Love Me

This is a book about Draco Malfoy and his sister Cindy Malfoy who may just be falling for Fred Wesley and Gorge but which will she chose and How is Malfoy taking it He is Super careing and loyal to her and Loves her and is way to over Protective of Cindy And he may just be thinking but she is Pat Veela and Fairy form there mother but full witch form both Parents she is beautiful and all the boys in the whole 5 year call her the Sex Goddess and just as much as her brother is the Sex God they both have Platinum blound hair and grey eyes and she hates Draco's girlfriend Pansy what will she do and how will he take it to know that he may also be falling for another girl non other then Hermione and she may fall for him this is told in.(Draco's Pov) , (Cindy's Pov) , (Hermione's Pov) , (Feds Pov) , also Gorges Pov)


3. Train Pansy Cindy Fighting (Draco)

I layed on my bed after Cin  went off to sleep I don't love Pansy I date her cause well she's a bitch but I do like someone Hermione Granger but if anyone found out it would hurt my rep and my father would kill me and my sister dint have a boyfriend yet I have a plan up my sleeve and im going to use it. I ran down to find Cin with her owl cat and trunk "LETS GET GOING" she yelled and then we were ready(Train station) we walked on to the platform and then when my sister saw her friends went over to them the Wesley's  Fred and his twin Gorge and then I went in and when I sat in a compartment in came Crabbe , Goyle , Pansy came in and sat down then did Cindy she looked at Pansy on the other side and then sat down beside me and layed her head in my lap and poked my nose "hey stop it" I laughed at her and she smiled perfectly at me "Okay" she snuggled close to me and my arms went around her waist so she dint fall and then did Pansy go out of control "DROCE THAT SHOULD BE ME IN YOUR ARMS ON YOUR LAP NOT HER ME... ME .... ME DO YOU HEAR ME DRACO STOPE LOOKING AT HER YOUR RELITIVES STOP IT THIS INSTENT " she yelled at me and then did my sister feel threaten "SHUT ... THE ... FUCK ... UP ... PANSY" she said every word long and loud and then there was a fight Pansy doesn't know when to shut her mouth "YOU SLUT HOW DARE YOU DRACO CONTTROL HER SHE'S YOUR PET AND I RATHER YOU WITH A MUD-BLOOD"my sister hissed is Pansy's face and that shut her right up "FINE THEN YOU KNOW WHAT  CRUCTO" she yelled and then the spell went flying to my sister "Expleumis" she said giggling "That all you got s..l..u..t" she said the last word long and valiuble "my brother I dumping you and if not he's losing me " she walked out and then I walked behind her and Crabbe and Goyle behind me...

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