Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


14. ''Marlee Temple''


Marlee's POV:

*1 week later*


''Baby are you ready to go to school?'' Justin asked,walking into my bedroom.



''Yeah,give me 5 minutes,I just need to finish the other side of my head.'' I muttered,putting all my attention on the curling wand I held in my hand.



*I watched as Justin walked into the bathroom and hugged me from behind,he just stood there smiling at my reflection in the mirror smiling to himself*



''You're so gorgeous.'' He muttered,resting his chin on my shoulder.



''HEY  HEY HEY! Watch it! I don't want to burn myself.'' I shrieked as Justin nudged my arm.



''Sorry,can I curl a piece?'' Justin asked,letting go of my waist and standing beside me.



''Is it really a good idea after what happened all those years ago Justin?'' I asked,laughing at him.



''What?! I was 15 and I had never used curlers before! I'm sorry for burning you...I did buy you flowers after.'' Justin pouted.



''I remember you nearly started crying because you thought the burn was really bad,so you brought me flowers and an tub of ice cream,acting like I was dying or something.'' I laughed,placing the curling iron back onto the mat.



''Ohh..I'm sorry for caring.'' Justin pouted,crossing his arms and looking into the mirror,despite the small smile creeping up on his lips.



''Come on then you big baby,we have school soon.'' I laughed,prodding his shoulder.



*Justin just sighed and let his arms fall to his side,I laughed and leaned over pecking his cheek quickly as he picked up the curling iron*



''Now...don't curl to the top of my head,I don't want to look like Shirley Temple.'' I warned,waving my finger in his face.



*Justin leaned over and bit it lightly before he smiled,nodding his head*



'' would look cute with curls like that....Marlee Temple.'' Justin chuckled,picking up the first strand of hair. 



''Shut up you complete dweeb.'' I giggled,staring at him in the mirror.



''Hey! that's no way to treat your boyfriend,slash bestfriend!'' Justin yelled,prodding the curling wand in the air.



It's true...Justin and I have been dating ever since that night I kissed him,he asked me straight after when we were sitting on the couch watching movies wrapped up in a blanket,I was sitting in between his legs and he kept placing small kisses all over my head..






''This movie is hilarious.'' I chuckled,playing with Justin's fingers which were wrapped around my stomach.



''You gotta love 'The Heat'.'' Justin laughed,leaning his forehead on the back of my head.



''I know right.'' I murmured,fixing my eyes back to the TV again.






''Marlee....I wanna ask you something.'' Justin whispered into my ear,pulling me closer to his chest.



*I paused the TV and turned around to face him,I breathed out and smiled*



''Go ahead.'' I replied,fiddling with my fingers.



''Tell me if it's to soon,and I know we've been getting closer recently,I love you and I don't want to see you with anyone else,so...will you be my girl?'' He asked,nervously picking at the loose thread on the pillow he clutched in his hand.



''Only if you be my boy.'' I giggled,tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.



*Justin instantly grinned and pulled be back down into his lap,kissing my head repetitively*



''You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment.'' Justin whispered,pressing his cheek into my hair.



''12 years or something? eh?'' I joked,looking up at him.



*Justin pouted and I laughed before I reached up and pressed my lips into his cheek*



''It's all good,I've felt the same since forever too.'' I admitted,turning to face the TV again.



''I love you,baby.'' Justin whispered into my ear as he squeezed my stomach.



''I love you too,Justin.'' I replied.






''I'm sorry,yadda yadda.'' I muttered,rolling my eyes.



''Your lucky I love you and we have school to get to.'' Justin replied.



''Just curl ma damn hair boy.'' I replied,using the well known Texas accent.



''Oh god.'' Justin laughed,wrapping a strand of hair around the wand.



''Now hold the curl there for 7 seconds before letting go.'' I muttered,looking at him in the mirror.



''Mhm.'' Justin replied,his tongue slightly sticking out his mouth as all his concentration was on my hair.



''You look so adorable right now.'' I giggled,watching him in the mirror.



*I watched as Justin looked up to see himself in the mirror with his tongue sticking out,he put it back in his mouth and winked at me*



''Not as adorable as you,home girl.'' Justin shrieked,using his best girl impression.



''Stop,your so bad.'' I laughed,putting my hands over my face.



*Justin chuckled and looked back at my hair before he slowly let the curl drop,I laughed as Justin gasped,looking at the curl in awe*



''It's so beautiful.'' Justin gasped,pretending to wipe away a tear as he smirked at my reflection in the mirror.



''Shut up you dork.''I giggled. ''Hurry up with the rest of my hair,we need to leave soon.'' I whined,frowning at Justin.



