Emmie's New Direction

Emmie hated her life. She became an orphan at the age of 8, finally she was adopted at age 14. Although, she hated her new life, her adopters were cruel. You're probably thinking who adopted her? Well, she was adopted by a band called "The Wanted." I know, you probably have no idea who they are. But anyways, finally within several months of living with them she finally finds her life turning in a new direction, which included a sexy band called, "One Direction."


1. Enough.

"Emmie! My underwear needs washing!" One of my "masters" yelled at me. I know, I know, you probably are thinking, what?! Is she a slave!? But actually I practically am! A few months ago I was adopted by some boy, erm well, man band called "The Wanted." But really, that name is really inaccurate. From the looks of it they aren't really "wanted."

"Yes sir." I respond, walking to the laundry room. Even though I've been living with them several months I still don't know their names.. Ew this guy has stinky underwear...

Honestly, the most fun I've had since I started living with them was unpacking my bags....That's pretty pathetic. Heck, I think living in the orphanage was more fun!

"Emmmmiiiieee! Come clip my toe nails!" Nope, still not sure of the name of the guy who just yelled that at me. "And after you do that you can make us all dinner!" Don't know the name of that guy either.

Lazily, I finish all my "chores" and make dinner. They all hate spaghetti and told me to never make it again, that's what I'm making for dinner(:

"Dinners ready!" I called from the kitchen.

"You slut! I told you I hate spaghetti!" The one guy with that one name yelled. I just smiled.

"But I love it!" I exclaimed sitting down and eating my food. Why should I be nice to them if they aren't nice to me?

"Up to your room! And put down your food! We're ordering pizza and you don't get any."

"No dinner for you, brat!"

"You need to lose some weight anyway."

Unfazed by all their comments I smiled and said gladly then skipped up to my room. You know what I'm sick of them, who cares if this ruins their reputation, I'm leaving this hell hole and never coming back.

Nervous that I might get caught, I began packing my backpack full of items I want. Finally, I was finished making sure I had everything I needed 20 minutes later. Wait. I don't have any money! Oh I know! I'll sneak one of their wallets!

Carefully, I tiptoed across the hall to one of the freaks' bed room. Hmmmm if I were a douche bag where would I keep my wallet? BINGO! On the bedside table! Grabbing all the cash out of the wallet I snuck back to my room carefully, so they wouldn't hear me from downstairs. If they do I'm a dead woman.

Well I guess this is it, I'm finally leaving this "prison." Ehh what the heck they can't hurt me now, might as well tweet a goodbye(; Getting on twitter on my phone I tweeted this;

My unwanted time with "The Wanted" is now over! Finally get to leave that hell hole! #goodbyedouchebags

Yeah, people know me as the "cute" 14 year old who lives with The Wanted, so I have a lot of followers. I think I may even have more followers than The Wanted...Heck Justin Bieber's left toenail could get more followers than them freaks! Okay, enough joking off Emmie! You need to go before them psychos catch you!

Hoping on my balcony I called out Jeff the window washer's name. You know, the guys who are on those lift thingy's on the side of hotels and wash windows? Well yeah he's one of them. You see, every day when he would wash my window I'd stand on the balcony and talk to him. He even knows about how cruel them idiots are to me. I told him some day I'd escape, and he offered to help. So, now I need help!

Pretty soon he whisked by my balcony on his lift thingy attached to the hotel.

"Yes Emmie dear?"

"Help me escape! Now! No time for talking!" I exclaimed hopping on the cart thingy.

"Where to?" He asked.

"Take me all the way to the ground! I need away! And fast!" I exclaimed with worry in my voice.

"Alright, here's my number. If you need ANYTHING call me, even if it's a place to stay! I'm here for ya!" He exclaimed handing me a paper....Why the heck did he just have a random paper with his # on it in his pocket? Who knows...

"Okay, here ya go!" He exclaimed in his British accent as we reached the ground.

"Thank you so much!" I exclaimed and hugged him. "Bye!"

And I ran. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. After about 10 minutes I figured I was far enough

away from the hotel and I looked to see where I was. Oh I know where I am. LOST! I seriously have no idea where I am. Great, lost in London, that could be some hit movie or something.

Great, I have no where to go. I'm 14. And I'm lost in freaking London! I might as well be wearing a sign saying "KIDNAP ME!" or "RAPE ME!" Because honestly, I'm not a strong person. I never had a chance to do sports after I came to the orphanage, therefor I'm WEAK!

And with that I sunk down against some wall and cried. I know, I'm a baby. But honestly, at some point you just have to let it all out.

For nearly an hour I sat there in the freezing cold, crying. Considering it's dead winter I should have wore a coat. Not to wise of me. Out of tears, I sat there and buried my head in my hands, nights about to fall and that's honestly not a good sign.

"Are you alright?" A caring voice asked from above me. Nervously, I looked up and saw a boy wearing ray bands and a beanie. HIs outfit was rather odd, he was wearing red pants, a striped shirt, suspenders, toms, and a button up over coat. Not sure how to react I just looked away. Next thing I know, he's sitting beside me on the cold pavement.

"Darling, what's wrong?" He asked.

"I-I-It's a long story." I shivered.

"You must be freezing!" He exclaimed giving me his over coat. "Now here come with me." He exclaimed pulling me up. "Let's get you home." I stopped dead in my tracks when he said that.

"What's wrong dear?"

"I can't go back. No. I can't go back to that freaking jail!" I cried.

"Okay, okay. Calm down. You just come with me I live just down the road!" He exclaimed.

Reluctantly, I followed. He noticed my uneasiness.

"Don't worry I'm not a mad killer!" He laughed, pulling me down the road. We turned on the walkway to a rather fancy condo. He must be rich...

"Damn it! I forgot my key!" He grumbled then knocked on the door.  Seconds later another boy opened the door, he had a mop of curls on his head...Both of them attractive if I may add.

As we got inside both of the boys led me to the living room and sat me down on the couch. Please don't rape me. Please don't rape me. Just as the boy who was wearing the stripes began to talk he removed his beanie, showing his brown side swept hair, and removing his sunglasses. Just then it all clicked.



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