Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


1. Special day



16 years ago today I met my best friend Justin,I remember it like it was yesterday,how can you forget the day you met your soul mate? It just doesn't happen...we were 3,in Kindergarten.






I was in the sand pit making castles when I felt a tap on my shoulder,I turned around to see a small boy with blonde hair and brown eyes.



''I love you.'' the boy sobbed.



*Before I could say anything,he ran off...crying*



*End of flashback*




Since then me and Justin have been inseparable,we always picked each other for sports,shared candies,held hands,hugged eachother..everything.



No,it's not what It looks like,He's not my boyfriend..I already have one..His name's Toby,Him and I have been going strong for several months now....9 I think?



''So,what are we doing today Marls?'' Justin asked wrapping his arm around me as we walked out of school.



''I don't care...but It's our 16 year anniversary so we need to make it special.'' 




''Won't Toby get jealous though?'' Justin asked as we climbed into his car.




''I don't care,this is our special day.'' I smiled over at Justin.




''Sleepover It is then!'' Justin smiled.




*Justin started the engine and we sped off down the road*





''Before we get to mine,lets get some Ben&Jerrys and some candies.'' Justin stated.




''Sure,buy me some Sour patch?'' I asked.




''Ah'kay...ill be right back.'' Justin smiled getting out the car.




''Get some movies aswell!'' I shouted just as he shut the door.




*Justin stuck his thumb up as he walked into the small shop*







''GIVE ME THE FOOD BOB'' Justin screamed at me.




*I crunched down on the cheeto in my mouth with force,before narrowing my eyes at Justin*




''Call me Bob again,and I'll hit you.'' 




''You should really get a friend called Bob,then it could be Bob and Marlee.'' 




''Shut's spelt different you complete dork.'' I laughed throwing a cheeto at Justin.




''I'm not a dork.'' Justin pouted.




''Yes you are,you told me you loved me then ran away crying for no apparent reason.'' I giggled.




*Justins cheeks turned rosey as he rolled his eyes and looked at the floor*




''I was three...leave me alone.'' Justin pouted




*I scooted over on the couch and rubbed my knuckle on his head,putting him in a headlock*













''Man whore.'' 
















''You're so weird do you actually know that?'' I giggled.




''whatever,whatever...let's watch some movies okay?'' Justin sang jumping off the couch





I forgot to tell you...right now were chilling at Justin's,for a sleepover..we brought the food and movies and now were sat on his couch in the living room.




''Hold getting shit from your fridge.'' I muttered jumping up from the couch and running into the small kitchen.




Justin is brother,no...more then that...he's like,I don't even know..but were so close,and his  house is practically my second home,I can do whatever I like here,same with Justin in mine,our mom's are best friends and I can just stroll into his house at any given time and no one would give two flying shits.




*I pulled open the fridge scanning for some source to sort out my hunger*





''OI BIEBER,THERE'S NO GODDAMN FOOD IN THIS FRIDGE.'' I shouted still peering in the fridge




''Check the cupboards marls!'' Justin shouted.





*I sighed and walked over to the cupboard,I opened it to see a small box at the back of the compartment,hidden with other items,I pulled it out and opened it up,to find a whole tub full of Sour patch,I grinned cheekily before pulling some out and stuffing the packets into my jean pockets,and walked back into the room Justin was sat in*




''Found anything?'' 




''Nah..'' I lied.



*A small smirk formed on my lips as I sad down next to him,he frowned before looking away*








Half way through the movie were watching (Insidious) I became I decided to take out the candies I found from my pocket.




''Stop rustling the packets....wait,I thought you said you didn't find food?'' Justin questioned.




*I popped one of the candies in my mouth before smiling,Justin gasped like a little kid*




''Are they from my secret stash?'' Justin asked cautiously.




*I nodded,Justin gasped again*




''Oh no you didn't!'' Justin pouted.




''But I did.'' I winked before eating the last candy.




''Not fair..I brought you some earlier!'' Justin muttered.




''I'm a growing girl....and you know these are my favourite,in future...don't put a small box at the back of a cupboard if you know how curious i am.I will find them...and I will eat them.'' I smirked.




''You didn't eat all of them did you.'' Justin pouted.




''No,because im a top best friend.'' I smiled proudly.




''Yeah...who's also the biggest dork to walk this earth.'' 




''Thanks.'' I muttered.