''Alright!! Alright! I'm hurrying.'' Justin murmured,picking up the next strand and continuing the process.





''YAY! only 2 more pieces!'' Justin yelled,holding the wand up in the air in triumph.



''Alright dork,get on with it.'' I sighed,crossing my arms over my chest.



''Moody.'' Justin whispered under his breath,I narrowed his eyes as he glanced up at me quickly before he looked back down,a small smile forming on his lips. ''Just kidding,love you.'' 



''Mhm,love you too.'' I smirked,rolling my eyes.



*Justin chuckled and finished the last piece of hair before he moved on to the last,I stuck my tongue out as I realised Justin was watching me in the mirror,Justin did the same accidently knocking his hand into my skin,causing the wand to burn my skin behind my ear,Justin gasped and put the curler down onto the protection mat*



''Justin! you burnt me!'' I whined,leaning forwards over the mirror and peering at the burn.



''I'm so sorry!'' Justin gushed,waving his hands around in the air,frantically looking for paper towel.



''Here!'' Justin replied,handing me a wet paper towel he just soaked in warm water,I placed it behind my ear and sighed.



''What am I going to do with you,ay?'' I asked,chuckling slightly.''



*Justin pouted*



''Stop pouting,I'm not going to feel sorry for you,you should feel sorry for me!'' 



''I do!'' Justin retorted,pouting harder as his eyes widened.



''That's not cute either.'' I stated.



''Oh please! I'm adorable.'' He scoffed,rolling his eyes.



''You're so vain,Justin.'' 



''I'm not,I'm just messing with you,gosh.'' He replied,pulling me into his embrace as he chuckled. ''Hug me back you little shit.'' Justin grinned.



''How about no,you burned me you fucker.'' I spat.



*I got out of his grasp and picked up the curling iron,curling the last strand of hair before I turned it off,I sprayed a tiny bit of hairspray in my hair and combed my fingers through my hair,letting the curls loosen,out  the corner of my eye I could see Justin watching me in awe*



''Wow,your hair looks amazing.'' Justin breathed,stepping forwards and running his hand through my hair. ''And extremely soft too.'' 



I giggled.''Thanks.'' 



''No problemo,el Marlio.'' Justin muttered before he walked out the room.



''Why am I friends with this creep?'' I muttered to myself as I followed him out.



''I HEARD THAT BABE!'' Justin yelled as I watched him walk out the door.



''I DON'T CARE.'' I yelled back,a smirk playing on my face.






''Come at me Bieber,I'm not even scared.'' I laughed,grabbing my phone off the bed and walking over to the mirror.



*I ran my hand through the curls again to make them looser and took a selfie of myself,I smiled and clicked onto the picture only to realise Justin was pulling the duck face in the background,I screamed and turned around to see Justin stood there silently laughing*



''How the fuck did you get up here without me knowing?'' I asked,placing my hand over my heart.



''Bieberception'' He shrugged,before he walked forwards and hugged me backwards,resting his chin on my shoulder as he looked into the mirror smiling,I did the same but stared at him,frowning slightly.



''Why are you frowning?'' Justin laughed,finally looking at my reflection in the mirror.



''I just can't believe how lucky I am to have you in my life.'' I whispered,staring at him with a smile on my face.



*Justin looked back at me through the mirror,a smile slowly forming on his lips*



''I love you so much.'' Justin whispered,shaking his head slightly. ''So,so much.'' He added,wrapping his arms tighter around my stomach.



''I love you too,Jay.'' I giggled,turning around and placing a kiss on his cheek before turning back around and staring at him.



''We match today,how cute.'' Justin laughed,trailing his eyes down my body.



''I guess we do.'' I giggled,looking at mine and Justin's outfits,smiling to myself.



Marlee's outfit:


Justin's outfit:


''No they don't.'' I laughed.



''Yes they do! were wearing the same shade of blue un-intentionally.'' Justin chuckled,pointing to my sweatshirt. ''Hey! isn't that mine anyway?'' 



'' gave it to me last year when we went to that barbecue and I forgot to give it back.'' I smiled innocently.



''Considering you see me everyday,you obviously didn't forget.'' Justin rolled his eyes.



''Whatever,its's probably one of my favourite sweatshirts of yours.'' I shrugged,rubbing the sleeves together before placing them on either side of my face.



''Yeah,that and 50 others I gave to you.'' Justin chuckled.



''I'm sorry...don't give a girl your sweatshirt if you don't want it back.'' I retorted,giving him evils.



''Babe I'm kidding,keep them look super cute in my sweatshirts.'' Justin grinned,kissing my forehead before letting go of me.



''How long till school?'' I asked,facing Justin.



