Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


20. The heavens have opened.


It's been a month and Justin's still uploading videos and growing in views by the second...the last time he told me he was on 500 subscribers and over 23,869 video views,proud is an understatement.


I'm so glad he decided to do his videos..he's obsessed with music now,I even see him looking at covers of songs that people do,he want's to get better..but I don't think he can,his voice is always flawless it's actually scary sometimes.


But quite recently Justin's been keeping himself to himself,he's very secretive and I think he's up to something...I'm worried about him but also angry because I haven't had a proper conversation with him in a fortnight...


2 weeks,2 fucking week's he's been playing up...its just simple answers or bluntness..I'm going to confront him weather he likes it or not.






''I'm sick and tired of-'' I opened the door to Justin's room and he immediately looked at me and hid something behind his back. 


''Uh..hey.'' He replied bluntly.


''Don't fucking hey me..culo!and yes I'm speaking Spanish..that's how pissed off I am'' 



Justin growled and rolled his eyes,putting whatever he was hiding in a bag before he walked towards me. ''What did I do now?'' He sighed,seeming really bored.



''Figure it out yourself,ass hole.'' I hissed.


''Hey there's no need for the name calling,I haven't done anything wrong!'' Justin yelled.



''Why the fuck do you think it's okay to not speak to your girlfriend for 2 weeks then say a causal hey when I storm into your room,you've been blunt as fuck and it's pissing me off.'' 


''I don't see why this has anything to do with us.'' 



''What? are you serious...its got everything to do with us,stop speaking out your ass...if you don't wa-''



''Shut up.'' Justin growled.





''I said shut up,your so ungrateful.'' He hissed.


''How am I?'' 


''I do everything for you,put you before me and you still speak out of your ass and nag me,are you on your fucking period or something.'' 



''No I'm not on my period Justin,and were not just dating..your my best friend too! best friends fucking speak- you know what? fuck you.'' I growled,picking up a picture frame of us and chucking it to the floor.



I stormed out of his room and ran down the stairs,I picked up my side bag and walked to the door. 





''Do you hate me or something? have I done something to you? why are you ignoring me and snapping at me,why are you asking me so many fucking questions? what have I done wrong?'' I cried,tears threatening to fall from my eyes.



''You haven't done anything wrong.'' Justin sighed.



I looked at him waiting for him to continue. ''It's me.'' He added.



No no...that's it,I'm going. 



''This isn't happening right now.'' I laughed,swinging open the door. ''That bullshit is the line every fucking couple says in the movie to call it quits,fuck you I'm out,you don't wanna be with me? fine..tell me straight..don't give me that bullshit.'' I cried,tears now falling to the wooden floor. 


And with one last look back at Justin I was out the door.



Tears were now rapidly falling from my eyes,I shot down his yard and took off turning right,I began to sprint as fast as I could down his neighbourhood,I wanted to get away from him.


How dare he do that? after everything we've fucking been through.


It was raining heavy on the streets of Stratford...pure and large raindrops cascading down from the dark sky,the raindrops bouncing off the wet concrete as they crashed full impact to the floor.


I plugged in my headphones in both ears and began to jog down the street,getting positively soaked.


I didn't care...


My hair was flat against my face..I didn't care..



My crop top was see through as it stuck to my body...I didn't care..


People were desperately running down the sheets to get shelter...I didn't care..


I just simply didn't care..


'Breathe me by sia' was blasting through the small speakers from my iPhone as I ran across the road.


I don't know where I was going but anything was good right now,I was at the lowest mood and practically nothing could pick up my mood...I had just lost my best friend and my boyfriend.


My speakers were blaring,I couldn't hear anything...but I did look in time...I did.



From my right I saw the car in time...hopefully.


It was travelling at about 40 miles per hour down a 20mph road,I silently tutted and continued to print across the wide road.


The sooner I get to the other side the sooner I get home,that's what I thought.



This road seemed to enlarge at every step I took.



I wasn't even in the middle yet,where the white dashes are normally marked.





