Survival Guide: Zombie Apocolyspe

My First book and it's gonna be about a zombie survival guide, so hopefully you guys enjoy. :)


2. Rule 2: The People you travel with

Firstly the people you travel with should only be the people you know won't stab you in the back litterally. Secondly consider if the person will slow you down or increase your progress, If the person slows you down don't worry they might be good for something else, if not shoot them in the knee and watch the zombies eat them up.

The people should be able to use a weapon of some sort, fend for themselves, run and survive the bush if you ever decide that the bush or the desert will be the best places for you to go.The person at least needs to be quick or strong so hey can hold they're own gear and you don't have to force another person to do it, if they're weak an decide to run away aim for the knee.

A good shot is always good for the group, send them up a tree with a rifle and your gonna be pretty good on runs or safe at bases, it's good to do some target practice once a week in a quiet place like your base. To do so shoot a car so the alarm goes off when the zombies are distracted shoot some cans or something. A good group is a trained group.

In truth everyone is good for everything you might put them on night watch or boarding up the place you're staying at. On runs into town only bring one weapon and travel in groups of four max, a big group would attract to much attention and would ending up killing you.


Happy Raiding

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