Forever Or Never

You think you may know their story. But who are they really? There is a lot you don't know about them and they are for more deadlier than you think, and soon two girls find out and their lives will never be the same.


6. Don't leave. Why not? Because I love you...



Chelsea's P.O.V
I woke up in yet another dark room. I groaned my whole body felt sore. Then I remembered yesterday. Louis changed Jasmine. I started crying again. She was the only family I had left and he took her from me. I would never forgive them for this no matter what. My head turned swiftly to the door when I heard people walk in. I looked down at the floor and tried to silence my crying but they obviously heard. 'Chelsea...are you ok?' Niall asked. 'Do I look like I'm ok?' I cried. Then it was Louis' turn to speak up. 'Look Chelsea, I'm sor..' Before he could finish i interupted him. 'Don't give me that I'm sorry bullshit because I don't wanna hear it. You took the only family I had left, the only one person that I cared about. Don't you understand that now because of you I have no one!' I yelled. Niall tried to calm me down. 'I am sick and tired of this bullshit! You can have her because I'm leaving!' I screamed. 'Good.' Louis mumbled but I heard him. 'What did you say?' I said harshly. 'I said good, because I don't need your shit now that I have your sister.' He said smugly. Anger washed through me and I did something I never knew I could. I stared at him and made him fall to the ground in pain. How am I doing this? 'OMG she's a witch...' Niall mumbled. 'I'm a what?' I said removing my gaze from Louis and turning to Niall. 'Your a witch.' He said a little louder. 'She's a witch?!' Louis yelled. 'Yes.' Niall said. 'Well you could've mentioned that a little earlier.' Louis mumbled causing me to smile. ' I'm still leaving though.' I said. 'Don't leave.' Niall begged. 'Why not?'' Because I love you...' My breath then hitched in my throat.... He loves me?

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