The Guys That Moved Across The Street...

Hey I'm Megan Smith, I'm a regular girl that lives in a neighborhood and goes to school. Im a sophomore. I have an annoying brother named shaun. I go to palo verde HS. I was coming back from getting the mail one day and I saw a moving truck. I had to see who it was so I looked in the truck and there they were... Shimmering so bright. His name was Tyler Yale, and his friends Jesse Gauthier and Chad Jenkins. They moved from Utah and came to California. LA. And that's how I met the guys that moved across the street... Like I'll ever fall in love with them psch..... Shaun and them become best friends... Oh and did I mention I became Tyler's sisters my new best friend Madison? Im not a virgin because of what happened in summer 2011. I don't want to talk about it... Also I'm only going to have 1 POV which is Megan's because I feel tired after the 1st chapter so I'm only going to have Megan's POV and I'll try to put as much detail In It as I can


17. Festival With The Boyz

Chapter 17: Festival with the boys

Megan's POV

Today was now Monday, I woke up in the car of Matt, I looked at the clock... we were gonna be late! I woke everyone up yelling that we were gonna be late, luckily no one had hangovers because if we did it'd be one hell of a trip! First Matt grabbed his backpack and then he went to our houses. I grabbed my backpack and raced to the car. I'm so glad there was no early bird today. I got the seatbelt on and just told Matt to "GO GO GO!!" I seriously did not want to be late, I mean sure being late to 2nd period is okay but NOT ever in 1st. As Matt turned the corner I saw Blake's car behind us. "ew that faggot" Nick said as he looked to the rear view mirror. Matt parked and Blake just happened to park next to us. Nick, Jesse, Chad, and I raced out of the car in a rush/ panicked/ holy mother of god type of run. We quickly shut the door and thanked Matt. " GO GO GO" Matt ran with us locking his car... I could think of a few reasons why. Tyler's friends dropped him off and Madison just got dropped off with Drew and Kavika. We all ran. Matt just stopped when he wondered to himself "should I join band too?" hmm.... I don't know if I should be happy or mad... Instead that's probably a good idea... But if he's a brass... Then he better not hold it against me... I walked in and the band was packing to go up on the field! We grabbed all our instruments and folders and drill/music and headed up just in time. "5, 6, 5,6,7,8" the drum major said as we started marching 2nd movement. We said bye to Matt and thanked him. Matt said he could play a little/he's had an experience with percussion and drums. I thought "well why not" so I had a talk with the band teach and he said okay... Matt hugged me for a long time, he literally squeezed me. "thanks Megan!" "no prob, it's the least I could do" he met all of percussion and that was that. I just had to worry about going to classes... I don't want to explain myself... Especially not to him... We were rising down the stairs from the field as the bell was going to ring, I took my clarinet in half as shit was getting real. I ran down the stairs and reached the band room. I put away my clarinet and Nick, Madison, Tyler, Jesse, Vlad, and Matt all reached the part where they were putting away their cases. After we were actually done we all panted and laughed. "wow is it like this everyday?" Matt asked. I nodded while still trying to catch my breath. We got ready as we were about walking to second period, the worst period. Madison and Tyler parted ways as we ran once again. We walked in as soon as the bell rang "you're late" the bitchy teacher said "band, up on the field without any notice" "do I care? It's your responsibility to get here" "sorry mrs. Beck" 'who would ever marry her?! I mean seriously!' I thought in my brain as I say down. And we barely made it, like a hair of a second.... I sat next to Matt and this guy named Javier. He looked like a guy from resident evil... I looked at Chad and he agreed. We resident evil fans notice everything and anything about resident evil. That's just how we are. I pretty much dazed in biology but that's just how that class is, she nonstop blabs about how cool science is and blah blah blah. I hated this class, and her to be exact. I wrote the notes and some added some words to make me remember since she ain't good at explaining shit. After a long listening to of babble language, the bell finally rung. I tried rushing out the door but then I remembered I had to wait for the guys so I got out the hallway and waited. But knowing he was coming I hid being the lockers where he could only see me if he looked, and he did. I looked at my binder to avoid his eyes meeting mine. Then the guys came out, " where'd Megan go?" I walked past Blake and to the boys. "right here!" I stated cheerfully. They thought I was a ninja coming out of nowhere. I nodded and just laughed at their shocked/surprised faces. We walked on to band class. I saw Matt, "I got a permanent schedule change this morning" we were happy for him, at least the band has gotten bigger. Even though there might be a lot of alternates... At least we add more to the family, I mean, more is better right? the more the merrier? I don't know. "you know what day it is?!" Jesse stated. I wondered.".. We don't have a competition or anything.... Chad, Nick, Tyler, Vlad, Madison, and Matt grouped next to each other and pondered upon my thinking... I thought of