Forever Or Never

You think you may know their story. But who are they really? There is a lot you don't know about them and they are for more deadlier than you think, and soon two girls find out and their lives will never be the same.


1. Prologue


   Chelsea's P.O.V

     'What do you want from us?' I asked clearly trembling with fear. 'We just wanna have some fun that's all.' He grinned evilly. 'Good luck with that asshole.' I spat.

looked over at Jasmine who was so scared she was pale as a ghost. I admit I did something I was probably going to regret. I walked over to the guy that was towering over Jasmine and shoved him with all my might. I heard a 'thud' and smiled proudly to myself knowing I shoved him hard enough to make a 'thud'. I mean Jasmine is my only family and I am NOT going to lose her to some pricks. While I was caught up in my own thoughts I forgot about the other guy that I didn't shove but it was to late as I realized he already had me pinned up against a tree.

'Did that hurt Louis?' The guy that was pinning me asked. 'Well no because you know we can't feel pain Niall.' 'Louis' said. 'Anyways that wasn't a very nice thing to do love.' Niall whispered which caused me to shiver. 'Well I'm not very nice.' I spat. 'Ah, a feisty one I see Niall.' Louis chuckled. 'Well I can always fix that.' Niall grinned evilly. I tried to wiggle out of his grip but his hold was tight.'Why are you trying to leave so soon love? What did we do?' He asked. Well being the smart ass that I am I gave him the best answer I could think of. 'Well for one your holding us captive in the middle of the forest asshole and for two you have my sister scared shit less!' I yelled. I thought for a second. Niall and Louis where have I heard those names? I heard someone yell from in the woods. 'Fuck someone heard us we need to get out of here.' Louis yelled. I looked over at Jasmine to see her looking at me too. I was trying to be strong for the both of us.

That's the last thing I remember before everything went black.

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