Austin And I...

This stories bout a girl named Madison who was rich but didn't want to show it. She's never the type to really do anything. She had to move to Miami because her parents got reemployed there. She then met a boy... Austin... DEDICATED TO MADISON D!


3. When We Met At School...

Chapter 3!

Madisons POV

I couldn't sleep after what happened last night! Like seriously it was embarrassing and a wonderful spectacular moment with imaginary fireworks! I can't believe Austin and I had a moment like that!!!! Wow I couldn't have been there at the right moment without my friend Megan! She's the one that told me about him when I first saw him! I can't believe this is actually happening right now! Omg I need to get at least a little sleep! Beauty sleep. Goodnight~

Next Morning.....

I was awoken.. By Megan. She barged in and came upstairs to my room and shook me alive like I was dead. I blinked my eyes sleepily and mumbled some words. She was yelling at me: WAKE TF UP MADISON! WE'RE GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!! I nodded and she picked out my clothes. Pink/salmon Aeropostale shirt and some skinnay jeans. Yaya okay. I needed to look prettay today. 

At school~ 

I was coming and arriving at school and saw Austin driving by on his purple Lamborghini. I happened to be walking the crosswalk and he happened to be waiting for me to cross. Lol Megan then nudged my elbow and I looked at Austin. He waved and smiled and I died. I can't die yet! School hasn't even started yet!

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