Lucky was anything but it, except for when she wins a trip to New York for the summer and her whole life changes.


1. More Than Life

  Penning in the last words of my essay, I dreamed of what could happen if I won this contest. One whole summer in New York. Nothing could be more of what I need. With my epic writing skills, I was sure I could beat everyone in this writing skillathon. I wrote the last word and sat my pen down,  hands aching from hours of writing in this composition. Mostly it was fictional but some parts were real, like how the main character, Lucky, could never seem to find her place or her keys for that matter. Lucky had had many struggles in her 17 years and she had overcome them, most not easily, but she had overcome them none the less. Lucky wrote an essay and had hoped for months to hear from the magazine she submitted her article to and finally after 5 long, excruciating months got an email congratulating her on the New York trip she would soon encounter. Lucky was finally happy.

[Beginning of The Last Week of School]

  "It just kinda sucks you're leaving us for the summer. My only daughter gone. For 3 months." She sighed. "I don't know how I'll cope." She pulled a bitter yet fabricated face. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

  "You'll cope just fine." I said, mocking my mother's words. "Besides, alone time with David should be nice. Right?"

  "He isn't very romantic. Our last date consisted of watching sports and cuddling."

  "What's wrong with tha-"

  "Cuddling with his beer can." I chuckled. David was my mom's boyfriend. But at the looks of it, not for long.

  "I have to go. School is waiting." I made the same face as mom did earlier.

  "Oh quit it. One more week and you're... leaving. Bye Luce!"

  "Bye Rosemary!" She hated being called her full name. I laughed as I pulled our door closed.

  So many times, I've wondered if school could actually be Hell. I mean, there are so many similarities. You know what Hell is like, you ask? Well, I go there only everyday so, yes. I do. Maybe calling school the underworld is an overstatement to you but to me, it's completely normal. In my dictionary, school only has one synonym. Now, I've never been bullied and the work isn't too bad but for someone to have 1 friend is pretty painful. Kerri has been my friend since I can remember. Maybe she's the only one I need. Maybe I'm the only one she needs.

  Honestly, English is the slowest class to go by ever. It's the last class and it never seems to end when I need it to. When the bell finally rings, I gather my things and try to find my metal box you would call a car in the parking lot. I swear everyday, someone comes in and moves it 10 spaces back then where it was originally. I sit down in the front seat and see the note stuck to the window.


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