You and Me

Emily and Travis have known each other for years. They have always been insuperable. Emily has always had a little crush on Travis that only her best friend, Alison, knows. Will Travis ever know how Emily feels about him or will she keep it hidden?


4. Lunch Dates

                                                  Emily's P.O.V

The bell rings for lunch, and I rush out of the room, ready to see Travis. He had promised me that he would sit with me today at our lockers before last period, and that had made me happy. I was on a mission to find a table before they were all filled up, and luckily I was one of the first few people to arrive there. I rush towards a table and sat down quickly. So it would be Nick and Allison, Travis and Me, and probably Samantha and Joe. Wow it's like a lunch date for all of us! Except the fact that me and Travis aren't dating--yet.

"Hey hey!" Allison smiles as she lets go of Nick's hand and sits beside me.

"Hey!" I greet them.

"Waiting for your price charming?" Sam comes up and sits beside Nick, as Joe sits beside her, leaving one seat next to me for Travis. Awesome!

"Shut up!" I laugh.

"Hey. I guess I get last pick eh?" Travis scoots out the chair next to me and takes his seat.

"But I think I like this spot," He finishes.

"You better, because I'm not moving," Allison says.

"Yeah. Me either bro," Nick and Joe laugh.

We sit there in a silence that is not awkward but not to comfortable, until we get dismissed from our seats to get in line. Then were all rallied up again.


                                              Travis's P.O.V

I walk up with Emily to the lunch line, and force myself not to reach for her like the couples in front of us are doing. She doesn't like me back, is what I keep in mind. Don't make a fool out of yourself. I look down at my trembling hand as it accidently rubs with Emily's. I look at her, but she doesn't share the same look. Maybe I'm just over thinking this. She has to like me right? I mean who wouldn't. No Travis, I tell myself. No.

I get my tray of food and walk out of line, and walk farther away from Emily to make sure my body doesn't act upon itself. I set my tray down on the table, and sit on my chair. Emily comes up and does the exact same. So does everyone else.

We don't talk again, instead we pig into our food. It's so delicious.

Reach for her hand Travis. Just do it already! It's every girls dream for someone to do that with them, so just do it! She loves you. Why can't you trust me? I promise you she will love it. Do it. Now!

I do as I'm told and my hand reaches hers. I gently squish our hands together as she intertwines our fingers and squeezes back. My arm goes numb, and my heart stops beating.

"Trav. You okay over there? You look like your about to past out," Allison asks.

"Y-yeah," I stutter.

"Are you sure?" Samantha asks.

"He's fine," Emily covers for me as she squeezes are hands tighter.

"Emily what are you doing to him! Your killing him. I know that look from him. Stop!" Nick laughs, and Joe joins in.

"Nothing!" She argues, and lets go of my hand. I take a deep breath, and just continue on eating. Weirdest lunch date ever.

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