High school

Brooke and her 7 bestfriends are going into their senior year of high school they all hate high school and cant wait to get out they arent popular but they arent unpopular they are right in between but when they meet a group of famous people their whole world gets turned upside down


11. After the shooting

Cynthia's P.O.V After we got out of there Clare started running towards one of the bodies "FINN!" she screamed and drooped down to his body. Then i saw Nikki and then i saw Sam. My body couldn't move. It was all silent . every one was running around in slow motion. I saw Sammy run to Nikki and Jessi run to Sam blood was on the ground as the paramedics got there . then Austin came in my face . mouthing "COME ON " i couldn't move it was like my feet were stuck to the ground. everything was still silent. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. and started running

Clare's P.O.V  I ran to his body and his eyes were slowly closing . I didn't care if there was blood every where i cant lose him . I kissed his head "Finn its gonna be alright just stay with me " as the paramedics picked him up an put him on a stretcher i took his hand and held it as we walked out. I started crying i couldn't take this anymore . Every one in my life is disappearing . First my parents die. now Finn might die all i have is my brothers and my friends  They dont know about my cutting and puking and burning at all. We got in to the back of the truck and they started driving to the hospital. " babe its gonna be ok " i kissed his lips and held his hand . He looked confused . "w-who are y-you ?" i teared up . "its me clare ?" i told him as they brought him in the hospital . they wheeled him away. 

******************************************3 HOURS LATER*******************************************

3 hours later of crying and worrying he came walking out and he looked different. I ran and jumped and hugged him he hugged back but then i kissed him and he put me down and pulled away . "um who are you ?" he asked me . "Finn?" i asked him and he shook his head ."that's my twin brother im jack " he told me i stepped back . "oh im sorry" i started to tear up again "WAIT!" some one yelled . I didnt turn around i just kept running. I closed my eyes . "WATCH OUT!!!!" I got tackled to the grass . I heard cars screech and beep . I opened my eyes and saw jack. "i told you to watch out . You could of died" he told me panting . My back hurt like a bitch and i couldn't breath or talk."here lets take you to my house and get you checked out " he told me He picked me up bridal style and started walking I remembered that finn's gonna be there . "no i can go home " i told him and tried to get out of his arms . he just kept walking. We got to his house. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" i heard Finn yell and come out of the house jack put me down but pulled my hand so i was very close to him like our body's were touching . "where were you Clare i have been texting and calling you like 100 times!!!" he yelled at me and i started to tear up yet again but this time it was because he yelled at me something i never thought he'd do. Jack put me behind him ."dont fucking yell at her like that " he said . "and just so you know i was shot at school and she helped me" he said . Finns eyes opened wide " oh my god is my baby girl hurt to?" Finn came near us and grabbed my hand and pulled me to him "im sorry for yelling at you love , are you ok?" he said in his calm voice. i nodded and he connected our lips i felt jack just looking at us . I got a little weirded out.I pulled away and he kept me close like he was protecting me from jack i looked at jack and he looked hurt and sad "Jack saved me too though" I smiled "He did how???" He asked "I was running out and almost got hit by a car but he grabbed me before it  could hit me" I told him "Thanks bro" He smiled kissing my head and holding me closer. 

Bailey's P.O.V After everything that just went down I dont wanna go anywhere Harry asked me to be his girlfriend yesterday and of course I said yes "babe are you okay?????" Harry asked me for the hundredth time pulling into the driveway "Im fine we were in a class room they didnt find us" I said getting out when we got inside I went into my kitchen and grabbed us two water bottles Harry wrapped me in a hug and held onto my as tight as he could "You sure your okay??" He asked "Im fine Haz promise" He kissed my head as my dad walked into the room and cleared his throat "Whos this??" My dad gestured towards Harry "Dad this is Harry Harry this is my Dad" I smiled holding onto Harry's Hand "Nice to meet you Mr.Jackson" Harry smiled and shook his hand "Is this the boy that you talk constantly about to your friends" He asked "DAD!!! Mom said NO ease dropping on my conversations!" I groaned Harry just tried not to laugh "So you talk about me Eh??" Harry questioned with a smirk on his face "Shut up" I rolled my eyes "Treat or right or I will hunt you down" He pointed "Dad you dont have to worry about that and I think the boys and my girls will beat you too it" I told him "Knowing them girls probably" He laughed "Are you guys really that protective of each other" Harry asked I just looked at him "Son just dont hurt her and you wont find out the hard way" He said "Listen to my father hes a wise man" I laughed taking a drink of my water "I dont plan on hurting her dont understand who could hurt her or any of them for that fact" he smiled "and Bailey I hate to ruin the rest of the day but its Taylor and Nikki.... 

A/N: CLIFF HANGER and props to my good friend Clare for actually helping me write the Clare p.O.V :) 

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