Her Story

she was a history book with billions of stories of her own, he never wanted to share his…when someones betrayed-could the relationships stay the same?


2. Never Again

*Day before*

Violetts P.O.V-

  I had enough this time, I ran away from him- as fast as I could. We were suppose to be on a sweet little picnic for our anniversary. Yea that obviously didn't happen. Im definitely done with Damian and his little games. I ran from the park, to the street. I looked at all the busy cars, they were going so fast, they wouldn't notice me. They probably wouldn't even care if i walked into them, they probably wouldn't even stop. I mean they couldn't stop, everyones going so fast. My hair began flailing around my face, I began to smooth it down when i heard that annoying voice "Violett! Baby come on! You know i didn't mean to do that!" God he's such a butthole, but I could never breakup with him, who knows what would happen? Lets just say he'd definitely be pretty pissed off. "Violett! What the Hell are you doing by the side of the Freeway? Get over here! Vi! I need to talk to you! VIOLETT GET OVER HERE NOW!" I knew he wasn't going to quit, and he could run way faster than me. I had pretty much two choices, and I'm pretty sure they had pretty equal outcomes.

  This is the LAST time! I thought to my self. I walked over to where he was waiting. I looked down guiltily, knowing he's going to freak and not knowing what was next. "violett? what were you doing over there?" he asked, I just stood in front of him silently. "Vi? Violett? Babe? VIOLETT! ANSWER ME GOD DAMN IT!" he yelled at me but I couldn't, I couldn't even look at him, I was to scared. What would he say to me if I really told him? "VIOLETT?" he was making a scene, people were looking, he hates making a scene. he noticed the people looking and even flipped the bird at some old lady. they all looked away after that, but he still grabbed my arm, trying to squeeze as hard he could. He pushed me into an ally and shoved me against the wall. "violett? babe you can tell me the truth now, just tell me what you were doing…please?" He was trying to act innocent, like an actual caring boyfriend. "Violett? just tell me?" He was getting upset, I could hear it in his voice. "VIOLETT! F****** ASWER ME!" he yelled squeezing my face forcing me to  look at him. 

  He noticed i wasn't going to answer him so he took matters into his own hand. "VIOLETT MAY! ANSWER ME NOW!" He said squeezing my face even harder."Fine have it your way" Great this again. He hit me once on the cheek perfectly, he really has his aim now, I remember  the first time he hit me, he completely missed my cheek. But the difference between then and now, besides his aim, was that now he feels absolutely no resent. He hit me again on the cheek again "Damian! STOP! please! I yelled" I don't really cry when he hits me anymore, just when he hits really hard. I stood up when i thought he was done, then bam he hit me one more time, causing me to fall to the ground. "Come on violett you know it never has to end up like this, you just gotta listen to  me!" he said sitting down next to me. Now i was crying, i always start to cry when he tries to apologize or sooth me. "babe, you no i didn't mean it. right?" haha! okay "you no sometime i can't control myself, thats why you just gotta listen to me and do as i say!" Yeah okay sure. "just next time…answer me when i ask you something okay?" believe me, there won't be a next time.  

  I was laying on the ground curled up, with my head on his lap. I didn't do it... he sat next to me then started playing with my hair while I tried to stop crying, and he somehow scooted  close until he was under my head…not like that (-_-). He just kept playing with my hair and began to mumble how sorry he was, he didn't mean it though, he always just says it to make me feel better, and somehow-I always end up believing him. Not this time though. I was done with him now.  

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