Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


23. Famous?



Ok,wow..just wow.


Over the past 4 months Justin's view have been sky rocketing...


I shit you not someone has literally approached him in the street and asked for an autograph,it's unbelievable. 


We've even had this creepy man try to get hold of him..I have no idea why?


He's called like...Smooter? or something...wait...Scooter? yeah,that's it..but I swear that's something you ride. 


And if it's intended to give off that impression,then damn son..that's dirty. 


Ok that's enough of gross meanings behind the whole 'Scooter' thing. 


Maybe it's a nickname? whatever..who knows.


but he's been calling non stop,and I'm sorry but I have to laugh,Pattie...bless her soul,she's getting really angry with this whole Scooter dude and actually requested that he'd leave her and Justin alone before she calls the cops. 


What I find crazy is that he's tried to get hold of previous schools Justin's been too...he's calling relatives and friends. 


I'm starting to think he's an internet predator..I mean..who could blame him? Justin's got it all..the looks,panty dropping smile,bright eyes...a flawless voice,fluffy hair,he's just I really wouldn't blame him if this Scooter dude wanted to get some. 


but that would be entirely gross..ok stop Marlee...that shit nasteh. 




''Marlee I'm literally about to kill...this dudes been ringing my cell constantly...what do you think he wants?'' Justin growled,looking down at his phone as it once again rang. 


''Just pick it up..whatever he want's it must be so important that he actually want's to not have a life and waste his life calling up an 18 year old constantly.'' I shrugged,taking the phone out of his hand. ''Lemme answer. '' 




''Hello?'' I asked,once I answered the phone,giving Justin the 'shut the hell up look' 


''Hey um..who's this.'' 


''More like who the fuck are you.'' I laughed bitterly. ''Listen here Smooter,you've been calling my boyfriend and his mom non stop for almost 3 weeks,cut it out or I'll personally find you and shove my foot right up your a-'' 


''MARLEE!'' Justin scolded,snatching the phone out of my hand and pressing it to his ear. ''Yeah sorry about that..she can get a little aggressive sometimes.'' Justin chuckled,glancing at me. 


I narrowed my eyes at him and he broke eye contact,not wanting to give into my scary expression. 


''Uh no......yeah,well..I just want you to stop ringing,I feel like your some internet predator,n-....yeah yeah...well I-Wait...what? ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? oh my god,OH MY GOD! stay calm Justin,stay fucking calm.'' He replied,fanning himself with his right hand as he violently gripped the phone with his other.


He looked over at me and grinned. ''YES,yeah yeah...ok have my moms number right? yeah..her name's Pattie,just give her a ring,see what she thinks..yeah,ok thanks Mr.Braun,ok..ok bye.'' 


Hmm...Smooter Braun...sounds catchy.


''What did Smooter want?'' I asked. 


''First off,it's Scooter..and he works for a record company..he's wanting to sign me.'' Justin whispered. 


My mouth dropped open and I instantly ran into his arms,tacking him onto the couch. ''OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS GREAT! THIS IS SO SO GREAT! HOLY SHIT JUSTIN...THIS IS AMAZING,I TOLD YOU HARD WORK WILL PAY OFF,OH MY GOD.'' I squealed,jumping on his lap. 


''Don't do that.'' He whined,lifting his head back. 


I looked down. ''Oh,shit sorry.'' I giggled,getting off him.


''Hey! I said stop grinding against me..I never said you could get off.'' He chuckled,pulling me closer and kissing my neck. 


I flinched away from him and squealed as he picked me up and placed me back on his lap. 



''If things so work out and I become a new artist..I want to let you know that I'll never forget you,and you'll always be my peanutbutt.'' Justin murmured,kissing behind my ear. ''I love you.'' 


''I love you too,Kidrauhl.'' I smiled,leaning back into his chest and closing my eyes. 



If all goes well...Justin will be on his way to a high point in his life...and I hope I'm the one to share that with him. 





Ok ok I'm sorry...all these updates are short as fuck..I'm not updating on 'The bridge' because I have no ideas for the next chapter so I'll have to think about it before I write random junk. 


hope you had a good 1st of March,I did<3


Stay flawless<3


Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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