The Guys That Moved Across The Street...

Hey I'm Megan Smith, I'm a regular girl that lives in a neighborhood and goes to school. Im a sophomore. I have an annoying brother named shaun. I go to palo verde HS. I was coming back from getting the mail one day and I saw a moving truck. I had to see who it was so I looked in the truck and there they were... Shimmering so bright. His name was Tyler Yale, and his friends Jesse Gauthier and Chad Jenkins. They moved from Utah and came to California. LA. And that's how I met the guys that moved across the street... Like I'll ever fall in love with them psch..... Shaun and them become best friends... Oh and did I mention I became Tyler's sisters my new best friend Madison? Im not a virgin because of what happened in summer 2011. I don't want to talk about it... Also I'm only going to have 1 POV which is Megan's because I feel tired after the 1st chapter so I'm only going to have Megan's POV and I'll try to put as much detail In It as I can


22. What Should've Been...

Chapter 22: What Should've Been

Megan's POV

I made it to class on time with Ian, we were setting up chairs and stands for band and as soon as I got my instrument I looked at the white board to see that I didn't need my instrument! We were going to alpha rooms... Ugh, I hate my alpha room teacher... I wish I never had to see her this year... But ohhh plot twist! Just make her my alpha room -.- she's just ugh! I can't. I just can't. She's too much, she's pretty, but behind that prettiness is an ugly bitch waiting to come out of her shell, all the guys hit on her and her husbands ugly... What... How does that work?

Everything is just changing in front of me and I'm watching it change... My friend hates me because I made top band.. And she wears that fake smile infront of me... I feel like one day, without hesitation, she'll stab me and won't care I died. But Ian told me to just forget everything. I can't, it's not that easy. It really isn't and I wish I could just cry, but I need to be strong.

Playing a fake smile isn't that easy, I've done it and have been through situations like many of these before. It's not the first time a friend would have a grudge on me. It's not abnormal, but it wasn't normal either... I guess you could say its normal while Blake and I were dating, but this is personal now.


During science, or as we call "biology" we were doing a lab, groups of 4, great. Which means two or more of us 6 (including Blake) are going to get split. I might as well just take the first 3 that come to me. Once mrs. beck stated to get in groups of four I looked at Matt, he was definitely going to be in my group. That leaves Jesse, Chad, Nick, and Vlad. Three are gonna be separated (I may be Asian but my math skills aren't that great, so I estimated.) Vlad came over to me with this random guy, he looked pretty smart "have room for two?" he asked.

I nodded and now we had a group of four. I guess that leave's Jesse, Chad, and Nick by themselves and they needed one more person, Blake came over and they bitch swerved him. I mouthed the words "sorry" as they looked over at me. Luckily they found a fourth. She was a small girl with auburn hair, she had a good taste in clothing and didn't wear the same clothes everyday. They should be okay. I signed as mrs. Beck passed out the handouts/ instructions for the lab, we were converting a single 1 pound ice block to a solid, liquid, and gas. It was a take-home project which meant that they had to come to my house or we were going to someones house.

I hope it wasn't mine, but then again, they could keep me company. Vlad already knows where I live, but these two (Matt and this guy named "Seth") don't. We discussed who's house we were going to, and since Vlad's house is "haunted/ creepy" we coulden't go there. I didn't want my house to be occupied at the moment. But, I could drive to someone's house, and since I've been to Matt's house, we could go there. Or Seth's house.

Matt confessed that we could do the lab at his house, I mean his house was huge. Even though I've only been there twice. I still remember as if I were there yesterday. (maybe I'm being sarcastic, but I have a pretty visual memory). We all planned to go after school today, meet up at his house around 3? Vlad said that he'd take Seth over to Matt's. Matt and I would go by ourselves and that was that.


When I got to Matt's at 2:55 p.m. I wondered if I was too early. I looked over and saw his garage open so I just let myself in from there. I stood in what was the living room. I sat myself on the couch and waited. I looked around. It was more cleaner than I remembered haha. I waited moments before Matt finally appeared in what seemed to be a tank top and a pair of black skinny jeans. I had to say... He looked good in it. He looked startled to see me.
"how'd you get in?" 
I pointed back at the garage "the garage was open"
He looked at the door and muttered, " I could've swore I closed it" 
I got out my lab notes/papers and laid them on the table. He did the same.

It was after he closed it that Vlad and Seth showed up. They had the lab instructions, all I had were the conclusion questions and some hypothesis and analysis papers. We spread all the papers across the table and started at the kitchen. We boiled the water first, but before that, we examined it by itself. We wrote some data on the analysis sheet as we started boiling the water. We then let it cool and froze it. It took approximately 35 minutes for it to freeze in Matt's freezer.

After we were finished with the documents and data. Matt offered us pizza. Vlad said that Seth had to leave early to do some homework. Vlad took Seth home which left Matt and I alone... Again... At his house... Again...

Why did it always have to be us two? I mean, come on. I have Ian. He looked at me and offered me pizza. I looked back at him "Matt, you know I'd never give up an offer of free pizza" he smirked "who says its free?" I looked at him confused "what?" he looked at me and I rolled my eyes, I sighed "alright, what do I have to do?" he pointed at me, then him. "I want you and I to continue what was about to go on at my party" I thought back. Oh yea... That. I sighed again. I thought about Ian. Then I thought about the party.

I didn't want to cheat on Ian... But come on, it's free pizza! It was only going to happen once anyways so I did it. I continued what should've been...

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