Burning love


5. Keeping you safe

Harry's POV 


I grabbed our bags and we headed out. We ran into a store and got a bunch of food. We paid for it and ran through the paparazzi. We got back into the car and I held her hand the entire way. We got there and unpacked everything. Then I held Sam. I sang in her ear. She calmed down a little. She looked up and kissed me softly. She pulled back and smiled faintly. I frowned a little and she just hugged me again. "I won't let anyone hurt you…" I whispered in her ear. She nodded. "You should eat something." I said and grabbed her hand gently. I led her to the kitchen. I made her a sandwich and she slowly ate it. It scared me a little. She finished it and then went to bed. I slept in a different room which was the worst idea ever. I woke up to her screaming. I ran up to her room and saw a man pointing a gun to her head. "NO! TAKE ME PLEASE! DON'T HURT HER!" I screamed. Then everything went black. But I did it because I love her.


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