Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


8. I promise



''Marlee hit her head hard when the car collided with her,causing her brain to shut down,we tried our best to keep her awake but her body declined causing her to slip into a severe coma.I'm sorry.'' The doctor replied,before he walked away.



We tried our best to keep her away but her body declined causing her to slip into a severe coma.


A coma...


My baby's in a coma...



*In seconds the tears began to fall as I desperately tried to find a nurse or doctor*



'Marlee's fighting for her life right now and your out here crying like a whimp,get in there and stay strong..Marlee needs you to stay strong' My mind screamed.



''My baby needs me.'' I muttered as I ran to the nearest nurse. ''Hey! HEY!'' I called,waving my hand in the air.



*The nurse stopped walking and turned to me smiling*




''Do you know what room Marlee Hightower is in?''  I panted,resting my hands on my knees and squatting over.




''Yes,floor 2 room 126.'' The nurse smiled.


''Thanks.'' I muttered as I ran for the lift.



*I took a deep shaky breath and pressed the button*




Come on Justin,you can do this...its only a lift,think about Marlee..she need's you.



*Finally the lift pinged and the doors swung open,I stepped inside and instantly pressed level 2 and walked over to the corner of the lift holding onto the rails and closing my eyes tight*



Think happy thoughts..Marlee's going to make it...she'll be in your arms soon..everything will be back to normal.



*The lift doors flung open and I ran out,I took the first corridor to the right and followed it down*












*I too a deep breath and slowly opened the door,my hand immediately clasped my mouth as I looked at the lifeless Marlee on the bed*



It's worse than I thought,a heart monitor at the corner of the room beeping endlessly, creepy white wires attached to Marlee's body,bruises and cuts visable on the small part of skin that was showing,she lay lifelessly on the bed,her beautiful brown hair spiralling down the blankets graciously,there was no sign of her beautiful green eyes as her eye's were closed,showcasing her long lashes,her small delicate hands lay by her side,and her lips...oh her sweet sweet lips,they were practically colourless..a pale pink colour,which was a change from her naturally pink lips.




*Tears began to fall again as  I walked forward,I walked to the side of the bed and leaned over,getting a closer look at her face*



I feel like she's going to scare me any second and wake up giggling,but this wasn't a joke..this was real..the accident was real.



*I ran out the room sick of the thought of Marlee laying in a hospital bed*



I know how scared she is of hospitals...I should be in there telling her it's okay..holding her hand,I want her to fall asleep in my arms like old times,I want to see those beautiful green eyes which lighten up my mood.I want to see her happy,awake,smiling..I want to see her start arguments with me,because we all know in the end we end up on the floor tickling each other,or saying sorry because we can't live without each other.But this time I can't beg her to forgive me..I can't tickle her and make everything okay again,because the last time she saw me,she was running across the road,hurt by my words...and also hurt that I was telling the truth,this may be her time to go,but I pray to god  It isn't..I would die for Marlee. 



*I leaned up against the wall outside of Marlee's room and pulled out my phone,it immediately lit up with 7 missed calls from 'Pattie' I re dialled her number*



After 2 rings she picked up.


(Pattie: P  Justin: J)



PJustin? oh my god...thank god you're okay...please tell me everything's okay,where are you?-


J:  ''Mom,I'm at the hospital..Marlee's hurt,please come,I need you right now'' I chocked into the phone



P:  Oh my god! Is she okay? oh lord..Justin,I'll be right there,hold on



J:  ''Just please hurry...I can't do this on my own..and I can't get a hold of her mom.'' I sobbed into the phone.



P:  ''Hold on baby,I'm on my way...stay strong,maybe she's out in the city,It's a different time zone there in Australia.'' 



J: ''Thanks mom,just please hurry up...the floor numbers 2 and the room is 126,I'll meet you outside the room.'' 



*I hung up and clutched the phone in my hands,I looked at my lock screen,and It instantly brought more tears to my eyes*



It was a picture of me and Marlee,my arms wrapped around her neck,Marlee smiling her beautiful smile,and my lips on her cheek...we looked so happy,so content.



*I kicked the wall in frustration*




I seriously can't deal with this right now.



*Just as I was about to walk back into the room,I heard hurried footsteps,I looked to my left and saw Mom hurrying down the corridor,panting heavily,I ran halfway and embraced her in a warm hug as I sobbed *



''Is she sleeping?'' Pattie asked once I pulled away.




''Mom,its w-worse.'' I sniffed.




''Oh no,what state is she in?'' Pattie hesitantly asked,her eyes big.




''She's in a coma,mom.A fucking coma and it's all my fault.'' I yelled,tears pouring down my cheeks again.



*Mom pulled me back into the hug and squeezed me tight,she pulled away and lead me into Marlee's room,she gasped once she saw the state of Marlee,letting out a small whimper,Pattie walked over to the bed and touched Marlee's hand slightly*




''Sweetie,I'm so sorry,Justin what happened?'' Pattie whispered turning around to me.




''I want to get out of here,let's go to the canteen..its a long story.'' I muttered.



*Pattie nodded and kissed Marlee's head before she walked out,I took one last glace at Marlee and walked out*



I don't want to touch her..I'll just hurt her even more then I have,which is impossible...



*Pattie pulled me into a side hug as we silently walked down the empty corridor*



''I wan't to know everything that happened,Justin.'' Pattie replied after we found a small table in the corner of the half empty cafeteria.



''It's a long story,so hold on tight.'' I muttered before I shuffled my seat nearer to moms.



*Pattie nodded and I began to explain every single detail of the past few days,Pattie just sat there in silence,nodding when appropriate* 


''-Then the car hit her,really bad...I wanted to save her but the car was already gliding towards her when I stepped out onto the road,Mom.It was horrible.'' I croaked,tears welling up in my eyes again.



''Justin...oh my gosh,that's horrible,poor girl.I know it's hard but I wan't you to stay strong for me...and for Marlee...she would hate to see you upset,this isn't your fault,it isn't any ones  fault..Marlee was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.'' Pattie whispered,rubbing my back as she pulled me into a soothing hug.



''I can't stand to see her like this though,it makes me sick that I can't joke with her and cuddle her.'' I whimpered,finally letting the tears flow.



''I know baby,I know you love her...but you need to be by her side through all of this,if she makes it she'll be happy to see you with her,but if she doesn't,I'm sure she would want to take some of her last breaths with you by her side,but we need to pray for her..pray that god will answer our prayers and help Marlee.'' Pattie sniffed,becoming tearful aswell.



''I love her so much mom,and not just as my best friend..I love her in every way possible,and it breaks my heart to see her love another boy who wasn't loyal or respectful towards her...I could of been hers,she wouldn't be lying in a coma right now if Toby never came into the picture,everything was perfect with us.'' I sobbed.




''I know baby,I know...shh.'' Pattie whispered,patting my back as she pulled me into another hug.




''Things will get better...I promise.'' She whispered again.




And I hope to damn god that my mom's right....







awh:( Marlee's in a coma.















Stay Beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3


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