Love at first sight

Two teen fight for the love they deserve through a terror filled journey of which they find out the wonders of this life


5. A rude awakening

Justin was walking over to me he said he needed to talk to me. I could tell by his face that he meant business. He asked me to get some coke with him from down stairs. "Look, I've been told that you've liked me for a while and I was wandering if it was true." I didn't want to admit it but I did "yeah, I do but.." I was interrupted "but nothing." I felt like he was angry or some thing "Jesse I-I was wandering.." He started to studder he was gunna ask me out "will you... "Jesse, Jesse wake up" I opened my eyes and saw all my friends and family " what happened" I said skwinting my eyes. Justin stood up with tear running down his face "when you choked on the mint you fell into a coma and just now woke up I was stunned I started to cry but managing to get some words out y-you mean n-none of that happened, The vacation, Jaxon, our kiss justin ran away before he could cry my work was done and so was I 

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