You and Me

Emily and Travis have known each other for years. They have always been insuperable. Emily has always had a little crush on Travis that only her best friend, Alison, knows. Will Travis ever know how Emily feels about him or will she keep it hidden?


2. High School.

Emily's P.O.V.

         Getting off the bus was a little weird, but it was better than getting off at the middle school. Anything is better than that stupid Middle School. I walked into school and started toward the cafeteria, just for about 5 minutes then i will go to my locker which i share with Alison, after i go to my locker its off to find the wonderful world called Spanish Class. " I wonder where Travis's locker is."  I thought to myself, he had told me it was going to be a surprise. I know hes sharing it will Alison's boyfriend and his best friend Nick. I really hope we aren't right beside each other. We have every class together and I don't want to Alison And Nick all Kissey, Kissey I got enough of that last year. but don't get me wrong they are cute together, but it just gets annoying. 



Travis's P.O.V.

        I Can't Wait Till She Finds Out. My Locker Is Right Beside Her's And it Will Be Perfect. I Know We Have Almost Every Class Together, But That Doesn't Mean, I Wouldn't Love to See Her a Lot More. 

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