Her Story

she was a history book with billions of stories of her own, he never wanted to share his…when someones betrayed-could the relationships stay the same?


3. The empty cabinets

Violetts P.O.V

  I came back to an empty house as usual, my mom was probably at work like she always is, and since its just me and her, she has to be at work constantly to pay off all of her debts and bills. Before my dad left us she was going to college so she took out a lot of student loans and he took out loans for starting a new life. After he disappeared off the face of the earth, all the bills fell onto my mom. 


  I went to the fridge and got out a fruit cup and opened the freezer drawer for an ice pack. i searched the drawer with no luck and ended up just using a bag of peas. I brought it to my cheek and just yelled out everything. "I HATE MY LIFE! JUST KILL ME ALL READY WILL YOU!" I yelled to the celling. I heard a knock on the door and dropped my head and let out a long groan. "IM COMING!!!" i yelled to the person who wouldn't stop banging on my stupid door. "I'm coming god freaking d***" I opened the door and to my surprise…it was Damian.  "hey baby, Whats up? you want to go get something to eat with me?"he said to me likenothing ever happened. I turned away and walked into my room. "whats your f*** is your problem? I'm just trying to be nice!"He yelled. "You know what? There is a problem! And it YOU! I'm F***ing sick of you!" I yelled at him. THWAT! He swung the palm of his hand to my cheek sending me to the floor. I got up as he turned to go to the kitchen then BAM! he hit me again right in the mouth but this time i could feel his fist. he left me on the ground and walked into the kitchen. I heard him open the fridge and slam it back. "GOD THERES NOTHING HERE!" He continued to search through the kitchen as I crawled to the door. He seemed to occupied with looking through our cabinets. I crawled/pulled my way through the door. Quietly opened the door and slid out. I lifted my self up and ran down the driveway to my car. I could already hear him yelling.


  "Violette!!!!! Violette! Get over here right now! don't make me come over there!! he yelled. I started the car and began to reverse my car. "Violette! what the hell do you think your doing?!!?!?" he yelled as i drove by him. I flipped him the bird and drove as fast as I legally could away. 


   I didn't really know where i was going but i just kept driving. I just kept wiping my tears and driving…to anywhere. 


  I was so tired and i actually could barely even see out of my watery eyes. i pulled into a little travel center on the side of the road. i looked around and finally relized, i had no idea where i was.


  I decided to turn around and go back home, well actually to my best friend Taylors house. i figured it be safer there and maybe I could stay and think everything through.





hey guys <3 sorry for not really finishing this i kinda, sorta, maybe got grounded for a bit 

but i guarantee i will try to write more often, i do however maybe kinda need some inspiration <3 so if you want-feel free to write ideas down…wherever you write stuff…. and don't forget favorite it..or whatever you do! I'm still kinda new to this heehee :D

thanks you guys! Oh and one more thing! do you think i should make the chapters longer? kay thank youuu!!!!


-your friend

skyler <3


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