everything but didn't know, I shook my head no and they were shocked! "you don't know what day it is?!" they said in unison. I shook my head again. "it''s...." they paused... "FESTIVAL DAY!!" I didn't know what they were talking about... I asked Nick what that was and he said it was basically a day where people celebrate, it's like a party. But it also has some culture and stuff. I basically called it a culture party. Whatever. "you're going right??" Chad asked. I thought in my head 'wait this things actually real and I have to go??' but then again, I just nodded my head. They said all the fun stiff happen there, it's like a high school party with drinks and stuff, hey, I've just been to Matt's party and that was a lot of fun. I appeared at school looking like shit by the way. Aside from the shorts and huge shirt from Matt's. It was okay. I had my black converse on that weren't high tops. With my rainbow socks. Today we didn't have to get ready in band, we basically learned all the charts, Matt became a part of pit and that was that. We chatted in band room. Then the low brass section leaders Ryan and Alec came toward us and asked us if we passed off everything... I looked at him suspiciously and lowered my eyes... "yea we all did, they passed off to me, well except for Matt, he just joined so that doesn't count" I looked at Matt and he just shrugged his shoulders. Alec looked at Matt and glared at him. I got back his attention and asked him again. "why do you want to know anyways?" Ryan said "well leadership bought pizza and ice cream w/ soda for everyone that passed off." well then, I thought. As I walked out of the band room, I looked at Matt and did a dramatic slow nooooooo and put my arms forward. He just rolled a tear down his cheek with his finger and did a puppy dog face. Adorable. I took a quick snap and walked out, I walked out with Nick and them, I saw mostly everyone who passed off. I grabbed two slices and a soda and sat, I could wait for the ice cream, I mean it's not like it's going to melt in the freezer aha. I looked over to the boys and they ate as if they were kings... I didn't know them... For now. Once I finished my pizza the guys were long from finished. They were chugging their soda and I just drank it all in one bunch and stood up. I walked back to the band room and was looking for Matt, I saw him, yeah. With the sluttiest girl in band. Julia. She has a boyfriend but can't help shoving her tongue down other peoples throats. I just want to slap her. I saw her flirting with him and it just made me mad. I just walked towards him with Julia's back facing me. Matt was facing me. I just grabbed his hand and dragged him towards my locker. "no no no no no! You can't hang with her" "why not, she's pretty hot" I sighed "I seriously don't get why every guy is blind once they see her! They don't see what I see! You just don't under-" I didn't waste my breath. I got upset and just left. Out the band room and into the girls bathroom. I knew he couldn't follow me there. I just cried and let some tears out. As soon as I knew, I was crying. I just don't get why guys are so blind?? Jesus. I was alone in the bathroom when I heard footsteps. I cried a little softer so they can't hear. It was a guy. "Megan?" it wasn't Matt though... "it's me, Alex. Look if you're upset then just tell me everything, I'll listen if you want to let you're words flow. I'll be you're shoulder to cry on, just let me know." he slid a piece of paper under the stall and said "text, call, or even FaceTime me if you need" I weakly said okay and thought of how nice Alex was, I remember the day we first met. *flashback* It was a snowy day, it was when I was a freshman last year, I didn't know everyone in band yet, so I wasn't really good at names... I was legitly the only one that didn't wear a jacket, I wore a thin sweater And sweatpants. We were practicing outside and I was basically shivering. Frozen out of the pulp. I sat down because I couldn't practice or move because my blood was basically frozen. I couldn't feel anything. Alex walked over to me and said "need a jacket?" I nodded like life depended on it. He went took off his and gave it to me. "but what about you?" "me? I'm just going to ask a friend for an extra." I felt like he was lying... I said thanks and hugged him because he was so thoughtful. I wore his warm jacket and started blushing and as heat finally entered through my body and all around. "I'm Alex by the way" "I'm Megan" "nice to meet you" I said "you too" I shook his hand and he pulled me into his arms saying "Jesus you're warm, after like what? 8-13 seconds??" I laughed and said "I'm usually not like this but... I don't know why today"he then looked at me and said "werewolf?" I raised my eyebrows not knowing what he was talking about so I said "might be..." he nodded and said "see ya" I nodded and waved. I suddenly got up and marched, Alex basically saved my life! I have a lot to thank him for. *back to reality* before he left I thanked him, he just said "anytime". It was about that time of year again when it's cold, not winter, but fall. Fall had to be the second most wort besides winter to march in. I got out of the stall and my hands were frozen, I rushed out to try and catch up to Alex, I saw him going up the stairs. I creeped up on him slowly and grabbed his hand saying "am I still a werewolf now?" he reacted as my hands were really cold. "no..." I tried to let go of his hand but... He wouldn't let go...

