Love Me

This is a book about Draco Malfoy and his sister Cindy Malfoy who may just be falling for Fred Wesley and Gorge but which will she chose and How is Malfoy taking it He is Super careing and loyal to her and Loves her and is way to over Protective of Cindy And he may just be thinking but she is Pat Veela and Fairy form there mother but full witch form both Parents she is beautiful and all the boys in the whole 5 year call her the Sex Goddess and just as much as her brother is the Sex God they both have Platinum blound hair and grey eyes and she hates Draco's girlfriend Pansy what will she do and how will he take it to know that he may also be falling for another girl non other then Hermione and she may fall for him this is told in.(Draco's Pov) , (Cindy's Pov) , (Hermione's Pov) , (Feds Pov) , also Gorges Pov)


7. The Two Loves (Cindy)

I sat with my brother at our table and was smiling at Fred and Gorge I like them both is the problem how am i going to choose they both are handsome and Hot and cute and very my type Draco was trying to get my attiton the whole time i was thinking "OY.. What Draco" i yelled and he stopped and looked at me then at the place i was looking "yes" i hissed and smirked at him  "why are you looking at Sis" he asked me and then grabbed my arm and dragged me out to Potions "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU DRACO DAME IT" i screamed at him "god dame keep your filthy mouth shut YOU " He screamed back at me "WHAT IM NOT A MUD-BLOOD   I DONT WANT TO BE HIS FUCKING SEVAENT DO YOU HEAR ME I HATE HIM HE IS A MONSTER JUST LIKE ARE DISCRAES OF A FATHER"I yelled to him and that froze him and then his grim expression looked all over him "how can you say that about our father" i smiled and pulled out a note and a picture from my robe pocket "this is why" i showed him the picture of our father kissing and making out with a women with dark brown wavy hair and green eyes he looked at it and snatched it from my hand "Who sent you this" he hissed "Aunt Bellatrix" I said a bit shaky and he looked mad at me and then put the picture in his pockets and grabbed my arm quit tight and started dragging me tordes a door with a big lock on it and opened it and put me in with him and light's from candles in the room was a two big four poster beds a sofa and also a bathroom t.v and a book shelf "were am i??" i looked at him his eyes sad and tears flowing from them "Oh Drackii" i cuddled him in my arms as he cried and cried i soothed him as best as i could before he looked up and flicked his wand and the bed were drawn up for night time "lets get some sleep" he said and i did what he told me i was in night clothes and so was he.... 

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