gritted teeth in my ear.

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