''But you're my dork.'' Justin smiled.




*I stuck my tongue out*




''And you're my Justy.''




''You got that right bitch.'' Justin called.




''Oh god.'' I muttered



*Before I could even blink,Justin had wrestled me to the floor*




great...another play fight.woo. (note the sarcasm)




''Tickle me one more time,and I'll make sure I repeat what happened the last time you made me choke on a carrot.'' 



*Justin's eyes grew wide and he instantly got off me and helped me up,I smirked sitting back down*












''Wanna take me to the mall tomorrow?'' 




''Sure,Imma come aswell,I need to get some of those fresh new Supras.'' 




''I'm craving Mc'Donalds...'' I whined rubbing my belly.




''What!? you just had like 20 packets of Sour Patch! what is wrong with you woman?''




''FYI,It was 7 packets,Justin,you should know me by now,I eat like a fucking pig.'' I giggled.




''You got that right.'' I heard Justin mumble.




*I shot daggers at him and he instantly scooted away from me*





''Hey,this film is boring...wanna talk for a bit in my room?'' Justin asked.




''Sounds good.'' I replied 




*Justin stood up first before pulling me up after him,he shut off his kitchen and locked the house door,we walked upstairs and into his room.*





''Shotgun right side of the bed.'' I yelled belly flopping onto the bed.





''Since when did I let you sleep on the left side anyway?'' 




''Oh yeah..'' I laughed.




*I got up and walked to the end of the bed,unzipped my bag and rummaged through it,hoping to find a top to sleep in*













''Mhmm.'' He replied facing me.




''Can I borrow a shirt to sleep in,I forgot mine again.'' 




''I'm starting to think you do that deliberately to sleep in my shirt,I mean...the past 10 sleepover's I think you've worn my shirt to bed.'' Justin chuckled throwing me his old oversized Maple Leafs jersey.




*I caught it and smiled*




''They're just so comforting,and they smell soooo good.'' I giggled sniffing the shirt.




''Okay,that's totally not weird.'' Justin frowned laughing.





''Oh,shut up.'' I laughed.




*I pulled up my other shirt and squeezed out of my shorts revealing my matching black lace underwear,I pulled on the jersey which rested at my upper thighs.*




I know you're front of Justin? really? yeah...I change in front of Justin he's my bestfriend, nothing more and nothing's completely normal for us.




''Where's my phone?'' I asked glancing up at Justin.




Justin's mouth was slightly parted,as he stared at my now covered chest,I giggled and turned around.




''You're dribbling.'' 




''Am not.'' Justin shot back.




*I rolled my eyes and bent over to pick up my phone from the floor,I grabbed it and got back up,turning around again.*





Justin was now lying on the bed with his head rested on the bedboard,hands propped up behind his head,smirking at me.








''I liked that view.'' Justin smirked.




*I rolled my eyes and walked to the light switch,turning it off before Climbing into the double bed and nestling my head into the pillow*




''Uh,excuse me...what are you doing?'' Justin muttered.




''What?'' I groaned opening my eyes.




''You're pillow's right here.'' Justin stated.




*I rolled over to see Justin patting his stomach,grinning,I turned back around*









''Why not?I'm not going to bite.'' 




''Are you forgetting that time when we were 16 Justin? you bit me because I wouldn't give you a hug.'' I giggled.




''Okay,I promise I won't bite you,just be my cuddle buddy.'' Justin said.





''Fine...'' I muttered.




*Justin smirked as he opened up the covers so I could slide in,I placed my head on Justin's chest and swung my left arm over Justin's stomach,Justin grabbed my hand from under the covers and entwined our fingers,and stroked my hair with the other*




''See..that wasn't so bad,was it?''  Justin chuckled softly.




''But when we normally do this,you always do something weird to ruin the moment.'' I frowned up at him.




*Justin laughed and kissed my forehead*




In a FRIENDLY way.




''I know,but you should know that by now Marls...I'm not normal.'' 




''I know you're not.'' 




''Neither are you.'' 




''What? I'm soo normal,you're a freak.'' I declared looking up at the ceiling.




''Course you are,you're about the weirdest person I've ever met,that's why we get on....because you're crazy and funny...and so am I.'' 




''You're not funny.'' I frowned again.




''Whatever Bob,you know I'm funny,face it....I wouldn't be friends with you if I weren't.''




