Survival Guide: Zombie Apocolyspe

My First book and it's gonna be about a zombie survival guide, so hopefully you guys enjoy. :)


3. Rule 3: Base of Opperations

Ok, third chapter so in this chapter i'll explain where would be te best place to set up camp. So where to set up camp you wonder, the place place would be somewhere you can lock doors and has enough space for your group and their gear along with you and your gear.

A great place to start is a home or a gas station. Somewhere you can board up or set up some kind of defence. You could also climb on top of the roof and put someone on the night watch, anyway you don't have to make it all fancy you'll most likely only stay there for a few weeks or even only a few days.

If you decide to set up a camp somewhere, make sure to set up a barricade. A barricade can be made up with anything really, from cars to fallen trees anything that can at least keep the zombies away for a night. A great place to set a camp would probally somewhere with fences or not alot of open space.

You don't have to move to much but try to move every so often so your scent doesn't attract all the other zombies.


Happy Raiding

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