After School,

The guys were at my house "studying" or so I thought, they were playing on my ps3 playing the best game that came out this year for us zombie slayers. The last of us!!! It was the best game, it was 2:44 and the festival thing they were talking about starts at 3:10 so they probably wanted to get there early to buy tickets and stuff. I wore a dark pink mid thigh dress and some black converse. I didn't really have anything casual... Which reminds me... I need to do the laundry! I need to put that on my to do list! I got out my phone to open what seemed to be 100 snapchats! I ignored those and went to reminders. I made sure to put black, white, and colored so I remember to wash all of the clothes. I looked at the time "2:52" okay... Jesse looked at the time "shit you guys we better go now!" all the guys got up and packed their things and put it by the door to come back to later. They put on their shoes and got up, when they all crowded the front door. I got a jacket just in case and opened the door. I walked out to the sun. The guys groaned as they got flashed by the sun too. Nick locked the door, I made sure I had my phone 100% charged and in my pocket. I then walked over to the caravan that they had, Nick drove, Chad, Matt, and Tyler in the middle seats and Madison, Vlad, and I in the back, Shaun was getting a lift from his friends. I sat in the middle since Madison didn't like Vlad all that much, so I thought for the best to sit in the we got there Nick stole a parking spot as the other person infront of us was trying to go in. "ha beatcha slowpoke!" Nick said as he killed the engine. 'The entrance fee :1.00 for everyone' okay, I pulled out a dollar from my sock and handed it to Nick as he gathered dollars from all 7 of us. The guy at the front desk stamped my hand and gave me a look checking me out. He grabbed my hand stamping it by the way. He was like in his early 20's. As I passed Madison pushed me giving me the ohhhhhhhh- attitude. After about two minutes Madison came with our group. "excuse me ma'am" we looked back and it was Drew, Madison was surprised aha and hugged him, next to him was Kavika, Ian, and the three sisters, Brooke, Sienna, and Alexa. Sienna went over to Jesse and hugged him, I haven't really seen Ian before but this wasn't the first time, he was a lifeguard at the community pool and I didn't know who he was until he showed up at the parent performance in band and then i started to see him around school, And I was surprised when Drew told me, and ever since then I haven't really thought of him. But here he is now. Standing there, I look back at all the times he tried to save me, he looked at me and smirked,,, that smirk tho, I have to say, I wasn't the best at swimming. That time I had a muscle cramp and a Charlie's horse! Ugh it was the WORST day of my life being like that. But he was there to save me. After Madison, Drew, Jesse, and Sienna left, it was just Matt, Alexa, Brooke, Ian, Nick, Chad, Tyler, and me. Brooke and Alexa thought they could just hang and catch some guys on the way. Tyler, Nick, Shaun, Matt, and Chad went to go to the food court to eat and get lucky ._. And now it was just Ian and I. He closed up on me and was standing right in front of me. I was looking at him all confused... "hey" "hi" "what's up?" "just chilling here u?" "same" "thanks" "no, thank you..." "for what?" "for saving me in the pool last time" "no problem, it's my job" "if you say so" "serious, I say so" he smirked "so what do you want to do?" "idk" I said as I shrugged my shoulders. He smiled and said "alright then let's just start roaming" so we roamed. I made sure I was close to him just so I don't get lost or something. We walked and just looked around, there wasn't much of interest but at least they were free. Then Ian saw a ferris wheel up ahead, he grabbed my hand yelling "let's go!" and we ran. We got there just in time before its departure to go up. We got on and panted. "whew, that was a close one!" I laughed and nodded as I was too out of breath to speak. Ian sat on my side, and a few minutes passed and we were halfway up "so pretty" he just commented with an mmhmm. I looked as we were now on the top. I almost fell asleep. I mumbled something and startled up, (the time when ur sleeping and feel like your falling and you jolt) I jolted up and grabbed onto him! I then acted like nothing happened and he softly chuckled and I started turning red. "you okay?" "yeah, just tired that's all." "Even though we've only been here for like what? 2-3 hours? And it felt like just minutes ago." "it does when youre with the one you love..." he mumbled, "what" "oh nothing, do you want me to drive you home after?" "no, it's okay i don't want to be a burden." "you won't be" "if you say so.." "I say so" "okay" ...... A few seconds later it was halfway over and we basically fell asleep, well I know I did, I remember sleeping on the window of the ferris wheel and when I woke up I was on Ian's shoulder! He woke me before we were about to get off, we walked out and he held my hand, I surprisingly looked at him "just to make sure you don't doze off and walk away now" I hmphed at him and he chuckled. We walked swaying our hands back