High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


5. Lunch and back to school :/

Keaton's P.O.V We all got out of the car the same time the girls did and I found my eyes immediately on Brooke and I looked at the boys for a second and saw the boys all looking at one girl so im not the only one "You ready to eat" Louis said snapping me out of my thoughts "Yeah" They smiled Her smiled killed me and I seriously haven't had this feeling for about 3 years or so I was bummed that Wesley and Drew werent here but then again they could Embarrass me yeah thats something I dont want... we all walked into the restaurant  "How many???" the lady asked "17" Harry said the lady grabbed some menus and we went to the back booth and we all sat down I sat next to brooke was was on the end so I think I got the perfect spot I ren realized the boys were all sitting next to one of the girls but im not sure if it was the ones the liked but oh well everyone was involved in there own conversation "So your a Senior???" I asked her "Yeah Finally" She laughed "Is it really that bad??" I asked her "You saw the football team right??" She asked "yeah" "Well 4 years with them except for three of them is like 4 years in hell" She said "I feel bad for you" I told her the boys on the football team were total douches "Dont be its not your fault" She smiled "Brooke tell them about the park we did on Halloween on your brother" Bailey said the girls started laughing "That was the best prank ever!" Sabrice laughed "It was Halloween of last year and my brother was actually home that day he said he we could prank him as good as his friends can and we told him we could and he told us to prove it so we went and bought Two Gallons of Fake blood, Sheets that were Identical to the ones on his bed, some make up, and then a roll of plastic wrap, the house I live in is supposedly Haunted not that i believe it and my brother being the idiot he is believed it so what we did was when he fell asleep we put the plastic wrap on the wall so it was clear and you saw the paint so you didnt really know it was there we dipped a paint brush in the fake blood and we paints GET OUT! in capital letters and made it look like Horror movie type stuff the we poured fake blood all over his stomach and bed and it was going to take awhile to make detailed cuts on his stomach so it took a good hour to get the make up done after that we had that all done we hid in the closet and in places he wouldnt look and took the fake blood under the bed as well the girls that were under the bed shook the mattress and he woke up screaming at the top of his lungs we were trying to hard not to laugh as soon as he ran out the front door we all came out tore off the plastic wrap changed his bed sheets through them in the closet and ran to my room acted like nothing happened and he barges into my room Lilian goes knock much he yells DIDNT YOU HEAR ME SCREAM we go we thought you were watching a horror movie again he then pulls us up runs into his room and starts freaking out we acted like we thought he was crazy and we didnt tell him we did it till the next morning" everyone was laughing now "You girls are good" Louis said "Did you record it?" Niall asked "Its on youtube" they laughed the waitress had brought our food 5 minutes earlier and we had finished already "What time do you have to be back to school" Louis asked we left our phones in the car so if someone could tell me the time we could tell you" Lilian said "Its Noon" Liam said as the lady brought us the check the girls started taking out money for them "NOOO we'll get it" I said "Not happening!" They said "We pay for us you can get yourselves" We argued for about five minutes but we gave in and they paid for themselves and we got up we hugged the girls since they had to go to school and left as soon as we left I started texting Brooke again since we went different directions 

Me:You have a nick name I can call you? 

Brooke: I have BB Brookie Brookieboo and Brookiebear :) 

Me: How cute I like those ;) 

Brooke: Thank you and Do you have any nicknames?? 

Me:Not really just Keat if but if you come up with anything you can call me that 

Brooke: I used to have a babysitter when i was a kid named Keaton and we called him fire 

Me: Why did you call him that?? 

Brooke: because the name Keaton means The Firey one 

Me: Thats cool the boys just dropped me off at home are you busy after school??? 

Brooke: Just me?? 

Me:Just you

Brooke: I have a a few Homework assignments but I get those done quickly so pretty much why??

Me:I was gonna see if you would like to Hang out maybe go see a movie or something?

I was hoping she would say yes Like literally my hands were shaking 

Brooke: Sure! I'd Love to :) 

Me: But you Have to let me pay thats my only condition 

Brooke: No Keaton I will not let you pay for me

Me: But I want to 

Brooke: Nope not happening 

Me:You paid for your lunch let me pay for tonight please??? *puppy dog eyes* 

Brooke: Hahaha Fine 

Me:Cool and arent you supposed to be in class??

Brooke: Im In class ;) 

Me: So your texting me in class am I really worth detention?? 

Brooke:Yes yes you are 

Me:No Im not text me when your out of class

Brooke: NOOOO! Keaton down leave! 

Me: Pay attention and text me after class I dont want you getting in trouble 

Brooke: Fine 

Me:Bye Brookie 

Brooke: Bye Keat 


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