The Doubt of Moving On

Liam Payne was once in love. He was head over heels for her. He'd take the moon for her. But she did something that not only hurt him but his friends as well. He doesn't know what to do. All he can do is hang on to the past. Hang on to her. But he knows he needs to move on.
Ruby Adams was once happy. She was head over heels for a guy. She loved her brother more than anything. But the guy she loved did something to her which made her do something to her brother. She's a mess. All she can do is mope around. Not care about anything else. But she knows she needs to move on.
When their fates cross paths, will they finally do what they need to do all along?
*Don't need to read Chasing the Sun for this spinoff*


17. Chapter 16

Chapter 16


“What are we doing today?” Ruby asked me on the phone. She was in between classes at her uni and she decided to call me up claiming that the day was going really long and she was bored. But I know it was just so she could hear my voice. 

“Ruby, you’re going to be at uni for the next three hours. You’ve only been in one class.” I chuckled as i fixed my egg and bacon breakfast at 10 in the morning. I have a tendency of sleeping in whenever nothing interesting is going to happen during the day. I may seem like the sensible one in the tabloids but honestly, I’m almost the most immature one in the band.

“Yeah, but...” She sighed. I chuckled again at her restlessness.

“Okay, we can watch a movie at my place?” I suggested knowing how aggravated she gets when she doesn’t get to do anything interesting when she gets home. I think it’s adorable how she always has to be doing something even if there was absolutely nothing to do. She will find at least one entertaining thing to do as soon as she gets home. Once, she put on guitar hero and played the whole afternoon. 

“Okay!” She said excitedly. “What movies? Ooh, can we watch the Harry Potter series? Pleeeaaase?” She begged like a little kid. She has the biggest obsession with Harry Potter. She doesn’t show it but it’s there, bubbling underneath the surface. When I told her I went to the Deathly Hallows premiere in 2010, she went so crazy. 

“Didn’t we watch that two days ago?” I asked her, knowing full well that we’ll end up watching it no matter what movies I suggest. I put the food onto a plate and placed it onto the countertop. I poured orange juice into a glass and put it beside the plate.

“But that was only the first one.” She sighed. “I want to watch all of it. We can have a marathon!”

I chuckled. “Okay, if that’s what you want. But that means I have to pick the food and drinks.” 

“Fine.” She groaned. Whenever I’m in charge of something I always end up forgetting about it or something like that. I was supposed to be in charge of dinner while she went out to visit Ryder but I forgot about it. So once she got home and found out I never did it, she just rolled her eyes at me and we made dinner together.

“Knowing me, I’ll forget about it.” I chewed on my crunchy bacon.

“I’ll just bring some back up food then.” She answered. 

“But what if we have too much food?” I asked. 

“Jeez, Liam. You ask questions like a five year old.” Ruby teased. 

Then my front door opened and I heard Jenna’s voice yell out, “You and Ruby are having dinner with Jake and I!” Then the door closed. Dinner? What?

“Was that Jenna?” Ruby asked on the phone. She sounded as confused as I was.

“Yeah, I think so.” I answered slowly. I was a little lost because it came out of no where.

“What did she say?” I could hear the traffic on her end of the phone.

“That we were having dinner with her and Jake.” I replied.

“As in a double date?” I couldn’t decide if she sounded excited or not. 

“I have no idea.” I said. 

I heard my door open again and I turned around to see Jenna dragging Jake along behind her. I wedged my phone between my ear and my shoulder and picked up my plate to put it in the sink. I gave the two a questioning look before Jenna mouthed, “Put it on speaker.” I put the phone down on the counter and leaned over it announcing that the J’s were here and the phone was on speaker.

Ever since we went to that carnival two weeks ago, Ruby has been hanging out with the girls. She was especially close with Jenna and Georgia. Jenna because they both have a love for fashion and Georgia because they both love to read a lot. Ruby does talk to Eleanor and Ali but Ali’s usually busy doing a portfolio for her photography these days and Eleanor is a little more focused on uni at the moment.

“Hey, J’s.” Ruby greeted. She sort of came up with the nickname. She called them the J’s since they both started with J and surprisingly it stuck to the rest of us. So no we wall refer to them as the J’s.

