Burning love


7. Out of the hospital

Harry's POV


I've been out of the hospital for 2 weeks. Sams been on non-stop watch for that guy to come back. But there's police guarding us now. I walked to into the door from getting the mail and saw Sam staring out of the from window. I snuck up from behind her and put my arms around her ribs. She didn't jump. "What is it?" I asked. She scaredly pointed across the street into the forest. The man. I ran to the wall and grabbed the walkeytalkey. "He's across the street in the forest. HURRY!" I screamed into the mic. Then I looked out the window and saw them tackle the guy. Then I put my arms back around Sam and kissed her neck. She looked back at me. I smiled without showing my teeth. She smiled back. I leaned in and softly kissed her. She put her hand on my cheek and turned around putting her arms around my neck. I rested my hands on her waist and continued to kiss her. Then unheard flashes. I looked out the window to see paparazzi taking pictures. I looked at Sam. She shrugged. I did too then started to kiss her again. She pulled back and grabbed my hand. She dragged me into our room. Then we had sex and went to bed. What an awesome day for us!

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