Scarlet Red

A flash fiction story about a girl named Skylar who goes a little too far with cutting.


1. Scarlet Red

Skylar walks into the gas station store dragging her feet with each step-her mother pumping gas. Her hands are hot and sweaty, buried in her coat pockets. Skylar’s amaretto colored hair hides her ice blue eyes as she stares at the floor. She can feel people staring at her and can hear them whispering about her. Her heart takes over her hearing as it fills her ears with the thud of it pumping hard. Her hands can’t stay in one place, shaking mildly. Skylar grabs for a bag of sour gummy worms and a grape soda from the coolers-her mother’s favorites. She sets them on the cold counter where a woman scans what she is purchasing. The cashier tells her the amount and Skylar unfolds the dollar bills that were in her jeans front pocket and hands them over. Skylar asks to use the restroom and pushes the worms & soda to the side counter. The cashier unlocks the bathroom door and Skylar walks in.

Skylar stands in front of the mirror and focuses on her eyes that are filled with sadness. A tear runs down her pale face. She unzips her purse to find a stick of black eyeliner. She takes the cap off slowly and tries to steady her hand over the mirror. The words “I Love You” fill a big portion of her reflection. She sits on the filthy white floor to find herself with her blade in her hand-she has blood streaming down her arm. Skylar feels like she had blacked-out, for she does not remember taking the blade across her arm. Skylar closes her eyes, squints, and pulls the sharp razor back over her fresh cut skin. She can see the room spinning and passes out.

Her mother walks to the cashier to pay. She looks around to find that she cannot see her daughter. She asks the cashier if she has seen a young girl with a black jacket come in. The cashier nods and says that she had bought the gummy worms and soda and asked to use the restroom. Her mother smiles as she sees that Skylar was going to surprise her with her favorite candy and soda. Her mother walks over and knocks on the door. There is no response so she knocks again, “Skylar, are you in there?” She waits a few minutes, no response. She asks the cashier if she could unlock the door, her mother thinks there is something wrong. Her mother opens the door to find Skylar on the floor and “I Love You” on the mirror. She falls to her knees and start’s balling to see Skylar is bleeding out fast. She screams, “Call an ambulance!”

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