Emmie's New Direction

Emmie hated her life. She became an orphan at the age of 8, finally she was adopted at age 14. Although, she hated her new life, her adopters were cruel. You're probably thinking who adopted her? Well, she was adopted by a band called "The Wanted." I know, you probably have no idea who they are. But anyways, finally within several months of living with them she finally finds her life turning in a new direction, which included a sexy band called, "One Direction."


2. Truth

"You're that one guy, aren't you!?" I exclaimed.

"Hmmm, I'm not sure what one guy you're referring to.." Stripy chuckled.

"Well you see, I use to live with The Wanted, which their name is very inaccurate, and I swear you're the guy one of my masters hated!!" I exclaimed.

"Ohhh I knew I knew you from somewhere....You're Emmie Marie, the girl The Wanted adopted!" Curls exclaimed.

"Unfortunately,..." I mumbled. They both looked at me questionably.

"It sucked living with them...They're real pricks." I explained.

"We already knew that, though!" Stripes laughed. "But how were they dicks to you?"

"Emmie do this.. Emmie do that! Make us dinner! Clean my underwear! I was practically their slave! The most fun I had since I moved there was unpacking my bags!" I complained.

"Wow. They're bigger dicks than I thought!" They both laughed at stripe's statement. Heck, even I laughed.

"Don't mind me asking but what are your names?"

"I'm Louis!" Stripy shouted.

"And I'm Harold the Great!" Curly acted royal, I laughed at his failed attempt.

"And why do the wanted dudes hate you?"

"We're more famous then them. Basically jealousy." Louis laughed.

"Oh wow, pathetic." I laughed. "Wait....FAMOUS?!"
"Yeah, we're in One Direction!" Harry exclaimed.

"Ohh. We weren't allowed to speak of them. I wasn't allowed to know who they were. Although, I like that one song What Makes You Beautiful! I secretly downloaded it and Little Things!" I laughed. They both shook their heads.

"Harry, I need help in the kitchen!" Louis exclaimed pulling him out of the room...He pulled him into the hallway....I don't think that's the kitchen! Minutes later they both walked back in with huge smiles on their faces.

"Emmie, how would you like to be adopted by One Direction!?" Harry exclaimed.

"Are you serious?!" I gasped.

"Yep! I think it would be fun!" Louis yelled.

"More fun than living with them pricks!" Harry added. "And I know all the others will adore you!"

"SO what ya think?" Louis asked.

"YES!" I yelled hugging them both.

"Yay!!! Now lets call the rest of the boys!" Louis exclaimed walking towards the kitchen.

My life's awesome level is defiantly changing! And it's only going in one direction, and that's up!(;




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