High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


3. Try outs

Taylor's P.O.V We saw the boys standing there and we assumed Krista had something to do with it my phone buzzed

Unknown:Hey Taylor its Niall Krista tweeted us your numbers how you dont mind :) 

I smiled and looked up as soon as I read the text I clicked on the number and programmed it to Niall

Me: Hey! and no its fine :) 

Niall: So We are here to Watch you guys try out we knew you guys would do it you never have Disappointed your fans and we have friends we want you to meet

Me:Never have never will

"Now if your trying out for the gymnastic team go get changed now the girls and I darted towards the locker room we opened our lockers grabbed our cheer gym clothes which is a pair of yoga type shorts and and a tanktop we went into one of the stalls and got changed came back out and put all of our clothes in our lockers closed them locked them and put our hair in high pony tails there is only 25 spots on the cheer team  we walked back out of the locker room and started stretching "You Can Pair into a group for your tryouts for Gymnastics but Cheer try outs will be held tomorrow same time you will only do one it can be uneven bars, floor, Vault, Paraell bars, or rings and we will base your score off of that" the gym coach said my phone buzzed in my hand "First up Taylor Jane: 

Niall:The boys also have your number and Good luck xx 

I typed thanks xx quickly and put my  down I walked up to the padded floor

Niall's P.O.V "I understand your trying out for Gymnastic along with your friends" She said "Yea we are" Taylor smiled I have to admit all of the girls were pretty fit but I like Taylor a lot "So how about you girls come up here and wait for her to finish then you guys can go since your in a group" She smiled they all got up and stood on the sidelines we brought some friends that are with us which are Keaton Wesley and Drew also known as Emblem3, Justin Bieber Austin Mahone and Finn Harries we are going to go hangout but we wanted to watch the girls first "So what will you be trying out on" The lady asked her "The Vault" Taylor smiled god that smiled killed me wait I just met her I cant already be falling for her already we just met "Okay good luck" the lady said I guess the American football team for the high school loved the gymnasts just by the way they were looking at them "Come on Tay" Brooke said I could see Keaton looking at her Taylor ran and did a front flip and them some flips I honestly know nothing about Gymnastics "That was good okay what are you girls doing??" She asked "Sabrice Lilian and Cynthia go before us because our routine is us 4" Krista said "So lets have Sabrice go then Cynthia and then I can go last" Lilian smiled Pushing Sabrice onto the floor "Wow Thanks Lil" She said sarcastically "Your welcome now GOO!" Lilian said Brooke was trying hard not to laugh "So what will you be doing sabrice??" Liam smiled when he saw her on the floor I nudged his arm "You gotta crush Liam??" I asked "No" He shot "Ill be doing the uneven bars" She said putting some things on her hand and putting on powder on her hands she took a deep breath "Come on Breezy!!" the girls shouted Sabrice jumped onto the bars and did her routine and landed perfectly "WOW that was really good Cynthia your up" The lady smiled "Im also gonna do Bars" She said The lady nodded and she put the same things on her hands as Sabrice did "Anyone know what those things on their hands are called??" I asked everyone shook there head we all watched Cynthia she got on the bars and did  her routine and landed but tripped a bit but i dont think anyone noticed "GO LILIAN!" Brooke shouted pushed Lilian onto the Floor 

Taylors P.O.V I went and sat down kinda revealed I did well because we havent done this stuff since our last year of Junior High "Come On Lil!" I screamed "You can do it Lil" Krista yelled my phone buzzed and Niall texted me again every time I see his name my heart flutters 

Niall: You did really good :)


Niall: No problem so how many more classes do you have

Me: Well lets see I stay in here for 3rd and 4th period since we are trying out then I have lunch then for 5th I have chemistry and math 6th I have French and 7th I think is English 

Niall: So 5?


Niall:For lunch are you a loud to go off campus? 

Me:Yeah Why?? 

Niall:Was wondering if you and the girls wanna come out to lunch with us? :)

Me:Ill ask the girls after we are done or you could meet us  after we are done 

Niall:We will meet you we will just hide here in the stands ;)

Me:Haha okay 

"Okay Now Krista Brooke Bailey and Clare your up!" She smiled they got up and did a good routine "WOW girls have you been in gymnastics before?" She asked us "Yeah We havent done Gymnastics since our last year of Junior high" I smiled "So when you were on stage that was the first time you did flips and this was the first time you ever been on the equipment??" She asked with wide eyes we all laughed a bit "Yeah" Bailey said "Well Impressed you girls are free to go to your lockers and hang out where ever till next period" our gym coach said we all ran to the locker rooms and changed back into our clothes 

Me:Niall you wanna meet us outside and we can hang before we have to go back to gym?

Niall: Yeah we are already outside :) 

Me:We are on are way had to change back into our clothes the football players here can be major pervs 

Niall: Alright xx 

"Hey guys the boys are outside and they have friends that they want us to meet" I told them "Alright" They said in unison we all got our shoes on and put our phones in our back pocket put down our hair brushed it and we left the gym "HEY IS THAT THEM?!??" A basketball player yelled "GO GO GO GO GO GO!!" Clare said we ran we slid our cards to get outside and shut the door we didnt exactly have a good rep with the basketball team they dont exactly like us "Where they at Tay?" Bailey asked "Hold on" I said 

Me:Ni where you at we are outside???? 

"SEE I TOLD YOU IT WAS THEM!" He yelled coming from around the side of the school we started laughing "Heres a tip nobody comes outside but us" Brooke said laughing "Okay girls this is Drew Chadwick, Keaton Stromberg and Wesley Stromberg, Finn Harries, Justin Bieber, and Austin Mahone guys this is Brooke, Krista, Bailey, Taylor,Sabrice, Cynthia,Clare, and Lilian" Harry introduced us we got a round of hey's and Hi's from them and we all said hey "You girls were really good!" Keaton said not taking his eyes off of Brooke okay I know for sure Im getting involved in getting them together "Everybody duck!!!!!!!" Clare said everyone ducks and a football went flying above us "SORRY!" Nikki yelled coming up to us Brooke tensed up "Next time watch where your throwing Nikki" Bailey said "Sorry Cody is the one who threw it he was aiming for Krista" He said we all looked at her "Dont sweat it I can get them when they get home" She smiled "They live with you?" Justin asked "JP and Cody are my brothers Nikki our best friend who should be going to practice" Nikki got the memo and grabbed the ball and ran back as soon as he left Brooke was fine "So how many more classes do you girls have till lunch??" Austin asked "We have Gym again  for 3rd period and 4th is lunch so not that much longer" Cynthia said "Would you girls like to go out to lunch if your a loud of campus" Drew asked "Yeah we are and Sure" Clare said the bell started ringing we all groaned "I dont wanna go to gym" Sabrice said the boys laughed "Werent you just in the gym doing gym???" Wesley asked "yeah i dont wanna go when its dodge ball against the football team" the girls and i groaned again "See you in the gym cutie" A guy touched clares   hair trying to hug her "You touch me I swear to god I will beat you" She said "Attitude much?" He hissed "Yeah we all have attitude and you heard her touch her again she will beat you and if you come near her we will" Brooke stepped in "God just try to hit on one of them and I get the full pack" He walked away and we turned back around "Are they always like that?" Louis asked "Pretty much" Sabrice sighed the bell rang again "Thats the warning bell we have to go but the boys have our numbers if you would like them you can have them give it to you" Bailey said "Girls class NOW!" The principle yelled "Sorry Principle Simmons" We said we gave the boys hugs and I saw Brooke whisper something in Keatons ear and then we ran to gym 

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