Love at first sight

Two teen fight for the love they deserve through a terror filled journey of which they find out the wonders of this life


2. The vacation

When we got to our destination her mom told us to check in to the hotel and call her when we wanted to go home. I had always known she was a bad mother but I didn't say any thing. We checked into the motel. One room, three bed, two bathrooms and a fridge. This was nicer than my house. We unpacked and went exploring. We met an old woman named Anne, and ate dinner with her. She was quite funny, she told jokes,played pranks, and even payed for our meals. We thanked her and moved on, Jazzy walking extremely fast, as usual. I tried to keep up but Justin wanted to talk to me. This time I didn't choke. He told me everything imaginable. I could listen to him for hours, but we were interrupted by a scream for bloody murder. We raced to Jazzy. She was in a corner terrified. I turn to see what she was looking at and I saw a man. Justin saw him to, but he wasn't scared. "I thought you said we would never see you again, Jaxon." Jaxon? I was confused but I kept quiet."Come on Justin, I'm your brother."Jaxon said very loudly. 

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