High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


12. Almost dead and sleepover

Harry's P.O.V I knew what was coming next as soon as he said their names one of them is dead "Dad What happened" Bailey asked "Taylor got shot after you left Nikki just died" Once he said that the tears formed and were doing down her face "Harry take me to the hospital I wanna see Tay and Keaton is probably having a hard time with Brookie" She said "You sure??" I asked her hugging her She nodded "Yeah Dad you come too your like a Dad to Tay like the rest of us" She said he nodded we went outside I sat in the Back with Bailey and her Dad drove "Bailey" Her dad said "What?" her voice cracked "You okay?" He asked "Dad 3 of my best friends got shot and one of them just died Im not gonna be okay for awhile" She dug her face into my chest and cried we got there and she jumped out of the car and ran inside we saw brooke curled into a Ball in Keatons arms crying silently all of the parents were there as well

Bailey's P.O.V "Brooke" I called she looked up and she hugged me "they said they are gonna try to get him back but most likely hes gone" She sobbed "We can get through this he wouldn't want you crying" I told her "I know but I cant lose him I just cant none of us can" She cried "Look at me" she looked at me "What did he used to sing us when we were kids??? When we started worrying or crying or we got scared and he still does that one song we all love?" I asked "With or without you by U2" She took a deep breath "Exactly" I grabbed harry's hand and we went and sat down my the girls "Knowing our Nikki the kids a fighter he will make it" I told her all of the girls were sleeping one of the boys laps Brooke was sitting on Keaton's Lap and I was on Harry's "Mrs.Mona any word on Nikki or Taylor??" I asked "No not yet" She wiped her tears "This is Harry hes the last part of One Direction Harry this is Nikki's Mom" I introduced "Nice to meet you Mrs.Salvatore" He smiled "People for Nikki Salvatore and Taylor Jane??" The lady asked we all jumped up the boys woke up the girls "Who would you like to see first" She asked "I say all parents go to Nikki and we go to Taylor and then we switch" Clare said we all nodded they are both next to each other 102 is Taylor 103 is  Nikki" We nodded and ran to the rooms "Tay?" We knocked on the door "Hey I thought you guys would be sleeping" She smiled "Well we heard you got shot and we couldnt just leave you here your our girl" Brooke smiled "Brooke sweetie Nikki wants to see you he says he really needs to talk to you" Nikki's mom came in we all looked at brooke and she stopped breathing "Come on Keaton would you like to come too because we know she wont go in there without someone" She said "Sure" He smiled and they left "Tay-tay you okay???" Niall asked "Yeah Ni-Ni Im fine" She smiled "Hi but visiting hours are over" The nurse said "Bye Tay text us" We hugged her and walked into see Nikki real fast "Hey Nick" The girls and I smiled "My girls!" He smiled Brooke had tear stained cheeks but everything is fine so it seems "I dont wanna go back home Im to lazy" Sabrice said "I say we crash at my place in the lounge I still have all those mattresses in there from last time we pulled that 3 day straight all nighter that killed us" Brooke said we all laughed "You girls 3 days straight all nighter???" Louis asked "YUP" We smiled proudly "They documented it too" Brookes mom said "I thought I said visiting hours were over" The nurse snapped "Why dont you take your prissy ass attutide and go f-" we cut Krista off "EASY Krissy" We covered her mouth we could tell the nurse was a intern "Miss you dont have to be so rude" Mrs. Cortez said "Why dont you keep your daughters under control leave and not tell me what to do" She smiled "Are you asking to get your face fucked up i mean not that it isnt bad now ill just make it worse if its possible" Lilian said "Come at me bitch" The nurse challenged "LIL DONT!" Everybody screamed Zayn just wrapped his arms around her from behind and held her "I got her" Zayn smiled "We will be talking to your boss" The adults left "Are you missing a set of parents" She asked Clare looked down "Awww so miss Emo has no parents" She said "Why dont you shut that face of yours before I break it" Cynthia said Brooke had gotten up "You dont have to be rude" She said with a lot of sass with it "Girls stop shes not worth it" Austin said "Wait are you Justin Bieber Austin Mahone one direction and Keaton Stromberg from emblem3 and Finn Harries??" Her face lit up "Yes and you dont need to be talking to these girls like that" Finn said "What are you doing hanging out with these tramps?" She questioned "Us tramps?" Clare asked "Honey you need to go Look in a damn mirror" Taylor said walking in "Your not supposed to be out of your room "The ACTUAL doctor said I could plus I get to share a room with Nikki and you shouldnt be talking to my best friends like that" She said "Hey Tay!" We smiled and all hugged her and she got in the other bed next to Nikkis "I dont get why you insanely hot guys are hanging out with People like this I mean they arent even good looking" She said

Lilian's P.O.V "Bitch are you looking for a fight because your about to have one" I stepped in Clare was to upset she hardly said anything "Whats wrong miss Emo cant talk now" She questioned "Whats she talking about??" Nikki asked we all knew she cut but she stopped "Call me Emo one more fucking ass time and that face of yours is gonna need ANOTHER surgery done" Clare smiled "oohhhhhh" We said "At least im not ugly and people actually CARE and love me oh I have boyfriend" She said "If nobody loved her would we be sticking up for her?!?!" Brooke questioned "If nobody cared would we let you keep trashing her??!" I asked "and if she didnt have a boyfriend would I do this??" Finns stepped up and kissed her 

