The lose of the two boys

A girl named Hannah and her friend Joleyna just went in the park and found two boys walking around in the park when they run into each other after them ran into each other Hannah and Joleyna's life start changing????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
one direction story


6. Something went wrong???

Hannahs POV...*COUPLE WEEKS*So the boys are not home yet it is weried cause they said they would be home at 12:00 PM and they are not we just wait a couple more hours?                                              Joleyna's POV...So we keep on waiting till my phone buzzed it was a mesage from the boys it said we are late a little because a bunch of fans crounded us at Paris so we got a late plane we miss you bye LOVE I texted back we miss you too bye I texted back to them Hannah was happy to hear from them!              Harrys POV...So we texted the girls and I heard that Hannah was woried that we wert coming home at 12:00 PM but we were just late.                Louis's POV...So we were missing the girls so much me and Harry were looking at the girls pics it made us happy so we went on the plane again to get back home to the girls!                    Hannahs POV...So the news is on something went very wrong?                      I HOPED YOU LIKE MY CHAPTER BUT THERE IS A MISTREY GOING ON IN THE STORY BUT CAN YOU GUYS START COMMENTING PLEASE AND LIKING IT WOULD MEAN SOMETHING TO ME OK HOPED YOU LIKED THE CHAPTER:)

SOMETHING WENT WRONG??????????????????????????????


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