''we have half an we need to leave in 20.'' Justin called before he got out the door. ''Baby,wanna get a Starbucks before first period?'' Justin asked,popping his head around the door.



''Sure,I wanted a hot coco anyway.'' I smiled before I sprayed my Vera Wang Bejewelled perfume over my jumper and on my neck and wrists.



''That stuff smells so good.'' Justin moaned,closing his eyes and sniffing the air.



''Want me to spray you?'' I joked,pointing the perfume bottle at his face.



''I'm good,I'll get some cologne,one second.'' Justin muttered before he ran out the room.



''It's surprising how much shit you brought around here just to look after me while I recovered.'' I called,chuckling to myself.



''Well who knows...maybe if we get used to it...we can buy that apartment we've been dreaming of since the age of eight huh?'' Justin smirked walking into the room.



''I'm surprised my momma doesn't get mad that you eat all the food in the fridge.'' I replied truthfully.



''Me too to be honest.'' Justin laughed walking over to me.



''Let's take a selfie.'' I whispered,looking up at Justin.



'' hair doesn't look right.'' Justin whined,flattening down his hair with his hands.



''It looks perfect,now stop and take photo's.'' I giggled,pulling his hands away from his hair and leading him into the bathroom.



''Why in here?'' He laughed,frowning slightly.



''Because there's better lighting,and it makes my skin look flawless.'' I replied,turning around and clicking on the camera tab on Instagram.



''Your skin is flawless anyway,you idiot.'' Justin laughed,standing next to me by the window.



''How about no.'' I muttered.



''How about-''



''Shh,I'm going to take it.'' I hissed,instantly smiling after to take the photo.



*I took the photo and instantly laughed as I noticed Justin pulling the rape face in the background,I turned around and slapped his shoulder*



''Stop! I want a cute one.'' I giggled,turning back around and smiling again to take the photo.



*I took the photo again and instantly sighed as Justin was all blurry in the background,his eyes wide and his mouth open,I turned around and gave him evil eyes,he just laughed and shrugged*



''It's funny,let's do a silly one then a cute one alright?'' Justin asked.



''Okay fine.'' I sighed. ''What face are you pulling?'' 



''This one.'' Justin laughed,facing me and pulling his face.



the face: 


''Awh!'' I cooed,pinching his cheeks,Justin swatted my hands away and laughed,I pouted and turned around.



*I typed in my passcode because my phone locked and took the photo of both of us pouting,I put an affect on it and posted it to Instagram,putting the caption as 'Ready for school with this loser:p #bestfriend #poutitout #cute #school #selfie' and posted it to instagram.*



''Okay now for the cute one.'' I replied,clicking the capture tab again.



''How about I kiss your cheek and you do whatever.'' Justin laughed,shrugging.



''Okay?'' I hesitated.



*I stood in the foreground and Justin stood beside of me kissing my cheek with his eyes closed,I pulled my sleeve up to my face and covered my mouth,I closed my eyes and took the photo with my other hand,I opened my eyes and grabbed my phone and smiled*



''Cute.'' I muttered.



*I laughed when I still realised Justin still had his lips locked on my cheek*



''Uh..Justin,the photo's been taken.'' I laughed.



''I know,but I want to kiss you.'' He mumbled into my lips before he pressed them back into my cheek.



''If you stop I'll kiss your properly.'' I replied,turning around,causing Justin to pull away.



*Justin nodded and leaned in,I leaned in to and placed a peck to his lips,before pulling away and flicking through the filters to see which one looked best*




''Hey! that was short.'' Justin whined.



''Whatever, you like this filter? personally I think it's the best.'' I replied,facing Justin.



''I don't really care to be honest.'' Justin muttered.



''Cheer up champ,I'll kiss you later.'' I laughed,patting his shoulder.



''Fineee.'' Justin mumbled.



*I laughed and rolled my eyes,I began to type out a caption to fit the picture. 'Love him<3 #boyfriend #school #cutie #selfie #boyfriendandgirlfriend #monday #bored @justinbieber' I smiled and pressed next,I watched as the picture processed before the photo was uploaded,I heard a ping and turned around to see Justin pull his phone out his pocket,He unlocked his phone and  smile a couple of seconds later,He looked up at me and pouted,a small smile visable on his lips*



'' you too,baby.'' Justin cooed,walking forwards and giving me a hug,I hugged him back.



*I jumped when my phone pinged again,I pulled away from Justin and clicked on the notification for Instagram saying that someone commented on one of my photo's,I pressed the notification button and clicked on the comment,I instantly frowned*



'Eww what the fuck,ugliest girl going' A girl named Sydney commented on one of my old selfies from 2 weeks ago.


''Just ignore her babe,your beautiful.'' Justin whispered into my ear,evident that he was behind me looking over my shoulder.



