Gabriella Grant-a 16 year old girl who meats a group of people who will change her life forever-good or evil.


2. #274

Their we're walls all around me. every one has the number '274' on the sides, and the front. It was foggy and wet outside I saw the boy,

the boy.

the boy with the short brown hair who knocked me out earlier. He was walking with a limp almost like somebody beat him. Them I saw his face-it was bruised up, Mabel he had been beaten. He frowned when he say I was awake. He walked over to me and whispered "274 is the one thing that keeps you alive now, remember 274 is good. Don't listen to them...", he said with a too serious face. As he walked away I mumbled under "274".


then I saw something so weird made me wander if I was still dreaming. The man in the pink shirt popped out of no wear a on a plat form a lifted a knife off the cold hard ground where he was standing and cut the boy in the neck. As he died he said to me "274".


I looked at the man like he was cray-cray! He just killed the boy the boy I will call '274'

The man smiled a evil look a the teen and laughed a giggle of pleasure.


He said, "sit young Gabriella, Gabriella Grant. We have been waiting for you to wake so-"

I was mad so I interrupted the man who could take my life right now, "why did you kill that boy?!?!"I said expecting a answer,

He said "chill gabe"



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