Forever And A Day (ON HOLD)

Marlee and Justin have been inseparable since kindergarten Best friends forever right? that's what it seems...but are they meant to be more? who can't help love.


4. Busted



Marlee's  POV:


~******NEXT DAY******~



I woke up to Pattie knocking on the door of Justin's bedroom,I groaned just as Justin slowly lifted his head from the pillow.



''Justin? Justin sweetie,can I come in?'' Pattie spoke quietly.



''Yeah,sure.'' Justin yawned.



*I giggled and grabbed my phone from the bedside table,checking for a morning text from Toby*




Hmmm...that's weird,I normally get one every morning from him...



*Pattie walked in and glanced at me,instantly smiling,I smiled back*




''Good morning Marlee,sleep well?'' She asked leaning against the door with her arms crossed.



''Yes thankyou.'' I replied.




''That's good,what about you Justin?'' Pattie asked,her attention landing on the sleeping Justin next to me.




''Justin?'' Pattie laughed.



''Go awayyyyy.'' Justin murmured,stirring in the bed.



*Pattie laughed quitely before she bent down and grabbed a ball of socks clumped together before throwing it at Justin's head,I laughed*




''MOM! what the fu-''




''Stop right there young man! you do not swear in this household!'' Pattie scorned.



''Sorry,but why did you feel the need to wake me up by throwing items from my dirty wash pile at my face?'' Justin muttered,annoyance clear in his tone.



''Your dirty washing should be in the baskets,not all over your floors...I bet Marlee isn't really impressed,are you sweetie?'' Pattie frowned looking at me.




I laughed. ''It's fine...I'm used to his messy room,and sloppy attitude.'' I shrugged,a smile playing on my lips.




*Suddenly I felt a pillow hit the side of my face,I looked over at Justin with wide eyes as he pouted at me,clutching his pillow in his hands*




''Dudee..what was that for?'' I giggled slapping his forehead lightly.




''You called me sloppy!'' Justin pouted wiping a fake tear that supposedly dropped from his eye.




''You're such a drama queen,oh my god!'' I laughed pushing his shoulder slightly.




''You two are just so cute.'' Pattie giggled shaking her head playfully.




''Why you here,Mom?'' Justin laughed after he pushed me back.




''Just want you to go get some groceries for me.'' Pattie smiled.




''Why me?'' Justin whined slumping back into his pillow.




''Because your lazy,and you need to get out of this room.'' I replied.




*Pattie laughed and nodded her head*




''Since when are you my mom?'' Justin frowned,lifting his head up from his pillow.



''I'm not,but I am your best friend and I'm pretty sure Pattie agrees with what I'm saying.'' I stated.



''Whatever...both of you are annoying me.'' Justin mumbled.



''Fine,I guess I'll just leave...bye Pattie.'' I sighed crawling out of the bed.




*Before I could reach the door Justin grabbed my arm and swung  me around before I fell onto the bed,Pattie sighed before she turned around and walked out*




''You two are so cute.'' Pattie mumbled as she shut the door.




''I think your mom meant Marlee's so cute...not you.'' I smiled before sitting back up on the bed.




''Whatever you say,munchkin.'' Justin smirked before he pulled of his pj pants and chucked them onto the dirty clothes pile.



''Don't you dare call me that again,I will kick you in your pretty little face,got it?'' I spoke through gritted teeth.






'',why would you even ask that?'' I laughed picking up a pillow and throwing it at Justin.




Justin was pulling on his skinny jeans just as I threw the pillow which knocked his balance,haha loser.



*I watched as Justin went crashing to the floor falling onto the dirty pile of clothes,I laughed and walked over to him,grabbed his outstretched arm and hoisted him back up to his feet,Justin instantly pouted and put on the other trouser leg before turning away from me and crossing his arms*




''Awhh..Is ickle Justin upset because I pushed him over?'' I cooed poking his shoulder repetitively. 



''If you wan't to be thrown out the window in less then 2.0 seconds,then I suggest you shut the front door.'' Justin replied,not turning around.



'' period?'' I snickered sitting back down on the edge of the bed.



*Before I knew it Justin lunged at me,pinning me down on the bed,hovering over me.*




''Say that again.'' Justin smirked.



''I'm alright.'' 




''Good,your first smart decision...congrats Marlee.'' Justin smiled sarcastically climbing off me.



''Oh ha ha, know I'm smart..don't even get this conversation going.'' I retaliated.




