The Guys That Moved Across The Street...

Hey I'm Megan Smith, I'm a regular girl that lives in a neighborhood and goes to school. Im a sophomore. I have an annoying brother named shaun. I go to palo verde HS. I was coming back from getting the mail one day and I saw a moving truck. I had to see who it was so I looked in the truck and there they were... Shimmering so bright. His name was Tyler Yale, and his friends Jesse Gauthier and Chad Jenkins. They moved from Utah and came to California. LA. And that's how I met the guys that moved across the street... Like I'll ever fall in love with them psch..... Shaun and them become best friends... Oh and did I mention I became Tyler's sisters my new best friend Madison? Im not a virgin because of what happened in summer 2011. I don't want to talk about it... Also I'm only going to have 1 POV which is Megan's because I feel tired after the 1st chapter so I'm only going to have Megan's POV and I'll try to put as much detail In It as I can


23. Life

Chapter 23: Life

Megan's POV

It wasn't long until the pizza came. I. Fucking. Loved. Pizza! It was the best thing in the whole entire world of Megan! I thanked Matt. I also told him that if he told anyone of what just happened, that he would die. He nodded in agreement. I enjoyed the pizza and took 2 boxes full of pizza home with me in my Range Rover.

As I got home and I was taking the pizza out of the passenger seat, Chad came to me and helped me open the door. He took a slice and left. Well, so much for that conversation.

I had no idea that Shaun was actually home. It surprised me Cause he isn't at school nor do I see him here. He's probably always making out with a new girl everyday getting laid. One time I remember him and I. We had "The Talk" between each other. And I asked him if he was a virgin and he shook his head! He asked me and I didn't reply, just walked away and couldn't believe his answer. After that i'd always question myself 'who the fuck would lay him?' haha.


The next morning after the project meet-up, I woke up on the very Wrong side of the bed, in fact, I woke up on the floor -.- it was terrible. I never thought I would. But I did.

After the way I woke up, I brushed my teeth and went downstairs. I woke up Shaun and made breakfast. I made sure to save some for him (cause I'm a nice and generous sister)and went to school. After what's happened around our neighborhood. We went to school driving. I didn't see Jesse. It's like he became something or someone different.

It's never crossed my mind he could become a vampire or anything... The question was: could he?


After another terrible day school, I fell on my bed and just slept. The time I woke up I looked at the clock. It was 2 in the morning. It was a Sa-turn-up-day. This project was a take-home project for the weekend. Let's see how this goes...

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