I picked up the pase and checked how close the car was,it was a couple of meters away,I watched it as I continued running,the horn was blaring,but I heard it faint compared to my music.


I suddenly felt my shoe slip off my foot. 



'Go get'll be free' my mind hissed at me.


I ignored the voices and carried on running,it was like time had slowed down,because as soon as I took another step forwards I felt the force of the car brush against my back.


If I didn't take that step in time I wouldn't of made it,I kept running until I got on the curb,I didn't go back for my shoe,its nothing important.


I carried on running looking straight ahead of me,the road looked like it was stretching out.


I began to feel dizzy.


The next thing I knew I felt a force hit my shoulder sending me crashing to the floor. 



I looked up through my watery eyes and saw a young boy..he looked much like Toby. 


''Marlee?'' They whispered.


I just blinked.


This couldn't be happening.


''Where's your shoe?'' He chuckled,holding his arm out for me to grab.



I swatted it away and got up before I began to limp away from him.



I came to the conclusion that my ankle was twisted..fuck.



I ignored Toby's haunting calls and continued to run- or something like that down the street.



I saw my house in the distance and it made me more determined. 



My iPhone was now playing 'The climb by Miley Cyrus' and I chuckled at the irony as my house was up a bit of a hill.



I remained running until I got up to my yard,it was now positively chucking it down.


The heavens have opened.


I opened my door and staggered inside,instantly feeling the warmth of the house opposed to the freakishly cold weather outside.


Notice how it's always raining when me and Justin fight? me too.



I walked in and ran up the stairs,I didn't care about still having one of my dirty chucks on,I didn't care about anything at this moment in time.


I jumped onto my bed and hugged my pillows,crying softly as my mascara gradually stained my bedding. 





it had been about 4 hours since I came home,I haven't moved from my seriously,not even a pee break,I don't have the energy.


I practically cried myself to sleep as I had a huge migraine and apparently bloodshot eyes when I opened the camera app on my phone.


I was still in my wet clothes and quite frankly I was starting to feel the side effects of going into a warm area when extremely cold and damp.


The blankets were soaking and so were the pillows.


It didn't matter though.



My foot was still sprained and I could feel it swelling up,it hurt to even move it an inch or two.


It was Toby's fault...


Everything is Toby's fault...


If he didn't cheat on me I would of never got hit by that car,I would of never lost my memory and I would of never asked Justin about my dad,I wouldn't have broken the necklace and I would have never kissed him,I would have never been his.


I'm not his any more..


We would still be bestfriends and nothing more if it wasn't for Toby,our friendship would be perfect and Justin would have not been jealous..his feelings wouldn't have rekindled if Toby didn't ask me out...Justin wouldn't have been jealous..he wouldn't have given me the necklace...he wouldn't have feelings for me,he would simply be my best friend and my best friend only.


and now I don't even have him for that.


I sniffed and got up out of bed,I grabbed some sweats and one of my hoodies.


I only had a few,the ones I mostly owned were Justin's.


I shook my head and threw my damp clothes into my hamper,I grabbed my heel socks and put on my uggs before I let my hair down,I limped down to the kitchen and got myself a bottle of water and a warm drink for my upcoming cold and migrane. 


It was raining even worse than isn't going to brighten up. 



It was only 10 at night but it was pitch black,something you wouldn't expect in the summer months.



I set one foot on the first step but the door was being hammered with knocks.


I rolled my eyes and walked over to the door. 


I looked through the peep hole to see-by the looks of it a boy with a hood over his head,he was holding something which was clasped in his hands and he was breathing heavily,either that or crying and was trying to catch his breath..I pick the first option.


He was positively drenched and I felt bad for him,but that instantly changed when he looked up.







oh my god guys this chapter:O:O


hope you enjoyed. 














I literally played nothing like us literally like 30 times whilst writing this,it was on repeat to put me in the mood lol,im so stupid:o


tell me what you think of this chapter boo's and I'll fan you if I haven't already:)


Stay flawless<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3





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