The lose of the two boys

A girl named Hannah and her friend Joleyna just went in the park and found two boys walking around in the park when they run into each other after them ran into each other Hannah and Joleyna's life start changing????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3
one direction story


16. Noise

Hannahs POV...So we were done with touring in the house it was a pretty cool house and we are lucky that we are living with the girls now it makes us have a girl days every day so we were having a movie night at the house we were going to watch The Host it was a new movie coming out so we got it for tonight we cooked the popcorn and once the popcorn was done we sat down on the new couch that was very soft it came on *SKIP SOME TIME* it was 12:00 every body was asleep i started to here noises i heard Hannah its me Harry I thought to my self I im  just hearing stuff I here Hannah I love you its Harry your  boyfriend I say back is it really you Harry I then here...YES Joleyna wakes up and says!?!                                      Joleyna's POV...I say to Hannah I heard something I heard Joleyna its me Louis and then Hannah i heard I love you its Louis your boyfriend thats all I heard Hannah then says i heard from Harry too then I said do you really think it is Harry and Louis talking to us Hannah then said Yes I do think it is them talking to us we cry in a quit way cause the rest of the girls where asleep we try to go back to sleep *WE THEN FALL ASLEEP*.               Elounors POV...So I woke Joleyna and Hannah up Perrie and Danieal were up when I was up so the rest of the girls woke up and I made them breakfast I made eggs and and got some oranges we then ate when we were eating Hannah said that they were hearing stuff last night and think that it is Harry and Louis talking to her and Joleyna so we said that you were dreaming or just your thoughts we said they said back no we heard them we said okay if you did hear them just don't worry just talk to them okay i do not know if your hearing stuff or you were dreaming!?!                 I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED IT AND I STARTED TO KNOW THAT MY STORY THE LOSE OF THE TWO BOYS HAS BIN HAVING MORE READERS AND ON THE LOSE OF THE TWO BOYS CHARTERS HAS BIN HAVING MORE READERS TO SO I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR TELLING YOUR FRIENDS OKAY THANKS!!!



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