High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


9. second day of school part 1

Lilians P.O.V I woke up to my alarm blaring I groaned and sat up I rubbed my eyes "Lilian are you up" My mom walked in "Barely" I replied laying back down "Come on get up isnt that boy driving you to school today "Mom his name is Zayn" I smiled "THEN Get up so your ready when he gets here" She said walking out I got up and got up and got ready

I smiled at how I looked in the mirror since I was half asleep getting ready I put on some eye shadow

 what none of the girls know is that Zayn and I kissed last night which was kinda a shock because why would someone like him be interested in me he was probably just caught in the moment or whatever I heard my phone buzzed I picked it up

Zayn <3: Almost there you ready?

Me: yes I am

Zayn: Im outside and you left your backpack in my car last night ;)

Me: Coming and I was wondering where that thing was

I grabbed my gym Bag and ran down stairs "BYE MOM!!!" I yelled "BYE HUN!" She said I ran outside and saw Zayn standing outside "Morning babe" he smiled and hugged me "Morning" I hugged him back "Now why do you have another bag??" He asked "This is my Gym back for Gynastics we are getting our cheerleading and Gymnastic Outfits and varsity jackets today" I smiled He opened the door for me right when I went for the door "Thanks" I blushed and he went around the other side and drove off "I thought you still had to try out for the cheer team" He said confused "The gym coach loved our Gymnastics routines and she said we didnt need too go try out" I smiled "You seem excited for school" He said I looked at him "Here are the upsides The Gymnastics and cheer, the girls, and insanely cute boys" I joked his smile faded and his face completely dropped did he actually care???? He couldnt why would he??? "Cool" He said with no emotion in his voice his hand was resting on the gearshift "Zayn Im kidding" I grabbed his hand and held it as he stopped at a red night "you are???"  He looked at our hands I nodded "but can I just ask why you care so much??" I honestly had no flipping idea  why he did "Because Lil I like you we've only known each other for like what 2 days and ive fallen head over heels for you since the first time I saw you and I cant get you out of my head I fell asleep thinking about you the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning was hanging out with you I like you Lilian" I was completely and utterly shocked "Zayn I-" He cut me off " I know you dont feel the same why would you" He let go of my hand I laughed lightly "You jump to conclusions way to fast" I said grabbing his hand again  "What??" He looked at me "What I was TRYING to say is I feel exactly the same way" I smiled "Your not lying??" He asked It took all the confidence I had but I leaned over and kissed him "That answer your question" I smirked "Yup" He smiled and kissed my forehead as he drove around to the school "Thanks for driving me I owe you" I told him "You owe me nothing" He said grabbing my back pack from the backseat I smiled as he kissed my hand "before you go one question???" He said "Alright shoot" I said "Will you be my girlfriend??" I smiled "I'd love too" I couldnt stop smiling "Ill pick you up after school" He said I nodded "Bye Zayn"  I grabbed the handles on my bag "Bye Lil" He kissed me and let me go I grabbed my bags and got out of the car and started walking to the door when a football player grabbed me "Hey" He smirked "Let go of her stevens your not aloud to touch any of the girls and all of the girls can beat the shit out of you, you saw what Clare did all of these girls can do some damage" Casper said the boys were behind him thats why I love this school "I say he can find out for his self "I smirked he immediately let go Zayn was still there I gave him Text-me-now-hurry look and he pulled out his phone "Good choice now" i walked up to the football player "Touch any of my girls again and we all find out your asses our dead your ass is lucky to be alive knowing these boys so screw off and leave us alone" I said I hugged MY boys and walked away to the gym feeling my phone buzz 

Zayn:Babe you okay??

Me:Yeah Football players being pervs again 

Zayn:Why did you want me to text you?? 

Me: Becauseee Im 30 minutes early and i wanna talk to you more

Zayn:Im completely fine with that and I heard what happened with Clare is she alright never got to ask you 

Me:Not sure have to find her 

Zayn:be careful please 

Me:No promises 

Zayn: Lil please

Me: Im kidding 

Zayn:I really wish I could be with you right now 

Me:I know :( School sucks 

Zayn: Hey this is your last year though 

Me:I know but STILL the girls wil ask who drove me today and whats going on what do I tell them 

Zayn: You can tell them just make sure they dont tell anyone else alright I dont want the press eating us up just yet 

Me:You sure??

Zayn:Yes Im sure 

me:Coach is here gotta go

Zayn: Bye Babe call me if you need anything 

Me:I will :) Bye 

"LIL!!!" The girls yelled coming out of the gym locker room "HEY!" I said hugging them "Brooke have you talked to Nikki yet???" I asked "No I told my Mom and she started yelling questions at me in Spanish" She sighed "Sounds like your mom" Bailey laughed "Right?!?!?!?!?!" She exclaimed "so whos this boy clare???" Krista asked "It was Finn" She smirked "I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sabrice yelled Brooke burst out laughing "calm it breezy" I laughed "and we may or may not have kissed" she said "WHAT!!!!" we screamed "twice" she said "OH MY GOD?!?!" we screamed  "How'd Casper and Marcus take it??" Cynthia asked "I told them we are just friends I mean we havent known each other that long but I wanna know who drove and picked up Lilian from school" Taylor said "Zayn did" I blushed "OOH!!! WAIT shes blushing SHES BLUSHING" Clare screamed thank god we are the only ones in the gym "You cant tell ANYONE what im about to tell you guys promise" I said "Promise" They smiled "We both know we just  met but we are now a couple" I smiled They kinda screamed and covered their mouths we talked for a bit more and then we went to our lockers "Please everyone to the auditorium" The lady said we all sighed and went into the auditorium and sat down "Thank you and welcome to the second day of school first I would like to start out with saying we have 2 new exchange students one from Puerto Rico and one from Italy who are coming tomorrow or the next day please be ci-" *BANG BANG* we all screamed as our ears started ringing and we all scrambled out of the auditorium I knew what it was it was a gunshot but what im wondering is who got shot??

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