Burning love


2. Nandos

Sams POV 


we got to Harry's house and went inside. I was tackled by the guys. All except for Niall. I want nandos!" He stated. The guys let go and agreed. "Never had then before!" I said and the gasped. "We must get them inside of her!" Niall screamed and dragged me out to the van. I put me in and then the other guys got in. Harry sat next to me and we talked about Family Guy. I laughed at his impressions. He stared at me deeply. I looked at him. "What?" "Sorry, you have a pretty smile." He said making me blush. He smiled and put his arm around me making butterfly's go every which way in my stomach. We got there and ate. They all looked at me when I took a bite. "Wow! They actually good." Then I saw a bunch of flashes. Harry's arm was around my neck. I freaked out a little. I looked at Harry and he shrugged and pulled me closer to him. Then there were more flashes and I squinted. We finished eating and went home. Harry's arm was around me the entire night. We walked in and the guys went upstairs. Harry pulled me back to him. He looked deeply in my eyes and leaned in. "Where's your bathroom?" I asked scared. He was startled for a second. "Upstairs! Third door on your left." He said with a little frown. I thanked him and grabbed my bag. I ran up stairs to the bathroom and changed into my pajamas. I put my hair in a French braid and then put my dirty clothes in my bag and walked out. I ran into Harry in the hallway and almost fell. He caught me chuckling. "You ok love?" He said helping me to my feet. "Yeah I'm fine!" I looked in his eyes. "Sorry about earlier. In just still shooken up. He smiled. "It's ok love. Oh yeah let me show you to your room." He held out it hand and I grabbed it. He led me to his guest bedroom. "Thanks." I said. "No problem love." He kissed my forehead and walked out. I set my bag down and then got in bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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