Survival Guide: Zombie Apocolyspe

My First book and it's gonna be about a zombie survival guide, so hopefully you guys enjoy. :)


1. Rule 1: Raiding and Weapon Managment

First you should never raid big shops like Cosco or K-Mart because most likely Zombies are hiding everywhere and it's most likely raided. Keeping to small shops like gas stations might reduce your moving grounds and might be a little small but these will have all the little things that you might enjoy like candie, snacks, drinks. Keeping to Small Houses works as well you can also help you out, since most Houses have Medical supplys like bandages and Pain Killers.

If you ever have the guts to Raid a bigger shop go for something like Wall-Mart where they have lots of coverage and and plenty of Food and Survival Equipment.

Don't worry about weapons straight away, you can use anything as a makeshift weapon like a:

 - Shovel
 - Hammer
 - ect.

So don't grab a gun straight away because even though the range, they will create alot of noise and will also attract alot of the zombies near by. A make shift weapon like a Hammer can be thrown as well as it being a great melee weaapon for smashing those zombie skulls

With Weapon Management, you have to be Carefull About what weapons you carry most likely you should carry two ranged weapons (one main and one side) and one melee weapon. The Main weapon should be a heavy weapon like a crossbow or a shotgun and the side weapon should be light like a pistol (if you can find one) so it doesn't weigh you down to much. A melee is a must have just because guns rely on ammo, so keeping a melee weapon around you is always good.

Happy Raiding

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