Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


10. Forgotten


*1 week later*






''JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!'' Pattie screamed from downstairs.



''What?'' I snapped back shoving my phone into pocket.



''I just got a call from the hospital!'' She called back.



*My heart instandly stopped,hundreds of thoughts ran through my head,I jumped off the bed and sprinted down the stairs*



''Slow down!'' Pattie scolded,placing a hand on my chest as I accidentally ran into her.



''Is Marlee alright? How is she? has she woken up yet? is she ready to go home? Is she awake? Is she-'' 



''Justin! take a breather,Marlee is fine,she woke up 26 hours ago.'' Pattie replied.






''Justin,calm down...we can go tomorrow-''



''NO! I have to see her now!'' I demanded,running over to the front door and pulling on my red Supras.



''Justin,it's 10 o'clock at night,the visiting times ended 2 hours ago.'' Pattie sighed.



''They have to let me in! I'm practically the only one that's there for her!'' 



'But you weren't there when she needed you the most,you let her walk out.' Voices in my head whispered.



''I need to get out of here!'' I muttered,before wrenching open the door.



'''s not a good idea to go...there's still some tests they need to run and Marlee's m-'' 



''BYE MOM!'' I shouted before I slammed the door.



*Electricity pulped through my veins as I thought of Marlee lying awake on the bed,I sprinted to the car and pulled the door open before I climbed in and started the engine*



'I don't wanna go there,

we should never go there,

why do I have to go there,

I guess I've gotta go there' The car radio boomed,I turned down the volume and sped down the road.



I felt a small smile creep up on my face at the thought of being able to speak to her,see her beautiful eyes..her smile,everything.



*A grin appeared on my face as the hospital came into clear view,I pulled into the guest parking lot and parked the car lazily,I pulled out the keys and stuffed them into my pocket as I ran into the hospital building*



''I'm here to visit Marlee Hightower.'' I gasped once I reached the front desk.



*The young girl looked up at me and smirked,she slapped her lips shut and leaned over the desk,showcasing her chest to me*



''Why hello,I'll just check for her room number.'' She winked before she bit her lip and looked at the computer screen.



''No need,I know what number room it is.'' I muttered before I ran past her. ''Oh,and um...what you did just then wasn't attractive,learn some respect for yourself instead of flashing your cleavage to every man you see,I advise you do your job properly.'' I spat,before I turned back around and headed for the lift.



*I took a deep breath and ran inside,instantly hitting the level 2 button,I stepped back and shut my eyes,moments later the lift doors swung open and I stammered out*



I guess it wasn't a good idea to hold your breath in a lift to calm your nerves.



*I sprinted down the hallway and rounded the corner,Marlee's door came into sight and my legs ran faster,I reached the door and slowly opened ,I peeked through the crack in the door to see Marlee lying peacefully on the bed asleep,the heart monitor beeping steadily,and her chest falling and rising,I smiled instantly and quietly pulled open the door*




''I've finally got my best friend back.'' I muttered as I slowly walked up to the bed and lightly grabbed her cold hand and entwined it with mine,my breathing hitched as Marlee began to stir in the bed so I carefully dropper her hand and went to sit on the chair in the corner*



*I watched her silently with a small smile on my face,I took in all her appearance from head to toe*



She really is beautiful.



*After a while my eyelids became droopy and I found it hard to keep my eyes open,I slowly began to loose concentration on the things around me and suddenly I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore,they were fused shut,forcing me to fall into a deep sleep*







''Please wake up Marlee,please.'' I muttered as I shifted in my spot I vacated for the past 9 hours.



I've been sat wide awake in this position watching Marlee sleep for almost two full hours,I shifted my concentration to my phone once or twice but other than  that I've just been watching her peacefully sleep.



*Suddenly Marlee's eyelids began to flutter,she opened her eyes slowly and stared straight at the door,A grin instantly formed on my face and I instantly jumped out from my seat and ran over to the bed*



''Marls! Oh my god you have no idea how much I've missed you,please don't leave me again...ever...'' I muttered as I flung my arms around her.



*I waited for her to hug me back but she stayed frozen,I frowned and pulled away to see her eyes wide with fear*



''Sorry..I must of scared you.'' I chuckled quietly.



*Marlee's expression stayed emotionless as she stared at me*



''I'm sorry....w-who are you?'' She croaked,her voice barely audible.



''Did they do something to your eyes?'' I chuckled.



*I waited for Marlee to laugh but she just shook her head*



''It's Justin.'' I smiled,taking a step back from her bed. 



''I'm sorry...I don't know any Justin's...I think you have the wrong room.'' Marlee frowned shuffeling in her bed.



''Marlee quit playing,this isn't funny.'' I laughed.



''What do you mean? I honestly don't know you.'' She cried in frustration.



*My smile soon faded and I found myself running a hand through my hair*




''It's Justin Bieber..remember,your best friend since the age of three...we live like a block away from each other.'' I frowned.



''I'm sorry dude,you have the wrong girl...I don't have a best friend.'' She croaked.



''MARLEE! This isn't fucking funny! drop it!'' I yelled,fiercely running my hand through my hair.



''I'm..I'm sorry'' Marlee whispered,a tear pouring down her face from stress.



And right then...right then I believed every word she said,It's true...she doesn't know me,she has no memory of the both of us left in her brain,she officially doesn't know who I am.



*I began to pace the room,positively fuming,I suddenly lost it and lunged for the nearest object,in this case it was a vase I brought her with a get well soon logo on it,I slammed it against the pristine white tiles,next I grabbed the chair I vacated earlier and threw it to the floor,I lifted my foot up and broke all the legs on the chairs before picking up one of the pole legs from the chair and swinging it against the window,pieces of glass flew everywhere,I began to smash the jagged pieces left of the window more fiercely,trying my best to see through my tear filled eyes,I finally stopped and threw the leg chair out of the window,hypercritically crying I dropped to the floor and held my head in my hands,only to notice a big shard of glass embedded in the skin of my left hand*



I must of not felt it go in through all the anger bottling up inside me.



''FUCK IT TO HELL'' I yelled,my voice croaky from my dry strained throat from all the crying.



*I pulled out the shard of glass without hesitation and flung it across the room,I picked up a thick bow from the flowers and wrapped it tight around my hand,I flung my head back against the wall and began to cry uncontrollably.*


I'm all alone in the world now,no one important left in my life,Marlee was the reason for my happiness .I don't think I can do this anymore.







oh my god


dog ym ho 


oh my god


dog ym ho








shit is going


















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