High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


13. Birthday bash part 1

Lilian's P.O.V I was half awake and half asleep I didnt feel Zayn next to me so I was kinda iffy on falling asleep because I also knew the girls werent here I remembered what today was and went back to sleep wanting the day to go away 

Zayns P.O.V I decided it was time to wake Lil up everyone else was out running around planning for the party I got up and ran upstairs to see Lilian fast asleep I went and sat down next to her and shook her "Lil wake up" She didnt move "Lil" I shook her again "Hmmmmm" Her blue eyes fluttered open 

"Goodmorning" I smiled I couldnt tell her happy birthday because we had to make her think we forgot about it which is gonna be hard "Morning" She smiled I pulled her up quickly letting the cold air hit her she was wearing a tanktop in shorts so she shivered for a second and slipped on her slippers 

we both walked down stairs and sat on the couch "So do you wanna do anything since everyone is well gone??" I asked her "NOOOO I wanna lay here with you all day" She said she was laying across the couch already so I went and laid next to her and she played with my hair "You sure you wanna lay here all day?" I asked her "Yeah and can I ask you something" She said "Anything" I told her "Why do you like me I mean you said you liked me the first time we met but I dont get why" She said I looked up at her "Did you seriously just ask that" He said "Yes" She nodded I sat up "I like you because of your personality your style your eyes your smile just everything" I kissed her "Is that so" She smirked "Yep it is so" I smiled she kissed me as a I laid back down we turned on the tv and started the Titanic we heard feet rattling across the floor and a dog  jumped onto Lils lap it was a puppy "Hey crush!!" She smiled "Crush" I asked "Brooke named it after the turtle in Finding nemo" "What kind of dog is it??" I asked I couldnt really tell "Hes a Pitbull we all have puppys" She said 

I nodded we both laid down and continues to watch the movie we watched about 3 of them and then we drifted off to sleep (i know thats not the right dog but it was the only one i could find) 


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