The intern had a facial expression was priceless "See now you cant say SHIT about her" Taylor said all of the parents walked back in but the nurse didnt see "I CAN SAY SHIT ABOUT WHOEVER I WANT TO"She screamed "You talk to us like you know us!" Clare said "you know our names not our stories but we can see your story and it has Slut written all over it" Sabrice said "Why are you so quite over there" She pointed to brooke trying to grab her arm Nikki jumped up and so did Keaton "Touch her and you and I will be having some issues" Nikki glared "Is she your girlfriend??" She asked touching his leg He didnt seem to like that to much "No I am and you dont have the right to touch her" Keaton grabbed her "so what im hearing is that hes single.." She smirked "I am but no way in hell and i dating someone who  trashes my best friends" He said "Come on" She smirked "RUSSIA!!" The actual doctor yelled "Sir I-" He cut them off "MY OFFICE NOW!" he said she got up and left "Sorry about that and you do have to leave visiting hours are over" He said we all nodded said bye and walked out of the hospital "Girls we arent gonna be home for a week will you be okay??" Taylors mom asked as we got into the parking lot "SLEEPOVER!!!!" we screamed the boys covered there ears we laughed "Im guessing that is a yes" Mr.Cortez laughed "But Im not comfortable leaving them home alone after what happened"Mr.White said "We can stay with them if you'd like" Liam offered "Thats fine just dont try anything" Mr.Kelly said HOLD UP DID THEY JUST AGREE TO HAVE BOYS STAY THEY HARDLY KNOW STAY WITH US?!? "Never dream of it sir" they all smiled "You boys can go get your clothes and meet us at my house and Drew and Wesley can come if they want" Brooke smiled "We will also get Tay and Nikki when they are ready to come out if you guys are still gone" I smiled we all got into cars and clare was still quite we had Finn drive the car so no adults were there "Clarebear we understand if you dont wanna answer but why did she keep calling you Emo" Cynthia asked she lifted up her sleeve to show us her scars "It was the night I got home late because I fell asleep at Finns and my brothers yelled at me and I was stressed and I starts freaking out I grabbed the razor and let loose"  She had tears going down her face we all crammed into one seat and hugged her "Call us when your ready to do that we will be there in seconds and Im sure finn would be too" Bailey said "I would Clare you know I would" Finn said "I know I just I couldn't bring myself to tell any of you guys I was afraid you would be mad" She said "Nope just worried" We stayed cramped in that one seat the rest of the way home Finn pulled up to Brookes house and we all got out of the car and we went inside except for Clare 

Finn's P.O.V I knew something was wrong when that girl called her emo she just got quite "Baby Ill be back im gonna go get some clothes" I told her she nodded "Be quick" She said "I will" "When your here you can just come on in and Jack can come to if he wants" she pecked my lips and ran inside 

Sabrice's P.O.V we got everything set up we had about 20 left over mattresses and we laid them on the floor and put sheets on them we ordered tons of pizzas at least 5-8 boxes and set the food and the drinks up in the room along with all of the plates and movies and got changed into our PJS and grabbed the Cameras I texted Liam while we waited 

Me:Babeeeeee hurryyyyy 

Liam:We are on our way Love Niall wants to stay with Taylor because she texted saying she might not be able to stay with Nikki 

Me: Okay You guys can just walk in and we are upstairs all the way into the back you will see a balcony at the end of the hall its the door on the right and if you have bags we will put em in here or in brooks room

Liam:Okay we are here 

we heard the door open and shut and people shuffle up the stairs "WE ARE HERE!!!" Louis screamed we smiled "BOYS!" We yelled "GIRLS!!!" they replied we hugged them all "How many Pizzas did you get??" Jusitn asked "Like 8 or so" Clare said "Dont hurt your self brookie" We heard muffled talking then we noticed Krista and Brooke were missing we heard a scream something fall laughing then the speakers came on playing Best friends by The Janoskians the came out of the closet "What fell" Finn asked "Brooke fell" They started laughing "You okay??" Keaton asked every time he sees Brooke he just gets this gleam in his eye he looks like a 6 year old on Christmas morning "Im fine" she said grabbing his hand he smiled they were REALLY cute together we all sat down and ate and watched Mama 

****************************************6 hours later********************************************************

Cynthia's P.O.V I woke up and looked at my phone it was 3AM I sighed and was dying of thirst I got out of Austin's arms and walked down stairs I noticed the front door was still unlocked I went a locked it and went into the kitchen and got a Jello Shot Yeah yeah yeah Judge me if you want I know im only 17 but we all did a Jello shot when we were like 10 we had no clue what it was till someone told us but you know oh well it really tastes like Kool aid I drank it through it away and grabbed a water bottle "Baby what are you doing up" Austin asked "I was thirsty" I said jumping on the counter he walked up to me and put his arms around my waist and kissed me "Come go back to bed you look tired" He said I nodded turned off the light and walked back up the stairs 

We crawled back into the bed and fell asleep 


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