''Isn't  tha-''






*I looked down at my phone to see another comment on one of my photo's It was the one me and Justin took earlier,pouting*



'Marlee,you look like the ugly duckling lmao,you're not cute' Sydney commented again.



'Justin looks hot in this,I would tap that;)' another comment read from her,which was just posted a few seconds ago.



''This girl is disgusting.'' Justin scoffed,grabbing my phone and typing something out. ''No one insults my girl and gets away with it!'' Justin muttered,focusing on my iPhone screen.



''What are you writing?'' I asked,peering over his shoulder.



'Dear Sydney,this is Justin...Marlee's BOYFRIEND,I am in no way interested in you,your a fucking slut and you make me feel sick,your calling my girl ugly when you look like donkey from shrek,so I suggest you stop talking out that rachet ass of yours and go get a face lift,ok bye..oh and no,you wouldn't tap this..It's of limits to whores like you,lmao..smell ya later hoe.k.thanks.bye.'



*I snorted when I read his reply,Justin chuckled and clicked on her profile,flicking through the photo's as he burst out laughing,I peered over the phone to see a photo of this 'Sydney' girl sticking her ass out in the mirror,the caption read 'do these shoes make my ass look big?'*



''What the fuck is wrong with this girl!?'' Justin snorted,typing something in again.



'Your ass looks like it's been deflated,yeh...this is Justin again and before you freak,I'm not creeping on you,I'm laughing at your fail attempt to be sexy,all my girlfriend has to do is breathe and it's sexy as fuck,where as you have no chance in being even a little bit pretty,I suggest you put a paper bag over your face and fuck off back to the cheesy cheeto factory where you brought your foundation from,lmao'



''Justin,don't you think you're being a bit to harsh now?'' I asked,frowning up at him.



''No! she called you ugly..besides,this is way to amusing.'' Justin laughed,clicking on the next photo.



'Duck faced rachet ass motherfucking slug eyebrowed ugly ass hoe' Justin commented again,on a photo of Sydney pulling the duck face.



''Justin stop.'' I demanded,ripping my phone out of his hands.



''Fine,but she's a fucking slut.'' Justin muttered before he walked out the bathroom.



''Whatever.'' I murmured,rolling my eyes and following him out.



*I followed Justin down the stairs and walked into the kitchen,grabbing a bottle of water and stuffing it into my backpack,I walked to the door and waited for Justin as I texted my friend  to meet me by my locker*



To: Madison'xo


hey guurl,meet me by my locker? we have sports first..right? - M xox'



From: Madison'xo


hey hoe,aight..yeah,bring extra sneakers..mine are shit;p - M xox'



To: Madison'xo


okay lmao,Converse good enough? - M xox'



From: Madison'xo


YES! bring those purple ones,they go well with my hair bow I'm wearing today lmao*-* - M xox'



To: Madison'xo


Purple it is then:p see you later slut(y) - M xox'



From: Madison'xo


laters whore:p



*I laughed and stuffed my phone into my pocket just as Justin walked out of the living room,munching on a piece of toast*



''Who you texting?'' Justin asked,walking over to me.



''Just Madison,let me have a bite.'' I replied,opening my mouth.



*Justin held the piece of toast out and I bit some of it before he took it back and put it back in his mouth,putting on his Vans*



''I have Sport first,how about you?'' I asked,picking up my converse from the floor and shoving them into my backpack.



''I have Sport I think,you guys are cheering or something I'm not sure..'' Justin murmured.



''I don't think so...oh well,Madison will know.'' I shrugged,opening the door and walking out.


''Mhm.'' Justin replied,following me out and walking ahead.



*Justin walked around to the passenger side and opened the door for me,I smiled and got in,watching him as he ran to the other side and got in before starting up the engine*


''You don't need to open up the door for me you know.'' I grinned,looking at Justin.



''Yes I do,your my princess...princesses get everything done for them.'' Justin replied,glacing at me quickly before he fixed his gaze on the road.



*I turned and looked out the window,blush creeping up on my cheeks*



''You're so sweet.'' I muttered.



''Thanks babe,you too.'' Justin laughed,turning the corner to turn down the street towards Starbucks.



''What are you getting?'' Justin asked,facing me once he parked the car.


''Chocolate latte.'' I replied,getting out the car.



''Cool,I'll go get them,you wait here if you want.'' Justin suggested as he climbed out the car.



''Alright,we have 15 minutes to school so hurry up.''I called,climbing back into the car.



''Will do.'' Justin winked,before he turned around and walked into Starbucks.



*I laughed and began to fiddle with my phone*



Today will be eventful...












Stay beautiful<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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