Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


18. Pinky promise



I gulped down the massive lump in my throat as I stared at the knife as I slowly walked towards it.



Crossing my fingers as my heart was beating fiercely out of my chest.









I felt myself become slightly dizzy from the thought of an intruder in my house.






and then suddenly a shriek left my lips as a tight clasp was restricted around my waist.


a chuckle then escaped their lips and I felt a wet kiss being placed on my jawbone as they rocked me from side to side.



''JUSTIN! You scared the shit out of me!'' I yelled,pushing him away as a tear slipped my eye.



''Lighten up babe,it was a joke.''



''Well it wasn't fucking funny,I thought I was going to die.'' I spat,pushing his shoulder away from me as he tried to reach out and hug me. ''No,stop.'' I replied,pushing him away again as he pouted and grabbed my waist.



''Babe you know I wouldn't leave you on your own.'' Justin chuckled.



''Yeah but you took it too far,I actually thought my life was going to end...and what the FUCK was up with the knife?!'' I yelled,bending down and picking it up before throwing it onto the counter.



''I wanted to scare you really badly.'' Justin shrugged,smirking.



''Yeah well congratulations jackass,it worked.'' I barked before walking over to the freezer and getting an ice cube before walking into the living area and sitting on the couch.



''Babe,you take things too seriously.'' Justin chuckled,jumping over the couch and sitting next to me.



I moved away from him and placed the ice cube on the right side of my forehead where my migraine was starting to develop.



''No I fucking don't,if I left your house,turned off the power,snuck into the house and dropped a knife on the floor in front of you would you just brush it aside once you saw I was the one playing this 'funny' little joke? nuh uh,I don't think so,so don't sit there and tell me I'm taking things too seriously when I'm not,its perfectly fine to react like this...we may be best friends and joke around like this but this was over the limit Justin.''  I hissed,slapping his hand away from my knee as he began to rub it to calm me down.



''Marlee I'm sorry.'' 



''Yeah...whatever.'' I replied,getting up and walking into the kitchen.



'' number one your mad at me because I played a prank on you? number two your mad at me because you don't think your not taking this seriously?'' 



''your confusing me.'' 



''and you don't think I'm confused too?'' Justin chuckled,trapping me between his body and the island in the middle of the kitchen.



''Back up bubble boy.'' I laughed,pushing him away.



''How about we just kiss and forget about what just happened.'' Justin smiled,hopeful.



''YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH no.'' I replied,jumping up onto the counter and swivveling around but immediately I was faced with Justin again as he quickly ran around the other side to trap me again.



''Fuck you.'' I laughed.



Justin smirked and began to kiss my neck.



''Justin,stop...I'm trying to be mad.'' I giggled,trying not to give in to his kisses.



''you know you want meeeee.'' Justin squeaked,follow by a wince and a unhealthy cough.



I burst out into laughter and ruffled his hair. ''You're the biggest loser I know.'' 



''PROUD LOSER RIGHT HERE.'' Justin yelled,sliding me off the counter and onto his waist,he wrapped his arms around my legs just as I wrapped my arms around his neck.



''You should be proud,having the traits of a loser is always good.'' I smiled sarcastically,causing Justin to pout.



''I'm not that much of a loser.'' 






''Shut up poo head.'' Justin laughed,spinning me around once.



''It's cried the first time you spoke to me.''  I giggled.



''When am I going to ever hear the end of this?'' Justin rolled his eyes.



''Never,because I find it extremely cute.'' I giggled causing Justin to blush.



''You-you don't think it was stupid?'' Justin asked,biting his lip slightly.



''Nope,it was probably the cutest moment of history..I remember watching you run away crying,you nearly tripped over your baggy pants,they were waaaay to big for you.'' I laughed.



''Hey! it's not my fault my mom dressed me in them,besides I was always short and they were the smallest size.'' Justin pouted.



I kissed his pouting lip and looked into his eyes. ''I'm sorry,I just can't get over how cute it was...I mean...a little boy you don't even know running up to you and saying 'I love you' before running away? it confused me but I have to admit it was so freakin' cute.'' I cooed,gripping Justin's cheeks and murmuring like a baby in his face to annoy him.



Justin shot me an evil glare before he began to twirl us around,he suddenly stopped and one hand slipped up to the back of my head before he slammed his lips onto mine.


I kissed him before pulling away,Justin whined and kissed me multiple times on the lips.



''Don't you think this is weird?'' I asked,pulling away.



''What's weird?'' Justin replied.



''You one minute were like best friends...then the next were dating..I still find it really weird.'' 



''No...I don't think it's weird,i've been feeling this way for years and it doesn't seem real that it's became a reality.'' Justin smiled.



''I still find it weird...I mean,do you think were moving too fast?''



''Baby,no...why do you say that?'' 



''It's just...I don't want to loose our bestfriend relationship if we stop dating or something.''



''Were not going to stop dating... I actually promised your mom a couple of years back that i'd marry you if it was the last thing I do.'' Justin replied,suddenly finding interest in the floor.



''Awhh..Justin,that's so old were you when you said that?'' 




''I was 14...stupid I know...but I just love you too much to let you slip outta my hands and to fall into some other boys who would never love you as much as I do.''



I smiled and leaned my head on Justin's,hiding my face from his. ''Stop,your making me blush.'' 



''That wasn't my intention but that makes me feel good.'' Justin chuckled,hugging me tightly.



''I love you so much Justin.''



''I love you so much too,and I swear its unhealthy to love someone this much.'' He chuckled,smiling up at me as he slowly leaned in and kissed my lips.



''Promise me you'll forever be mine?'' 



''I'll forever be yours unless you get bored of me.'' 



''You don't have to worry about that babe,that's never going to happen.'' Justin chuckled,kissing my temple before dropping my legs onto the floor so I could stand again.



''You never know what the future holds Justin,you might want us to be but we might not be together for eternity.'' I replied,shrugging as I leaned my head on his shoulder as he pulled me into the living area.



''Well I'm not letting anything ruin,this is forever.'' 




''Pinky promise?''



''Pinky promise.'' 






this is short and shit but i really cba with this story atm,,dw im not going to ditch it,I just find more interest in 'The douchebag' and 'The nerd' at the moment..btw the last chapter for 'Under the mistetoe' will either be up on friday or earlier this week.






AND ALSO IF YOU HAVE A TWITTER PLEASE TWEET '#Mtvstars Justin Bieber' it counts as a vote and Justin really needs to win,I wan't my baby happy..


Justin's now in australia the lucky shit-.-


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stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3







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