'' wouldn't be friends with me if you didn't run up to me and tell me you loved me,I felt sorry for you so I decided to make friends with you.'' I giggled.




*Justin's mouth dropped as he pinched my hand,I jolted up right and pulled my hand out of Justin's and out of the blankets,to see a huge red mark on my hand,I looked at Justin with evil eyes*




''What the fuck was that for?'' I whined hitting Justin hard in the chest.




''You know I don't like you bringing up the kindergarten thing...I was practically a baby,I only just learned the word.'' 




''But then you said it again at 5.....and 7...and 9, is there a pattern here or is it just me?'' I laughed.




''Shut up! I was still young at those ages...I can't help my stupid little brain,I didn't actually mean it.'' Justin shot,getting red in the face.




''Whatever,I'm going to bed.'' I muttered,before turning around and slumping back into my pillow,facing away from Justin.





''Marls,I'm sorry.'' 




There was a pause.




*Justin sighed before he leaned over and kissed my cheek*




''I will tickle you,like legit untill your on the floor.'' Justin stated.




''Try it and see the outcomes,but I tell you now...they won't be fucking pretty.'' I mumbled




*Justin sighed*



He know's I only swear when I'm angry or really upset.




''Marls,you know me and my big mouth sometimes,I say shit I don't mean.''




''I fucking hate it when you shout at me though,I feel horrible,when most of the time it's not even my fault.'' I sighed. ''Goodnight,Justin.'' I muttered.





''Marlee,I'm not going to sleep on us not being okay,I don't want to argue with're my bestfriend Marls,I hate it when we fight.'' I heard Justin whine.




''Well then don't shout at me.'' I spat back.




''Okay,I promise...Come'ere.'' I heard Justin chuckle




*I sighed heavily before swinging my legs over the end of the bed and getting up*





''Woah...woah,where are you going?'' 




''To the bathroom,if that's okay.'' I replied sarcastically,keeping my back towards Justin.




''I wouldn't get rude Marls.'' I heard Justin warn.




''What are you going to d-'' 




*Justin grabbed my waist from behind and picked me up,before running over to the bed and dumping me in the middle,he climbed on top of me and started to tickle me*




''I'm going to do this.'' Justin declared after a moment of silence.





*He tickled my stomach,causing me to kick and squirm beneath him*




Yeah...I'm ticklish on my stomach...




''Say sorry Justin.'' Justin said in a sing-song tone.








''Say it.'' 







''Fine,you had your chance.'' Justin smirked.




*Justin started to tickle my stomach again,laughing hysterically in the process* 













''STA-STOP! I'M GONNA PEE!'' I screeched.




''Lies....excuses,betrayal.'' Justin muttered giving me evils before he began tickling me again.








*Justin laughed before he rolled off me,I got up and sprinted to the toilet,locking the door after me,I did my buisiness before flushing the chain,then washing my hands before I walked out of his en suite,immediately getting jumped by Justin,asking for a hug,I rolled my eyes and let him hug the fuck out of me before I finally hugged him back*




''I love your hugs.'' Justin murmured into my ear.








''You're supposed to say it back.'' Justin said pulling apart from the hug and pouting.




''Too bad.'' I smiled poking the tip of his nose.




*Justin grabbed a hold of my hand and spun me in a circle,singing*




'You're a true friend

You're here till the end,

You pull me aside when something ain't right

Talk with me now and into the night,

Till it's alright again

You're a true friend.' Justin sang softly spinning me around in circles.




*I giggled as he stopped spinning me,pulling me into another bone crushing hug*




''Happy 16 year anniversary peanut butt.'' Justin chuckled.



Yeah,that's his nickname for me,he's been calling me that since the age of 7...he thought it was funny for some reason.



''You too,pickle head.'' I smiled into his chest.




Yes,and that was my nickname for Justin..I made it up when I was 10,it just slipped out one day and ever since it's been stuck to me.




''Let's get some rest,if were going to the mall tomorrow.'' Justin added pulling out of the hug and walking over to the bed.




''Okay.'' I murmured jumping into the bed and pulling the covers up to my neck.




*After a few moments,I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist,and a body being pressed up against mine,Justin nestled his head in my neck,pulling me as close to him as he possibly could*



''Night,Marls.'' Justin whispered in my ear after another minute of silence.



''Goodnight,Justin.'' I whispered back,before my eye lids shut and I was plunged into darkness.






















Stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3


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