*Justin shook his head chuckling*




''You're so cute.'' 






*Justin rolled his eyes and turned back around to find his top,I ran up to him and jumped on his back wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck*



''I believe I haven't witnessed my morning hug I right?'' I giggled.



''Get off my back then you elephant.'' Justin murmured.



''Oh hell to the motherfucking did not just call me that.'' I yelled,swinging my head to the side to look at his face.



''I'm kidding.'' Justin chuckled,grabbing my legs and swinging me around so I was now facing Justin.



''You're so mean to me.'' 



''But you love me.'' 



''Ew no..'' 



''And you think your all innocent and I'm the bad guy,but you're mean to me too,you little shit!'' Justin chuckled.



''Whatever looser.'' 




*Justin chuckled and leaned in to kiss my cheek,I moved away*




''Ew! get away from me,you have cooties!'' I giggled pushing Justin's arms away from my legs so I could get down.



''How old are you?'' Justin chuckled,once he set me down on the floor.



''One and three quarters...what about you?'' I replied turning around to grab my phone.



''19 and two quarters.'' Justin said.



*I smiled and unlocked my phone instantly seeing the text conversation with Toby from yesterday,I sighed and turned around to look at Justin,who was itching the back of his head whilst looking for a shirt to put on*




''Justin?'' I asked quietly.



''Mhm?'' He replied,still not looking at me.



''Do you find it weird that Toby hasn't text me this he normally does?'' I mumbled,twiddling with my thumbs.



''Maybe he's still sleeping..or his phone might be turned off?'' Justin shrugged,glancing at me quickly.



''O-Okay..thanks.'' I sighed.



*Justin walked over to me and sat next to me on the bed*




''Marls,don't worry about it..I'm sure he'll text you..alright?'' Justin smiled reassuringly.



I smiled back. ''Alright.'' 



''JUSTIN! HURRY UP!'' Pattie yelled from downstairs.



*Justin sighed and got up,I slung him a shirt from his wardrobe and followed him downstairs*



''I'll be like 10 minutes alright Marlee?'' Justin raised his eyebrows,stopping halfway down the stairs.



''Sure,whatever...I'll just eat all your food and watch shitty spongebob episodes.'' I rolled my eyes and pushed him lightly on the shoulder.



*Justin rolled his eyes and jumped the last four steps on the stairs before he grabbed his Supras and slipped them on,he grabbed his keys and swung them around his index finger before shoving them in his pocket,he turned around to look at me.*




''Mom's out so if you need anything call me alright Marls? I won't be long,and try not eat everything in the fridge like last time...I was only gone half an hour.'' Justin chuckled opening the door.



''Well your going to be 10 minutes,so i'll just eat a third of your fridge okay?'' I replied cheekily.



*Justin rolled his eyes and walked out the door*




''Bye looser!'' I shouted 




''Bye asswipe!'' Justin replied.



And with that Justin was gone..




Justin's POV:



*I buried my arms under my armpits as I entered the harsh whirl of wind circling the house,I jogged slightly down the road until I came to the footpath,I pulled out my phone and began to tweet a message*



'@justinbieber: going for a walk! lazy day with @Marlee_moo watching movies and eating the whole contents of my fridge,haha #goodmood'



*I smiled and sent the tweet before sliding my phone back into my pocket*



*5 minutes later*



*I pulled out the list my mom left by the door and scanned over the items I needed to collect*




''Bread...Cheese....OJ.....Chips.....Apples.'' I muttered as I walked around the small  store.




*After I collected all the items and payed for them I began to walk my 10 minute walk home*




*7 minutes later*



''Bye babe,today was fun.'' I looked up from my phone to where the voice was echoing from.



There..stood on the porch of a house was Toby,his arms around some girl.




*My eyes widened and I instantly dived behind a tree,I looked through the branches to see Toby locking lips with some slut,lifting up her mini skirt*



I instantly felt could he do this to Marlee?



''Me too babe,but I think you should break up with your slut of a girlfriend so we can do this more often.'' The slut replied,running her hands through Toby's dark curly hair.



My jaw instantly tightened and my fists turned white as I watched my best friend's happiness kissing another girl.



*I resisted the urge to beat up Toby and fell to the floor once he walked to his car*




''Busted.'' I muttered before getting up and sprinting home.




















oooooooshhh(; shit is going dowwn.



Stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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