Youtube Love. (Finn Harries Love Story)

"Sometimes you fall for someone, because you think they might turn out different, but I was way wrong Finn."


3. Video Time!

"So, what are we doing for this video?" I asked looking at Jack.

"Well, I was thinking of doing like a Q&A/ Spin the Bottle/ Truth or Dare, like when you pick truth we ask a question that a fan sent us." He stated.

"Sounds good!" I smiled.

"Alright, so you sit in between me and Finn." He said pointing to the chair in front of me. 

"ALRIGHT." He yelled turning on the camera.

"Hello guys! How are you doing?" Jack asked the camera making me laugh. 

"What?" He asked confused.

"Nothing, carry on." I snickered glancing over to see Finn looking at me.

"Alright, so today we have a special guest as you can see, we have the beautiful Maria Henderson." He said and I struck a pose.

"Yes, it's such an honor being here with my favorite twins!" I exclaimed hugging them both.

"So, today we thought it would be fun to do a little game with her, it's a Q&A/ Spin the Bottle/ Truth or Dare, where when someone chooses truth they have to answer a question sent in by you guys." He explained.

"Okay, now that I think of it, I am actually getting scared." I said looking at the camera.

"You should be." He smirked.

"Oh God."

"ALRIGHT!" He said spinning the bottle and it landed on Finn.

"Finny, my slave, TRUTH OR DARE?" He looked scared.

"Uhm, I choose, DARE!" He smiled into the camera while wiggling his eyebrows, oh wow that was attractive.

"Alright, let me see here." He said scrolling through twitter.

"Aha, oh man. Okay Finny @Mickey12321 says, I dare you to sit in the nude for the rest of the video." Jack laughed making Finn's eyes go wide.

"WHAT? No!" He screeched.

"Hahahaha!" I started cracking up laughing making Finn glare at me. 

"Okay, next one since Finn is a wimp." He said spinning the bottle and what do you know it lands on me!

"Maria! Oh little Maria!" Jack smirks looking at the computer.

"Truth or dare?" He says smiling.

"Uh, dare?" I said more as a question.

"Okay, @missdancer123 says I dare you to kiss your favorite twin. p.s. it can be on the lips or cheek." He adds with a smirk.

"This is an easy one Finn Finn the better twin!" I laughed kissing Finn's cheek, making him blush. Oh wow.


"Well it was great doing the video with you guys!" I exclaimed walking to the door.

"Wait! Maria!" I turned around to see Jack running after me.

"Yessss?" I laughed.

"WE SHOULD HAVE A SLEEPOVER!" He yells throwing his hands in the air.

"Are you kidding me?" I asked looking in his eyes for sarcasm.

"NOPE! COME ON!" He says pulling me into his room where Finn sat texting away.

"Oh Finnnnyyyyyyyyy! Maria is sleeping over." He smirks.

"ONLY BECAUSE YOU FORCED ME TO!" I exclaim hitting him on the arm.

"Whatever, let's just get this partayyy started." He laughed.

Oh this should be fun.


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