This is Our Love Story

This is based on Love Story by Taylor Swift. My name is Paola and this is the story of how I found love with the son of the family that my parents have had a feud with for over 10 years! Will Josh and me ever get our parents to stop feuding so that we can be together?


2. Lies & Dates

          It was almost time to go to the park and I couldn't be more happy! I picked out a baby pink dress that went to my mid thigh, and I put black tights underneath. For my finishing touch I put on my black heeled boots. I went to go admire myself in the mirror when I remembered I didn't have any make up on! I quickly and carefully put on mascara and eyeliner, concealer, and finished with some lip gloss. Perfect!
          As I was grabbing my coat to leave, my phone started buzzing. I answered. "Hello?"
         "Hi Paola!" I heard Josh say.
         "Hey Josh! What's up?" I asked.
         "I told my parents about us going out-"
         "YOU DID WHAT!" I screeched. That was a VERY idiotic move of his!
         "Calm down! It turns out that they are totally okay with it and that their hate is aimed at your parents mostly." I calmed down a bit on this.
         "Hmmm… how nice. Okay, I'll be at the park then." I said with a sing song voice.
         "'Kay, I love you." I froze on those last three words. "You don't have to say it back, but you should know that I do love you." He said quickly.
        "That's okay, I love you, too." I said. Maybe it was a bit too early to exchange 'I love you's but I didn't really care. After all, I have known him since I was born.
         We hung up and I got my keys and walked to the door.
        "Why are you so dressed up, young lady?" Crap! I turned around to face my father.
         "Well, Vicky is having a little party in the park." I said, my voice squeaking like it always does when I tell a big lie.
          "Say hi to Vicky then for me." He said, looking over his book that he was reading.
          "Will do!" I said as I speed walked to my car. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding. That was a close one! I started my car and drove off to the park. It took a while, but I finally found it, and there was Josh waiting for me.
          "Sorry I took so long, my dad held me up." I said to him.
          "It's okay, I hope you at least want dessert, though, because I brought all this." Josh said as he motioned to the little picnic that he must've laid out.
          "You would not believe how hungry I am!" I said as we both laughed. 
          We had just finished eating, and I rested my head on Josh's lap as we talked and looked at the stars. It felt so good to have a conversation with someone that never ended.
          "Do you think that we should tell my parents about us?" I asked Josh. 
          "If you agree that there is an us, then yeah. They might surprise you like my parents did." I highly doubted that, but at the same time I wasn't really sure myself. "I'll tell you what, I'll follow you home and we can do it then." He reasoned. That sounded like a good idea. I mean, it's only 8:30.
          "Are you sure?" I asked, turning around to face him. 
          "If you are, then I am too. I mean what's the worst that they can do?" He asked. I shrugged, then got up and pulled Josh up with me.
          "Are you sure about this?" I asked just to make sure. He nodded a yes. I stared into his hazel eyes and leaned forward. I had to stand on my toes just to reach him. We pulled apart and headed towards our cars.
          Fear enveloped me. What would my parents do when we tell them? I shook my head and drove to my house, with Josh following closely behind.
          When we finally got to my house, I felt the blood drain from my face. I climbed out and went to go meet Josh.
          "Calm down," he said, rubbing my shoulders," should we go in together or you first?" 
          "Me first, then you come in." I said. I turned around and walked up to the door, and I felt Josh walking closely behind. I unlocked the door and walked in. 
          "Mom, Dad I'm home." I called out, knowing that they weren't asleep.
          "We are in the living room!" My mom called out.
          "You ready?" He asked me. I really wanted to say no, that I was never going to be ready. I took a deep relaxing breath and nodded. "I'll be not far behind you then."

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