You and Me

Emily and Travis have known each other for years. They have always been insuperable. Emily has always had a little crush on Travis that only her best friend, Alison, knows. Will Travis ever know how Emily feels about him or will she keep it hidden?


6. A Call

                                                 Emily's P.O.V

"You want to have a double date?" I ask confused.

"Yes! It would be fun! Me,You, Nick-"

"Who the heck would I take though?" I interrupt.

"Travis. Dur! He already said he was on board for it. Now go get ready, we'll pick you up at 7."

"I don't think my mom-"

"I already asked her, and she said she was fine with it. Now get ready!" Allison exclaims through the phone.

"Fine," I say as I roll me eyes.

I hang up before there's any more discussion, and then I glance at the clock before heading towards the shower. 5:20.

                                          Travis's P.O.V

I walk up to her front door, shaking and nervously. Allison and Nick I know are staring at me, waiting for me to call Emily down. Okay, I tell myself, you can do this. I slowly knock barely making a sound, before I gain the confidence and knock regularly. A few moments past by before her lovely face shows up at the door. Her casual outfit, the braided glorious hair, and the smile plastered along her beautiful face. Her skin gleams from the light, making this feel like a movie trailer of a romantic love story. Wait. Hannah. My girlfriend. Where was she today? I was on the phone this morning with her. She seemed- She walks to school. That's about a mile or something. Uh..

"Hey Trav."

"H-hi. Did you see Hannah at school today?"

I knew it was a bad question but I needed to know. She looked at me, and for a moment I saw her smile fade, but she placed it back on her lips in an instance.

"Nope. She must be- Didn't she talk to you this morning?" She asks.

"Yeah, but I didn't see her at school."


We slowly make our way back to the car, probably thinking the same thing, where is Hannah?

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