and forth and exited out of the festival, I walked with him to his car and he opened the door for me and I got in, I buckled my seatbelt as he opened the drivers door, got in and buckled his seatbelt, he then put the key in the ignition and started the car. He started rewinding and drove forward. Taking us home. "you hungry?" he asked looking at me, "sort of, I mean I guess so" he said "alright, what do you want to make for me?" he asked, I turned my head toward him and looked surprised! "m-m-me?" "yeah you, unless you want to get something to go?" I shrugged my shoulders "I uses I'll make something today..." "alright, you want to stop by the grocery store or something?" I thought... hmm.... What do we need... Oh wait "what do you want to eat?" he thought... "I'm feeling the mood for pasta " "what kind?" " fettuccine !" "okay, then we'll have to go to the store and get Alfredo sauce and fettuccine pasta." "okay" , while we were in the store, I tried reaching for the sauce on the top shelf, damn you! I reached and almost got it but then another hand grabbed it and I looked to see who it was, "oh thanks" it was Jason, "fancy seeing you here" he said as he winked at me. I just nodded and was about to walk away when he said "wAit..." I turned around and he looked at me while having fettuccine sauce in his hand. "aren't you forgetting something?" I looked confused... Oh! "th-thanks" I said as I took it from his hand. "no problem" he smirked that smirk of his and I just walked away. I turned the corner thinking 'if he's here... Then? My eyes stumbled and from afar I saw Blake... I quickly turned the corner into an isle and waited for him to pass as he was walked towards me. I looked blankly at the items on the shelf and waited. I didn't realize that Ian was in my isle, and then Jason came. "hey bro!" Ian and I turned around and saw Jason. "hey man!" they hugged in a brotherly way and Jason winked at me and then smirked, psch! him and his smirky smile. I smiled with my mouth close , he then acted as if we didn't meet like 30 seconds ago... He looked at me "oh, hey. Megan!" I smiled a fake smile and looked at him "hey Jason!" we hugged as he said "I missed you, how've you been?" I replied with "i know!!! And good wbu?" "good thanks" I then stuffed myself Into his chest as he smelled really good "if you do this one more time, you will not live to see tomorrow" I said quietly, he then said "if you live, then I'll die. And you'll have to die in order for me to live." I looked confused and then he let me go. I still looked at him confused as I put the items in the cart, then I thought to myself and was still confused. What did he mean by "if you live, I'll die. And you'll have to die in order for me to live..." it's interesting, I then posted it as a quote on twitter, and Facebook. And a few minutes later I got a friend request and a follow from Jason... After I added him he messaged me saying stuff about his quote. I just talked with him during the car ride home on my phone, we bought the pasta and the sauce so now all we had to do was go home and make it. Grrrrrrr. He parked his car at my house since Shaun is with the guys and my sister is nowhere to be known, and my parents probably are doing surgery on someone as we speak. We got out of the car and my eyes were light neon blue and my house was dark. I unlocked the door and turned on the lights, Ian closed and locked the door. I walked in and got the ingredients ready to make the pasta. I measured it and boiled the water, then I put the noodles in and started to heat the sauce. In about a minute or two, it was done and I had mixed all the items together and was about to serve it to Ian but when I looked back from the kitchen I didn't see him, I walked towards the front door and he wasn't there, then I looked on the couch... There he slept, tired like an angel. I closed up on his face and observed to see if he was really sleeping. I looked as he breathed in heavily, I moved my head closer from over the couch back leaning and observing. Hmm I wondered. I realized I was falling in towards him, slowly. I tried to stop but then he opened his eyes and I slipped. Our lips clashed together and I surprisingly let go. He then had the biggest smirk on his face, "c'mon, it's ready" he got up and I put the plate where he was sitting. He came up from behind me as I was getting a napkin and he wrapped his arms around me and we were touching. He was warm. I touched his hands and put them apart, "before it gets cold" I said, he kissed my neck and parted from me. He then sat down and asked me if I were going to eat I shook my head and he put a chair against his and patted it, I sat and he basically fed me and he fed himself. I stood up and was about to put away the plate when he grabbed my hand and pulled me down. I looked at him and he looked at me. He leaned in looking at my lips I put my pointer finger to his lips and said "uh uh uh" teasing him. He did a pouty face and I continued picking up the plate and putting it in the sink. I then returned to the seat and pulled out my phone, instagram... The one thing I actually look at besides Facebook and twitter.


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