“Hey, Ruby.” They both said. Jenna leaned on her arms on the counter while Jake stood behind her and rested his head on her shoulder.

“So, I was thinking you two have dinner with us.” Jenna suggested.

“Why did you yell it then close the door?” I asked her.

“Because I wanted to tell you but Jake dragged me to Niall’s door to give his sister something.” Jenna huffed and elbowed her boyfriend. Jake just rolled his eyes but said nothing.

“I’m in.” Ruby decided. “What about you, Liam?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind.” I shrugged.

“Where are we going?” Ruby asked and I already knew that she was planning her outfit in her head at that moment.

“Just at our place at 7.” Jake answered. 

“Okay.” Ruby said.

“Okay.” I repeated.

The J’s said their goodbyes and left to go pick up Ali for a shopping trip that Jake dreaded. I offered to keep him here but Jenna said something about this being Jake’s punishment for losing some bet they made last night. I hung up the phone a while after the J’s left and went to go buy the food that I thankfully remembered.

Sometimes it sucks buying food for other people because you’re unsure of how many to buy. Especially if it’s a girl. What if you get too much? That’s basically calling her a pig and Ruby can eat a lot but I don’t want to insult her in any way. But then I knew Ruby and I know how she doesn’t care about how much she eats as long as she just eats. It’s so adorable.

When I got back home after shopping, I hit the home gym. I changed into a pair of basketball shorts and a black wife beater. I grabbed a bandana and wrapped it around me head and started to lift up some weights all the while music was blaring through the speakers. I lifted weights for a while then I moved on to the treadmill and ran for an hour straight. Then I did a few bench presses and finally I did a round of biking.

By then it was 6:30. I quickly took a shower and dressed into a pair of black jeans, a blue button down and black shoes. Just as I finished getting dressed, my door opened and i heard Ruby announce herself.

I walked out to find my girlfriend in a pair of black leggings, a dark red shirt that says ‘never say mondays’ in white– and ironically it was a monday– and a pair of white high top converses. I gave her smile. She flipped her red hair off her shoulder and dropped her duffel bag beside the sofa before giving me a light kiss on the lips.

“Hey.” I winked.

“Hey, loser.” She greeted and poked my cheek. I stuck my tongue out at her and she did the same thing back.

“Guess what.” I exclaimed. Her eyes widened for a split second before giving me a cautious look.

“What?” She hesitated.

I grinned widely at her. “I bought the food.”

“Well, that’s a first.” She giggled before she stepped away from me and sifted through the bags, pulling out the packaged foods to have a look. 

I leaned against the wall as she looked through each of the five bags. When she finally finished she gave me a thumbs up and i chuckled. “See, I’m not completely hopeless.”

“Right.” She agreed. “Just hopeless in most things.”

I took two large steps toward her and tickled her sides. She squealed loudly as she squirmed in my hands. I laughed as she tried to run away but failed miserably. 

“Okay, I’m sorry!” She squealed with no signs of remorse with her words. “Liam!”

“Say, Liam James Payne is the sexiest man alive and he most definitely isn’t hopeless in anything.” I ordered, still tickling her sides but not as much as I was before. I felt her small hands gripping on my fingers as if trying to make sure they wouldn’t tickle her again. But I wasn’t finished, I was having too much fun watching her squirm.

“I most definitely will not!” She said, breathless. I started to tickle her more until she agreed to my demands.

“Liam James Payne is the sexiest man alive and he most definitely isn’t hopeless at anything.” She muttered very lowly. 

“I can’t hear you.” I singsonged and tickled her again.

“Liam James Payne is the sexiest man alive and he most definitely isn’t hopeless at anything.” She huffed in a louder voice. I grinned triumphantly at her.

“I knew you always thought I was sexy.” I teased.

She rolled her eyes. “Shut up.”

“We better get going before the Jenna rips our head off.” I said, nodding my head to the clock displayed on the wall next to the countertop.

We walked hand in hand to the floor below us where the J’s lived. Their apartment looked a lot like mine but with a bigger living room space and a coloured theme of gray and mahogany. It looked very homey and clean and sometimes whenever I step into the place it feels like they’re both married. 

“Why does this place look cleaner than usual?” I mused, looking at the shiny brown floorboards.

