High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


7. Bruises and hanging out

Casper's P.O.V we all saw the whole fight and as soon as Nikki pulled clare off of that girl and pulled her back to us I lost it"Clare what the Hell were you thinking" I screamed at her she just got in a fight with a football player plus an old cheerleader "WELL If the fucking Football player wouldnt of slapped and grabbed my ass THAT wouldnt of happened" She snapped The bell rang "I gotta get to Chemistry" She said and brushed passed us pulling out her cell phone 

Clare's P.O.V What was I supposed to do let him hit me?! not happening I pulled out my cell phone so I could text Finn before class I got into class early no one was there and I sat in the back in the corner 

Me: Finn?? :(

Finn: Hey whats wrong?

Me: I just got into a fight and my brothers yelled at me for it 

Finn: Are you okay??!! They shouldnt of yelled at you you were defending yourself 

Me:Exactly and Yeah im fine a thing you should know about me is I can fight pretty well I can cause a good amount of damage and I think I did to the chick and the guy 

Finn: Do you want me to come get you???

Me: No Im in Chemistry if anything else happens will you??

Finn: Of course love focus on school Text me afterwards 

Me: Thank you :) I call you if anything happens 

Finn: Okay and no problem 

we poured a green and blue Chemical together and I was writing down notes when I started coughing like crazy I fell to the floor and Casper and Lilian were in my chemistry class as well Casper picked me up I coughed up blood and I looked at Casper "Ill take her to the bathroom" Lilian helped me up and took me to the Bathroom and I coughed up blood in the sink "Here call Finn he said he'd come get me if anything else happened" I coughed more she grabbed my phone and pressed his number 

*************************PHONE CONVO BETWEEN LILIAN AND FINN************************ 

"Clare whats wrong?!" His voice boomed 

"Its Lilian can you come pick up Clare shes coughing up blood she just stopped but she cant stay here" I told him 

"Yeah im already in my car illl be there in 5 minutes bring her outside: he said

"On our way out" 

************************************END CONVO********************************************************

"Clare come on" I finished rinsing out the blood in my mouth and i grabbed my bag I put my phone in my pocket and we went outside to see Finn "Hey Are you okay??" He hugged me I hugged him back "My back and stomach hurt I can stay in school" I told him "Your gonna come over to my house" He told me "Thank you so much" Lilian said "No problem" He replied he helped me into his car and we drove off 

Finn's P.O.V I got that call and I knew something was wrong I really like Clare I cant stand seeing her hurt i cant imagine her crying I like her for her craziness her weirdness her smile her personality just everything about her makes me like her "Clare are you sure your okay??" I asked "No my back and stomach feel like im getting hit with a back repeatedly with a baseball bat" She said as I pulled into my driveway I turned off the car and helped her out and brought her inside and laid her on bed "Lift up your shirt just to your stomach" She nodded and lifted it up her stomach was starting to bruise "Clare your stomach is bruising" I told her she looked at her stomach "damn it" She sighed "roll over so i can see your back" She laid on her stomach and it was bruising too "Okay you can get up now" She stood up and pulled her shirt down I hugged her "When you said you got in a fight you really scared me i thought you had broken bones" I told her "Why would you care though your famous and Im well not" she told me hugging me back "because your beautiful nice funny sweet crazy you clearly know how to defend yourself you have a great personality your smile is perfect of course I would care" I told her she looked at me and I could tell she was trying to see if I was kidding "You arent joking" She stated "Why would I be joking?" He asked "Ive had boys say that and then tell me they were lying" She said looking down at her feet I lifted her chin up and kissed her "Thats their loss" I smiled I kissed her nose causing her to blush and look away the rest of the day we just laid in my bed and watched movies on netflix and we probably watched about 5 and she fell asleep half way through insidious I fell asleep shortly after she did 

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