Forever Or Never

You think you may know their story. But who are they really? There is a lot you don't know about them and they are for more deadlier than you think, and soon two girls find out and their lives will never be the same.


9. 2 Years Later....


*2 Years Later*
Chelsea's P.O.V
Its been two years since I saw Jasmine or any of the others. My powers have grown stronger and I learned to control them. Now you could say I'm a deadly little witch. I moved out of my old apartment because I knew it would be the first place they looked because I shared it with Jasmine. To be honest I actually miss them, even though I'm still pissed at them. I also now have a boyfriend. His name is Jake. He's normal, he's not like a vampire or anything if that's what your wondering. I know what your thinking. What about Niall? Well I haven't seen him in two years so I guess I got tired of waiting and I moved on even though it kills me on the inside. I would never admit that to anyone and it doesn't matter who they are. Anyways I was on my way to Jake's house right now. I walked out the door  and locked it. I was walking down the street and I came to an alley that I use for my shortcut. I stopped because I heard screaming and because of me being curious I went to check it out and see what it was. I turned the corner and my eyes widened. I can't believe what I saw.




A/N~ I know its short but I just wanted a cliffhanger. :)

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