“My parents are coming by from France.” Jenna answered.

“I thought they were staying there for a couple more years?” I inquired.

“They’re visiting for a week then they’re going back to France. It’s more of a catch up session.” Jenna shrugged her shoulders. “You guys were right on time, by the way. I just put dinner on the table.”

“Ooh, what did you make?” Ruby wondered as she subtly sniffed the air. 

“Chicken parmigiana. There’s also some chips and salad for whatever sides you want.” Jenna replied and we followed her to the dining table where Jake was setting the cups down.

“Smells great.” I commented, pulling out one of the chairs for Ruby. She shot me a wink before sitting down.

There was no boring moment throughout the whole dinner. Jenna kept recounting all the embarrassing moments that happened in Australia then Ruby started retelling embarrassing moments since we met. Jake and I tried to talk about their embarrassing moments but they’d send us that frightening girlfriend glare that always shut the both of us up.

Then Jenna offered to show Ruby some of the designs she’s made and it was Jake and I alone on the mahogany velvet sofa. We were both silent for a moment before I noticed something on the coffee table. It was a jewelry magazine poking out of a biker’s magazine and a few dog ears were noticeable. I curiously pulled it out and opened to one of the pages. It was on an engagement ring page and it was safe to say that I was shocked.

When I turned to Jake, I found that his cheeks were flushed red and his whole body was frozen “Shit.” He muttered.

“Are you-? Will you-? What are you-? Is this-? What-?” I asked. A whole bunch of questions were going through my head but I couldn’t seem to find the right question to ask. I was in a good kind of shock because I knew that J’s loved each other more than anything. Heck, they said the L word on their first date and that was like two or three days after they met. I never once doubted their love for each other but there was always a level of shock whenever you find out about an engagement.

“Maybe, i don’t know.” He finally confessed after a few moments of silence.

“Do you want to?” I asked him as I looked at all the pages he dogeared. They were all in the 10k-20k range, almost each of them had at least 1 carat. 

“I think i’ve wanted to since the first date.” He admitted. His eyes gave away how much love he held for her. Jake and Jenna are almost the star couple in the group. They’ve had major fights and they never once broke up. They never doubted how much they loved each other and neither of them every spoke about leaving. Jake even followed Jenna here. He was supposed to leave after a few weeks in Paris but he ended up just dropping everything once she announced she was moving to London with us.

“Who else knows?” 

“Um, Georgia does. She was being the pesky little sister and snooped in the apartment when we weren’t home. I’ve never seen her so excited before.” 

“I’ll support you, mate. I think this will be the best decision of your life.” I told him truthfully, putting the magazine back inside the bikers’ one. 

“Thanks, Liam.” He replied. “Please don’t tell anyone yet. I was planning to propose to her in Australia.”

I nodded my head just as the girls’ voices echoed down the hallway. I immediately stood up as soon as they came to view. Ruby was smiling all the while complimenting Jenna on her work. 

“Thanks for dinner, guys.” Ruby finally said with a big smile the showed off her pearly whites. She flipped her hair off her shoulder and gave Jenna a hug. When Ruby let go of Jenna she moved on to Jake and I went to Jenna.

“Thanks Jen.” I said giving her a hug.

“You’re welcome. i hope you two enjoyed it.” She replied after we let go. I quickly shook Jake’s hand and muttered a, “go for it!” Jake rolled his eyes and patted my shoulder. 

Once Ruby and i got back to my apartment, she took out the food and placed it all over the coffee table and turned on my tv. She flicked through my netflix until she found Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I sat down on the sofa beside her as the credits rolled in.

We watched the whole series and a couple of other movies before she finally fell asleep on my lap. I turned off the tv and gently lifted her up into my arms and carried her to my room. I softly placed her down on the bed and untied her converses, dropping them to the floor. Once I stripped down to my boxers and put on a pair of sweatpants, I got under the covers with her and lightly wrapped my arm around her waist. i gave her s oft kiss on her forehead and she nuzzled her head into my chest.

I fell asleep to the feel of her warm body next to mine.






I’m sorry for having such slow updates!!! And yes, you did read right. To the Chasing the Sun fans, Jakenna is getting married!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..


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